Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 938: Battleplan, both sides...

Itogami Island, Southern region, in an apartment...

Wu Yan went through the dossier in his hands while entering the lift. He allowed the lift to move on its own. His red eyes gleaned the information contained on the papers as he quickly memorized everything here.

It's the information given to him by Motoki on the masked parasites.

He couldn't determine the cause behind the two modified humans' powers, he wanted to investigate the circuits that were installed in the subjects. The management of this island also needed intel on this because they can't let this continue.

Ignoring the two modified humans' stat, they were in similar boats.

They wore revealing clothes that barely covered their swimsuit areas. Another feature that distinguished them from other humans: the shining wings behind them. They also had weird masks covering their faces. That's why they were called masked parasites.

What surprised Wu Yan is the existence of more than just two of these masked modified humans.

They were designed to fight other masked fighters. These incidents happened many times over the last few days.

Every time they fought, special police had to mobilize. When they got there, they would only find the dead body of the masked parasite human that lost in addition to extensive structural damage.

As for the winner of the duel, they failed to apprehend the suspect...

The management corporation wanted to know what these winged parasite humans are and why they are killing each other. They also wanted to know why these winged humans came out to duel at set intervals. What happened to the winners? Where do they go? Lots of questions needed answers.

The special police mobilized after preemptively predicting duel time, that's why they managed to secure the heavily injured angel. Otherwise, they would have returned empty-handed again.

He scanned the documents again, he rubbed his aching temples. Bitterly laughing, he headed for his unit.

"Natsuki, you sure gave me a tough case to crack..."

Tonight, if his predictions are correct, there is going to be another duel between these winged humans. His objective tonight is to capture the duelists before they kill each other.

This worked way better in his opinion. He wasn't planning on cracking this case wide open like a certain juvenile detective who knocks people out with needles from his watch. He's more of a go down to the field and capture the baddies in action type of guy.

Wu Yan wasn't sure how strong these winged humans are. At this point, he's so powerful there aren't a lot of superhumans that he needs to be wary of. Push comes to shove, he activates Red Jade mode and smashes his way through it all. After entering tier 9, the duration he can borrow Yukari's power got extended.

Wu Yan can only use Yukari's power for 5 minutes the last time he almost killed the Beast King. Now, he can use her powers for more than 10 minutes.

By borrowing her scary powers, he handed the Beast King's furry ass to him in less than 5 minutes. With 10 minutes, he can do a lot more than just bully a demigod opponent.

Wu Yan's mood improved when he thought about this. He opened his door by using electrical manipulation, keycards be damned.

Mikoto's powers are well-suited for infiltration, it's only inferior to teleportation spells.

Wu Yan entered his home while thinking about various topics.


"Wel-welcome back..."

"Nn, I'm back..."

Wu Yan answered on reflex. Then, he sensed something off.

Kotori would never welcome him home, not with that sweet and caring tone anyway. She would say something like "Bout time you got home" or "So slow", only her imouto mode would welcome him home.

Plus, this voice didn't belong to Kotori.

Wu Yan turned around as blood rushed to his head.

A petite girl waited by the doorway.

She had a red apron on, revealing her snow-white legs and shoulders. He can also see her smooth back. She's standing there while blushing like mad. She couldn't bear to look at Wu Yan. She lowered her head bashfully with moist eyes.

Aside from the red apron, she wore nothing else.

Yeap, that's right, nothing else.

He enjoyed the scenery, his dossier dropped to the ground. His mouth widened into a giant 'o'-shape. The shocking scene caused him to freeze up.


Wu Yan stuttered like a dunce. Then, he yelled in disbelief.



Nagisa pursed her lips and she tried to hide whatever she could with her red apron. Then, she whimpered.

"Stop looking this way!"

"What... what are you doing?!"

Wu Yan roared.

"Why are you dressed like that?!"

Wu Yan's voice was louder than Nagisa's internal screaming. She wanted to yell her thoughts out loud.

I didn't want to do this!!!

20 minutes ago...

Nagisa sat with her back straight, she looked at Kotori who is emanating a vicious aura.


Nagisa gulped nervously.

"Did Nagisa do something wrong?..."

She looked down from above.

"The war (date) ended in a failure..."

"The war?"

Nagisa tilted her head.

"You mean the war to take sensei's heart?..."

Kotori nodded slowly.

"It was going fine, if you kept going, you could have confessed but..."

Kotori gnashed her teeth in frustration.

"You actually fainted!"


Nagisa blushed, confession's too much for her right now.

She shrunk back, putting up her hands.

"It wasn't a complete failure, right? I thought we only had to feed sensei? Nagisa did just that..."

"Are you an idiot?"

Kotori shot her down.

"The objective was to conquer his heart, did you do it?"

"I-I only fed him lunch.."

Nagisa said anxiously.

"Wasn't that all to take down sensei?"

"That's why I asked if you're stupid."

Kotori snorted. She tapped her head.

"The point of that war is to win, to win is to make him fall in love. We created the perfect chance for you, what did you do when you guys got to the rooftop? You fainted instead of taking down the target!"

"What could I have done?..."

Nagisa protested like she's wronged.

"I fainted out of external circumstances..."


Kotori crossed her arms while sighing.

"At the end of the day, the war ended in failure. This time, you're going to bring out the big guns!"

"I'm sorry, this time?"

Nagisa yelped.

"You mean we are doing it again?"


Kotori grinned, she placed her hands on Nagisa's shoulders.

"Relax, I've made ample preparations for this round, follow my instructions and you will be fine."

Nagisa knew this won't end well. 20 minutes later, she confirmed she should have listened to her guts.

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