Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 930: The teacher who goes after the student and the student who went after the teacher

With a face as red as the meat she's pinching out of the luncbox, Nagisa slowly passed the food to Wu Yan with trembling hands. Her amateur moves gave away her inexperience.

"Sensei, ahhh~~~"


Wu Yan sat with cold sweat pouring down his back. He watched as Nagisa tried to feed him meat with a voice so small mosquitoes would have a hard time hearing her.

It's not because it's a girl feeding him. There are gentle souls in his harem, he's pretty much used to being treated like this, this isn't enough to make him sweat cold bullets. No, it's the stare he's getting from the students around him...


Wu Yan silently screamed for help when he detected the piercing gazes of everyone around him.

How and why did things develop like this?

What's going on with Nagisa?


Nagisa felt a bit disappointed when Wu Yan didn't move in for the chomp.

"You don't like my lunchbox?"

"No no!"

Wu Yan shook his head, he reckoned this isn't the time to think too deeply. He wasn't sure what Nagisa is up to, however, anyone with half a brain knows what to do in this kind of situation.

"Why aren't you eating?"

Nagisa asked. She's already too invested in this to notice the looks of the other students around her. Wu Yan would like her to take note if only a little...

Helpless, Wu Yan opened his mouth and he bit down on the piece of meat, suddenly, the class cheered loudly.

"He did it! Sensei ate!"

"Holy crap..."

"Nagisa... and Sensei... Are they?..."

"I don't think so, no way..."

The disbelief could be clearly heard within the students' incessant murmurings. Then, they cast looks belonging to those who had seen a ghost, pandemonium descended on the students.

"Wow, they really did it, that 'ahhh~~~' gig..."

"Are they, are they in that kind of relationship?"

"No way, the forbidden love between a teacher and the student?..."

"Akatsuki-san is so daring..."

"Nice, go get him, Nagisa! We are rooting for you!"

Nagisa felt like she could die of shame, she didn't think there would be a day where she would be teased so hard.

The chopsticks in her hand suddenly felt like they weighed a ton. Her movements slowed down as she blushed in a deeper red hue. She's practically steaming at this point, she threw a glance that said: "Help me!!!" towards the doorway.

Kotori and Yukina saw this SOS and Kotori waved her Chupa Chups, telling Nagisa to keep going.

Meanwhile, Yukina can't bare to look on any longer.

Her best friend is acting lovey-dovey in front of the class. Meanwhile, the teacher's lover is currently cheering for her best friend to bag the guy.

This is too much to handle, her brain promptly shut down.

Yukina slowly viewed Wu Yan in another light...

It's a gaze Kojou is very familiar with...

That's because she's looking at Wu Yan like he's the scum of the lowest rung.

Wu Yan's image slowly changed in Yukina's heart, he is already lumped in with Kojou who she assumes is a bag of lust walking on two feet, albeit Wu Yan's the victim here.

Nagisa wanted to cry when her two BFFs didn't come to her rescue. She continued feeding Wu Yan with a forced smile. She decided to see this to its inevitable end.


Wu Yan ate with twitching lips. He wanted to say something but he gave up in the end. He also bit the bullet and he received Nagisa's care.

The class of 3C watched with bated breathes as the teacher and student enjoyed each other's company. Some of them were watching the show with a serious vigor, it's too stimulating for their young minds.

The students started taking our their phones. In a fury of shutter sounds and phone flashes, they snapped pics of the teacher-student duo.

Wu Yan and Nagisa couldn't deal with this.

Girls don't like to stand out, Nagisa shrieked as she shoved her lunchbox into Wu Yan's hand. Then, she dashed out of the classroom.

The students cried out at the same time when they acme back to their senses.

"They are running away!"

"Chase them!"

"Wait for me!"

The classroom exploded as students charged out of the class, they were all mobilized to chase the lovebird. The door almost crumbled from the stampede.

Kotori yelled at Yukina.

"Quick! We need to chase after them!"

"Uh... why?..."

Yukina wasn't sure chasing after the crazed mob is a good idea.

"Don't ask so many questions!"

Kotori grabbed her hand and they pursued them.

"Let's go!"


It's lunchtime, the students are eating in the cafeteria. They ate happily as they talked to blow the time.

Maybe it's because the cafeteria's food sucked, the students chose to enjoy the dishes they brought from home. They exchanged and bartered with each other. There were students who threw a few verbal jabs here and there, telling the other students to bring the good stuff. It was a serene and peaceful environment.

However, this peace was soon broken by a mob of students.

A cute girl pulled a guy along as they ran along the hallway.

Then, the mob tagged behind while yelling words they couldn't ignore.

"Stop! Sensei! Akatsuki-san!"

"Stop running, sensei! Or we are going to spread the news that you're hitting on your own student!"

"Nagisa! Are you in a relationship with sensei?!"

"Tell us!"

"We won't tell!"

The mob yelled with sounds the whole building can hear...

The students eating in the cafeteria heard everything. They almost spat out whatever were in their mouth much to the chagrin of their friends nearby. Some students almost choke on their drinks. But, that didn't stop them from turning into curious kitties.

"A teacher hitting on his student?"

"A student in love with her teacher?"

"Oh my god..."

"Who? I want to know!"

"What are you waiting for? Let's go check it out!"

"Fine by me! Let's go!"

More students joined the fray.

Almost the entire middle school student body participated in this frenzy.

The students poured out of their classrooms. They enlarged the paparazzi squad.

Soon, the students' hollar and elated howls could be heard echoing throughout the huge building.

Looking at the ever expanding legion, Wu Yan and Nagisa couldn't help but be filled with despair.

They know everybody's going to talk about this the next day. Saikai Academy will know about the teacher-student duo in no time at all, adding flavor to their history at this school.

Since despair already greeted them, the only they can do is to run as fast as possible away from all these pesky students...

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