Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 932: Progress, Nagisa's news

Saikai Academy, the infirmary...


Wu Yan sighed, he rolled his eyes at the patient here.

"If you're not doing okay, why did you run so fast?"

"I couldn't help it.."

Nagisa tried to hide her head below the blanket.

"People were chasing us, of course Nagisa had to run. I didn't think I would collapes from anaemia."

"Yeah? Oh, so you do know how to run."

Wu Yan frowned, he knocked her little head.

"Why didn't you run when the beastmen attacked last time?"

"Aiya, sensei, you're so mean..."

Nagisa blushed, she remembered what happened the last time, the kiss they shared. She rubbed her aching head while grumbling.

"You already know about my disease..."


Wu Yan cast his sight to another area. His facial muscle twitched with annoyance.

"Alright, Kotori! Himeragi! Why are you two here?!"

Yukina and Kotori stood at the side of the bed, they listened to Wu Yan and Nagisa.

"I-I heard Nagisa fainted so I came to check on her."

Yukina lowered her head. She sounded panicky and Wu Yan knew why, although he wished he didn't.

Nagisa fainted twenty minutes ago, he's the only one who saw.

That raises the question, where did she hear about Nagisa losing consciousness?

He knows he's not getting anything from Yukina so he looked at the other person, Kotori.

"You? You ran from the house after hearing about Nagisa's condition?"

"I just came to visit on a whim. I bumped into Yukina so I here I am!"

Kotori crossed her arms and she used a poker face.

"Got a problem with that?"


Wu Yan's eyebrows twitched. His shoulders slumped down and he turned towards the pathetic object opposite to him.

"Okay, Kojou, why are you here?"


Kojou replied simply. Wu Yan couldn't care less what the guy had to say. It's Kojou's appearance that made Wu Yan question him.

One of his eyes got socked hard and is bruised black and he had tissue paper in his nostrils. Judging by the bruises on his face, it's fair to say someone beat him up.

His clothes are also tattered. Aside from his outfit and pants, his shirt is pretty much torn. He looked like he just came back from a battlefield.

Naturally, he wasn't concerned with his injuries. A primogenitor like him would heal up in no time at all. That's the reason why Kojou turned away from Nagisa, he didn't want her to see his inhuman recovery speed. If anyone can see his face, they would see the face of someone who got trounced.

Wu Yan knew the guy's throwing a hissy fit over him.

"Akatsuki-san, I don't remember doing anything to you, what's with that attitude?'

Kojou stayed mum. He looked at Wu Yan with a sour look. Wu Yan wasn't sure what he should say. Instead, he changed the topic by talking to Nagisa.

"Hey, Nagisa, is your body prone to sickness?"

Wu Yan examined her.

"It sounded like you knew you would faint..."

Nagisa stored away her laughter, she smiled at him with a bitter face.

"Yeah, Nagisa's always been weak, I am not surprised I lost consciousness..."

Kojou continued looking at her with puppy eyes. He continued.

"We were once dragged into a terrorist attack, Nagisa almost died that time. The reason why we came to this island was to treat Nagisa's condition..."

"Since that attack, Nagisa's always been susceptible to fainting..."

The others stayed silent, the mood also turned heavy. Kojou tried to cheer everyone up.

"But, she's doing way better than before. I can't remember the last time she fainted."

Kotori and Yukina looked better when they heard this. Wu Yan eyed Nagisa and he sighed.

"Okay, I assume she got her demonophobia from that attack too?"

Kojou hesitated but he nodded anyway.

The perpetrators behind that terrorist attack must have been demons...

"Aiya, don't be so down..."

Nagisa couldn't bear the tense air, she gave everyone a cheerful smile.

"Nagi'sa fine, look. I can run around, I joined the cheerleading team, I participated in the school sports festival. I am also mostly fine during physical education classes, I~am ~fine ~"

"Hmm? Fine after running around?"

Wu Yan teased Nagisa.

"Remind me again who fainted after running around?"

"Erm... that's not what I meant!"

Nagisa awkwardly laughed.

"Compared to Kanon-chan, I am the perfect picture of health!"


Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou gasped.


Wu Yan flinched.


Wu Yan had an idea, he raised his eyebrows while staring into Nagisa's eyes.

"When you said Kanon-chan did you mean Kanase Kanon?"

"Huh? Sensei knows Kanon-chan?"

Nagisa tilted her head.

"That shouldn't be the case. She's already absent by the time you're here..."


Wu Yan was taken aback.

"Kanon used to study at our school? She was in our class?"

"Ah, I see, the same goes for Yukina, I guess..."

Nagisa chuckled when she saw Yukina's confused look.

"Yes, Kanon-chan is a student in our class!"

"Did we have someone like that in our class?"

Yukina sounds like she's puzzled.

"I've never heard of her..."

"Of course!"

Nagisa nodded.

"Kanon-chan applied for an extended leave before Sensei or Yukina transferred here. She's not here anymore."


Yukina replied.

"An extended leave?"

Wu Yan asked Nagisa while rubbing his chin.

"Did she state the reason?"

"Something about needing treatment for a disease, she's been on and off school for medical reasons..."

Nagisa's bright eyes suggested she enjoyed this. She smiled at them.

"That's why I said I am faring better than Kanon-chan, you don't see me applying for medical leave every now and then..."

Nagisa recalled something, she hammered her palm.

"Right, she should be coming back after school holiday."

Nagisa excitedly told them.

"Hey, Yukina-chan, let's go buy something for Kanon-chan when she comes back. Oh, right, I need to introduce Yukina to Kanon-chan too, she's a very nice person..."

"I-I know..."

Yukina couldn't keep up with Nagisa's pace. Then, Wu Yan who was thinking about something spoke hi smind.

"Nagisa, can you introduce Kanase Kanon to me?"

"Introduce her to sensei?"

Nagisa puffed her cheeks after a brief moment of puzzlement, she leered at him.

"Sensei, you're not thinking about touching Kanon-chan, right?..."

"What's going through that mind of yours?!"

Wu Yan almost choked on his own saliva.

"I am just curious about this sickly student..."

"Curious, huh..."

Nagisa's still wary of Wu Yan, she said yes in the end.


Wu Yan gave her a friendly smile, his eyes wavered with intent...

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