Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 935: The Keystone Gate and the management of Itogami Island

"Okay, it's all here."

Wu Yan received a stack of papers from Sasasaki, she sighed and stretched her back as if she's calling it a day.

"Nn~ It wasn't easy digging all these old information up, luckily, I don't file my documents away so that saved me a lot of trouble..."

"I am not sure if you should be proud of that habit..."

Wu Yan sighed, he waved his hands.

"Thanks anyway, you did me a solid here."

"Ara, it wasn't that hard, it's just student data..."

Sasasaki started teasing him with a cheeky face.

"Right, tell me why are you digging up Kanase's identity again? Don't tell me she's your next target?..."

Sasasaki was shocked by her own conjecture.

"You shouldn't do that, Wu Yan-sensei, you already have Nagisa, don't you?"

"Look, am I the type of person who hits on every cute girl he comes across?"

Wu Yan laughed while stabbing at her.

"I thought you told me I shouldn't lay my hands on Nagisa, why are you talking like I am an item with Nagisa?..."

"Haha, don't sweat the small details..."

"Hmm? I feel like I should though..."

Someone interrupted them when Wu Yan wanted to continue verbally swiping Sasasaki.

The space in front of them rippled and Natsuki appeared with her fan and parasol.


Sasasaki gasped.


Wu Yan's also surprised to see Natsuki teleport here, he started chuckling.

"Pray tell, why did you come to our destitute cramp little office?"

Sasasaki started giggling. Compared to her luxurious office, the teacher's lounge looked pathetic.


She lifted her chin with an expressionless look. She cleared her throat.

"Imagine my surprise when I heard a predator prowling for its next target."

"Yet, I don't see a hint of shock on your face.

Wu Yan retorted.

"Also, I didn't touch my students!"


Natsuki beamed at him.

"I said there's someone looking for a target, I never said anything about students..."

Wu Yan choked on his own words.


Sasasaki started laughing out loud when Wu Yan got served.

"You two are on such good terms with each other. Right, how about you quit that whole hitting on your student thing and go after Natsuki. If you would like, I know all her likes and hobbies, I don't mind telling you~~~"

"Shut it!"

Natsuki told Sasasaki off.

"You stupid dog!"

"Ara ara..."

Sasasaki started giggling again.

"Natsuki-senpai, you just can't be honest with yourself, huh?"

"Tsk, I knew I shouldn't have come here. Stupid dog, you ruined my mood."


Wu Yan watched as the two girls went back and forth among themselves with one scolding the other one. Wu Yan stopped them because his headache flared up again.

"Natsuki, what were you here to do?

Wu Yan looked at Natsuki.

"I mean, you're wearing this outfit..."

Natsuki isn't wearing her usual black goth loli attire. She's wearing a white dress that gave her a brighter look, her black hair also went well with her current attire.

Natsuki raised an eyebrow, she grinned.

"Oh, so you can notice when a girl changes her style?"

"Like I said..."

Wu Yan's lips twitched.

"What do you girls take me for?"

"Wu Yan-sensei, don't tell me you don't know?..."

Sasasaki whispered with a smile.

"Natsuki-senpai is actually very happy right now..."

"I thought I told you to put a sock in it, stupid dog!"

Natsuki continued using her poisonous tongue on Sasasaki to no avail.

"Okay, enough killing daylight."

Natsuki roamed a glance over Wu Yan.

"You, come with me!"


Natsuki sounded like she's telling an inmate to move. He expressed his astonishment.

"But, where are we going?"

Natsuki curled her lips as she turned around.

"We're going to an annoying place."

Itogami Island, central area...

There's a really tall building here, it looked like a slender pyramid from afar.

It's the tallest and most important structure on Itogami Island. It's the nucleus building holding the four giga-floats together.

Since it's an artificial island, Itogami Island is heavily influenced by the currents and wind patterns. Without a sufficient foundation, the Island would be plagued by tremors and distortions.

This building is the foundation resisting nature's effects on the island. It absorbed the vibrations and tremors.

Without it, the four giga-floats would have smashed into each other or broke apart from waves and storms.

It's not hard to see the crucial role this building plays on the island.

Hence, this building is called the Keystone Gate.

There are hotels, government offices, city halls, and other facilities in this giant structure. It's a very important hub for the city's day-to-day operations. It extends 40 floors into the ocean.

Natsuki referred to this place as the annoying place.

In an elevator with Natsuki, Wu Yan travelled deep down into the lower floors of the building. When the elevator finally stopped, Natsuki walked out without giving Wu Yan any notification.

As they ventured forward in the dark corridors, Natsuki's choice of clothes came as a good news, if she wore black, it would be hard to spot her in this dimly lit place. Perhaps that is why she chose to wear a white dress.

Soon, they spotted light at the end of the corridor...

"Yo, Natsuki-chan!"

Someone called out to her with a -chan suffix like she's very familiar with them. Natsuki wasn't amused, she clicked her tongue.

"Don't call your teacher with the -chan suffix!"

Natsuki glared at the figure standing in the light. It's a male with swept back hair. He wore a simple shirt and trousers, he has a pair of earphones around his neck. His confident smile suggested that one shouldn't judge him by his cover, he had a rather distinct aura when he stood in this place.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

Wu Yan recognized his clothes rather than the guy himself.

That's the Saikai Academy male uniform.

He's a student from Saikai Academy.

Wu Yan sighed. Saikai Academy really is crawling with crouching tigers and coiling dragons.


Wu Yan's presence was noted by the young guy, he chortled.

"I see, this must be the infamous protagonist of our school, the one who bagged Kojou's sister, you've got good taste although I can't say I approve of the age gap between you two..."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes. He asked Natsuki.

"Hey, can I beat this guy up?"

Natsuki's eyes lit up.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Wait wait wait! Joking, I was joking! Don't get your panties twisted in a knot!"

The young guy begged for mercy while Natsuki snorted.

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