Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 933: The hot topic couple and the angelic girl

There is a very hot topic circulating in Saikai Academy.

It's talked about because it involved the love between a teacher and a student.

For the students who are bored out of their minds, a juicy gossip like this got many students involved. When it's something huge like this the students welcomed it with open arms. The big uproar that day got everyone talking about it.

At least, that's the current topic among students in Saikai Academy.

A lot of students didn't believe it at first. There are always rumors going around and the students learned to be wary of fake news, a product of being exaggerated through multiple layers of speaker. It's highly unlike for there to be a couple composed of a teacher and a student.

Natsuki is 26 years old, she's one of the youngest teachers here, the oldest sutdents here are not yet 18. That means at a minimum, there's a difference of 8 years between student and teacher.

Is there a student that would want to date a teacher older than him by 8 years? Excluding long-lived demons, would a reasonable human do that?

Maybe there were isolated cases in this world, at least the students can't cite an example. It would be hard to find a common topic between such wide age gap, much less fall in love. It's not an absolute but this pretty much stops any love in progress.

That's the age difference between a teacher and a high school student. What about the one between a middle school student and her teacher?

When they heard about this news, excluding the students who saw it themselves, nobody believed the news. Then, when photos started spreading, they believed it.

Those photos captured the scene where Nagisa fed Wu Yan food.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, it leaves them with little room to defend themselves even if it's an age of magic and technology. The picture speaks a thousand words.

So, this scandal roused the students' interest.

After some time, the news spread far and wide.

Then, like all news, people learned to live with it. Except for Wu Yan, Nagisa, and Class 3C who got tired of this crap. Kojou's class also got fed up.

The nosy students kept coming to see the fabled couple, including high school students. The corridor outside class 3C was practically teeming with students. They skulked around hoping to catch the couple in action.

Maybe they wanted to see if they can see some public display of affection?

Kojou is one of the students who would come here everyday to check things out.

As for whether or not they are bothering the couple in question. They never thought about it. In other words, it's been hell for Wu Yan and Nagisa.

Nagisa got stopped multiple times, people kept gawking at her.

She's an outgoing person so she has a lot of of friends in this school. Her friends who wanted the inside scoop kept approaching her to get the answers to their questions.

Nagisa wasn't used to this much attention. She's also a  budding girl so when people asked her about love, she couldn't help but shy away from the topic. After she got used to it, she turned the tables on them like a fish in water.

The students forgot who they are trying to fish information from, a chatterbox.

So, the attacking students retreated after a grim reminder.

For Wu Yan...

"You know you can't do that, Wu Yan-sensei..."

Sasasaki told Wu Yan off with a patronizing attitude, she held an index finger up.

"How can you lay your hands on your own student? Nagisa's still so young..."

"Why does everyone assume I laid my hands on Nagisa?"

Wu Yan couldn't accept reality.

"I only accepted Nagisa's gesture to feed me, I did nothing else!"

Sasasaki wagged her finger and she tilted her head.

"Ara, you shouldn't try to wiggle your way out of this, not at this juncture..."

"Look, are you here to chastise me or mock me?!"

Wu Yan wanted to flip the table on her.

"I already said it's a misunderstanding!"

The teachers around them doubted him, their eyes told him so. They obviously didn't bought Wu Yan's explanation, including Sasasaki.


Wu Yan laughed when he saw their reactions. He collapsed lifelessly against his desk.

"Screw it, believe whatever you guys want..."

The other teachers started laughing out loud, much to Wu Yan's chagrin.

Then, someone knocked on the teacher's office door.

"Erm, is Wu Yan-sensei here?..."

The people looked at the door. They were mystified by who they saw standing there.

Wu Yan sensed something amiss so he stood up. He bitterly smiled at the guests.

"Nagisa, Himeragi, you're here..."

They came to visit.

"What? You don't look like you're happy to see us..."

Nagisa ignored Wu Yan's status as a teacher, she immediately got cheeky with her teacher.

"What? Disappointed to see us?"

"N-no, it's not that..."

Wu Yan bitterly chuckled one more time. He looked at Sasasaki who retreated away on tipsy-toes, his smile twisted.

She's just here to mess with him...

"You looked like you're tired..."

Yukina asked with a worried look.

"Yeah, I am fine, but I can't say the same for my mental health..."

Wu Yan slapped his own cheeks to perk himself up. He asked the two girls who paid him a visit.

"So? You have something to tell me?"


Nagisa pursed her lips, then she beamed at him.

"I thought sensei wanted me to introduce Kanon-chan when she returned?"


Wu Yan recalled he did told her to do so, his eyes shone brightly.

"Kanase Kanon?..."


Nagisa gave him a smug grin. She turned towards the door and she yelled.

"Kanon-chan, come in!"

Wu Yan looked at the door as a figure emerged.

It's like the office lit up in that moment.

Wu Yan's eyes shook when he saw the girl who entered.

She was a young girl...

An exceptionally beautiful girl!

She was dressed in Saikai Academy uniform, She wore a black shirt underneath her uniform. Her hair is shoulder-length just like Yukina except her hair is tied in braids with a black ribbon to top it off. She looked like a fresh and quiet girl. Her hair is silverish white and her eyes were crystal blue.

She's about the same age as Nagisa and Yukina. She also had similar stature when compared to Nagisa and Yukina. She's also very slender, adding to her vibrant, youthful and tender look.

The girl had a friendly smile. She exuded a divine and inviolable aura like that of a saint. Her aura is enough to mesmerize anyone.

A princess?


An angel, that's the only term suitable to describe her beauty and elegance.

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