Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 931: Akatsuki Kojou's crusade! Everything for his sister!


Kojou yawned at his seat. He's not doing anyone a service since he already saps the energy out of anyone near him with his lethargic look.

He's a vampire and he's recognized as the strongest vampire among them all. As creatures of the night, sunlight is annoying to Kojou. It's the reason why he always looks like he's out of it.

Because of his sister's unusual behavior, he lost sleep over various scenarios. Even when he already assigned Kotori and Yukina on this investigation, Kojou couldn't calm his anxiety down. Yawning is a way for him to get around his worries and tiredness.

"I wonder what Itsuka and the rest are doing? Maybe they already got the answer out of Nagisa..."

Kojou collapsed at his seat, his head hitting the desk rather hard as he slowly entered the domain of the sandman.

"Forget it, I am not going to solve anything by biting my nails here, I should trust Itsuka and Yukina..."

Kojou pulled his hood up to cover his head.

"Maybe I should take a nap before the next class, if I sleep during the next class, Natsuki-chan is going to chew on me..."

Kojou suppressed his frustration and distress, he slowly closed his eyes and he allowed his sleepiness to encroach upon him.

However, because of his relaxed state, he can hear the other students talking around him. When he was about to use headphones to filter out the noise, he heard something that stopped him.

"Hey, did you hear about the scandal in the middle school section?"

"Yeah, things blew up there..."

"Nn? How so?"

"Oh, you don't know?..."

"I went to the cafeteria, what did I miss?"

"Only the biggest show of the day, there's a juicy story fresh from the middle school section..."

"Yeah, I heard about it, something about a middle school girl romantically chasing after a teacher?"

"Eh? Is that the version you heard? I heard the teacher was the one who initiated it?"

"No, you're wrong, it's a group of students pursuing the teacher..."

"The heck are you talking about? It's the teacher eloping with a student, sparking an outrage and now there's a mob after the teacher..."

"No! The entire middle school student body wants the teacher dead, or so I've heard..."

"What the hell's going on here?"

After going through multiple levels, the official story had warped into multiple versions.

Kojou heard them talking and his heart suddenly sank. This bad feeling came out of nowhere.

He assumed it was just his mind playing tricks on him. However, the alarm-like gut feeling told him to believe his instinct.

Indeed, what he heard next confirmed his gut feeling.

"Who's the teacher? That's the key topic here!"

"Erm... It was a teacher in charge of the year 3 students? Let's see which class was it?..."

"It's the Social Science teacher for Class 3-C, my brother's there and he told me it's some guy named Wu Yan!"

"And, the student?..."

"If I remember correctly, Akatsuki Nagisa or something like that?"

"Akatsuki? Akatsuki's younger sister?..."

Kojou immediately got up.

Kojou grabbed the guy who said Nagisa's name. He probed the guy with a scary look.

"Was that all true?"

"I-I don't know..."

Shocked by Kojou's unsually scary look, the guy stuttered as he repeated what he said.

"I heard it from my younger brother..."

Kojou released him after seeing that the guy's not lying. Then, he ran out of the classroom.

"Damn! That damned vampire teacher, don't tell me he laid his hands on Nagisa! I thought he has his sister?"

"I see, so that's why Nagisa's acting like that, that vampire teacher was behind it all?..."

Kojou burned with righteous anger, his siscon heart burned brightly as he ran along the school corridor.

Someone stopped Kojou before he can enter the middle school section, it was a person with a silver spear that gleamed with a dangerous glint. She swiped at Kojou, stopping him from running further.

"Who goes there?!"

Kojou was stunned when he identified the assailant.


Himeragi blocked him.

Yukina brandished her spear at Kojou. She looked tense.

"Senpai is not allowed to step further!"


Kojou gasped.



Yukina's expression crumbled, she showed him a broken smile.

"I would like to know why too..."

"What kind of answer is that? What's going on here?!"


Yukina returned to her game face.

"Senpai, just stay here."

"No way!"

Kojou screamed.

"Nagisa's in danger, I must rescue her!"

"Then, Senpai."

Yukina twirled her spear with a dangerous look.

"You shall not pass!"

"Why did it turn out like this?!"

Kojou howled, he yelled at Yukina.

"Even if it's Himeragi, nobody can stop me!"

Kojou charged towards Yukina.

"From now on, it's my war!"

"No! Senpai!"

Yukina darted out with her spear akimbo.

"It's our battle!"

Driven by his siscon heart, the fourth primogenitor attacked his observer for the first time.

Yukina also fought back against the vampire who wanted to protect her sister's happiness.

Meanwhile, Kotori watched while nodding her head.

Clearly, she's the one who ordered Yukina to stop Kojou.

On the rooftop of the middle school building...

"Huh... huh..."

Wu Yan and Nagisa were huffing as they pressed back against the door behind them, they looked like they just escaped from hell.

After being chased by the entire student body of the middle school section, they were mentally strained.

They were screaming: "Are you two dating?" Even Wu Yan who had a tireless body felt extreme fatigue after that session. Nagisa's not doing any better too.

"It's over, it's all over..."

Nagisa hugged her head.

"The whole school probably knows about this already, what do I do?..."


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"I am in a hotter soup, no?"

Someone gave him a lunchbox, fed him and then he got chased by the entire school, he didn't understand why the middle school students wanted him "dead".

Wu Yan felt like he's the innocent one here...

"It's all Kotori-chan!"

Nagisa stomped.

"She said she would support me but I don't see her cheeky butt anywhere!"


Wu Yan asked Nagisa.

"You mean Kotori put you up to this?"

Nagisa stopped, she realized she had revealed what should have been a secret.

Wu Yan finally understood the whole thing. He sighed.

"I see, that's how it is."

"D-don't blame Kotori-chan!"

Nagisa added.

"She's doing this for me..."

"She's helping you?"

Wu Yan blinked.

"Helping you achieve what?"

"Sh-she's helping me..."

Nagisa blushed while fidgeting.

"Yeah? What is it?"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes, this was developing out of his control so he had to get to the bottom of this, he stared at her face up close.

"Out with it. If you don't, you're getting another kiss!"


Nagisa started steaming off the top of her head as her eyes rolled back. She fainted.

"N-no way!"

Somebody yelled, his voice echoing on the rooftop.

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