Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 934: Two girls, two aura...

The other teachers were also stunned by the newcomer. Nobody said anything as the room fell silent.

Wu Yan finally returned to his senses when Kanase Kanon arrived in front of him. He couldn't help but praise her looks.

"What a beautiful person..."

Nagisa & co didn't expect this line, Kanon also got surprised by his praise. Despite her good looks, it seems she's not used to being praised like this. She gave him a delighted giggle.

"Thanks, sensei..."

"Well, I am just saying the truth..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek, he smiled.

"Alright, Kanase-san, that's your name?"


She answered with a formal bow, her hands were in front of her navel.

"I am Kanase Kanon, I was away so I didn't attend classes. I will resume classes starting today, sorry for the trouble I caused."

"Trouble you caused?"

Wu Yan laughed.

"I am just the Social Science teacher, I am not in charge of your class, why would it cause trouble for me? Plus, I only heard about you yesterday, if anyone's not doing my job, it's me..."

"No, it's my fault..."

"Ah, jeez, stop with the formalities."

Nagisa interrupted them. She gave Wu Yan a displeased glance.

"Also sensei, fyi, we are still here so don't treat us like we aren't here, mkay?"

"Haha, my bad..."

Wu Yan guffawed.

"Kanase is so enthralling I just didn't notice I got sucked into another dimension..."

Kanase lowered her head bashfully. Nagisa wasn't amused, Yukina also looked at Wu Yan with a displeased expression. She looked at Wu Yan like she's silently judging him.

"True, Sensei never passes up a beautiful girl..."

"Hey, stop talking like I am a debauched guy."

Wu Yan protested.

"It's because Kanase looks like someone I know, that's why I feel a connection!"

Kanase's divine aura, her angelic presence, it's almost identical to Ikaros who served Wu Yan without demanding anything in return.

Although they looked nothing alike. They felt like angels who fell from heaven: divine, elegant, and tragic. Any male would feel the subconscious urge to protect them. Ikaros is also someone very close to Wu Yan, that's why he felt such strong emotions despite meeting Kanon for the first time.

However, to Nagisa and Yukina, it just sounds Wu Yan is making stuff up. They judged Wu Yan in a harsher light.


Yukina looked down at Wu Yan.

"That's one of the cheesiest pick-up line I've heard..."


Nagisa berated him.

"That's so low of you, hitting on your student and whatnot!"

Yukina chuckled when she heard her.

"You sure you've got the right to say that?"

Kanase Kanon is convinced. She's curious and surprised that Wu Yan's telling the truth.

"Sensei knows someone like me?..."

She assumed she's the odd one out in this place. Her hair and her looks gave her away as someone of foreign ancestry. There shouldn't be anyone like her on Itogami Island. She's not doubting Wu Yan, she's just shocked.

"It's true..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He took out his phone, he opened up his album and he showed the trio a picture.

"Here, don't you think she's giving off the same vibe as her?"

He showed them a picture of Ikaros in special student uniform. Her eyes were closed and her hands clasped in front of her chest, it looks like she's praying.

The picture's background is the starry night of another world, a crescent moon can be seen in the upper left corner of the photo. She had her back turned 45 degrees towards the camera, leaving the left half of her face exposed. Her hair fluttering in the wind made the picture all the more beautiful. That picture was like a flawless piece of art.

It looked like a saintess praying to the starry sky. Nagisa, Yukina, and Kanon saw the picture.

"Sh-she's so pretty..."

Nagisa and Yukina were dumbfounded by the photo.

"Told you!"

Wu Yan lifted his head and he laughed out loud in a haughty manner.

"Doesn't she gives off the same vibe as Kanon?"


Nagisa and Yukina completely believed Wu Yan now.

"She's as pretty as Kanon-chan, and she's got style!"

"I didn't think sensei knew someone as gorgeous as her..."

Kanon also stared with an astounded look. She couldn't believe her eyes. She's not prideful, on the contrary, she didn't think Wu Yan drew a parallel between her and Ikaros, she wasn't sure she's as good looking as Ikaros.

However, when comparing attractiveness, Ikaros is superior. The two shared similar aura, that was it

"She's very beautiful..."

kanon assessed, she touched her hair.

"I thought sensei was talking about looks..."

"Oh, I know someone who looks like you too!"

Wu Yan flipped through his album and he showed them another photo.

"See, the similarity's stirking, right?"

He showed them a picture of Fei Fei.

Wu Yan secretly took this picture when Fei Fei wasn't looking. She's from an age of swords and magic, if he went and snapped a pic of her, she might destroy his phone because she thought Wu Yan used a soul-capturing machine on her.

Fei Fei wasn't particularly posing, instead, the picture showed a girl who is very focused on polishing her Night Elf sword. The background is the room in Fatal Forest's headquarter. Compared to Ikaros, Fei Fei lost in beauty but she looked like a gallant knight, she looked more down to earth than Ikaros.

By showing them a picture of a divine angel and a noble knight, Fei Fei, Yukina, and Kanon couldn't help but feel like they are looking at something surreal.

"Indeed, she has silverish white hair and she looks similar..."

Yukina said.

"But, her air..."


Kanon nodded.

"She looks like a very reliable person..."

Nagisa looked at Wu Yan with a weird expression.

"I didn't think sensei knew so many beautiful women..."

"I know a lot more than those two. You girls, who do you take me for?"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at Nagisa.

He shifted his gaze to kanon.

"Kanase Kanon, I will be under your care from now on!"

"Me too!"

Kanon bowed.

"I will be troubling sensei from now on!"

"Alright, we are done with introductions!"

Nagisa pulled Kanon's hand and she beamed at Wu Yan.

"Sensei, you better take care of Kanon-chan. Come, let's go back to class!"

Wu Yan waved his hands. Nagisa giggled as she dashed out of the office with Kanon in tow. Yukina also chased after them, promptly exiting the office.

Wu Yan's eyes flashed with ideas, he continued looking at the direction the trio disappeared into.

He slowly got lost in his own thoughts...

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