Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 928: It's official, completed quest and saving unknown people


Wu Yan gasped when he saw the documents in his hands.

"It's official? I am an assault mage now?"

"Why are you that surprised?..."

Natsuki tilted her head, she couldn't believe this guy, he's making mountains out of anthills.

"You don't want to become an official assault mage?"

"No, no, it's just..."

Wu Yan felt puzzled, he tilted his head side to side trying to figure out what happened.

"Why did they suddenly gave me this job?"

"It's not without rhyme or reason!"

Natsuki knocked on the table with her fan, she calmly explained.

"You performed well during the Black Death Emperor Faction Incident, the higherups got wind of this. You also successfully stopped Nalakuvera and captured Kristoff Gardos. Those merits got you this job. Congratulations, from now on, you're an official assault mage."

Natsuki's words were followed by...

Mission 1 completed, you obtained Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Summoning Points x 5,000!

Unit: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 7,170

Item Points: 1,265,000

Ability Points: 6,000

Summoning Points: 7,300

Level: 80

The system told him to believe it, everything he's hearing is real.


Wu Yan chuckled, he quickly scanned through the document.

"I thought I would get punished for almost burning down that artificial island, I didn't think they would reward me like this..."

"Almost? You burned down the entire island!"

Natsuki shot him down before snorting.

"The higherups blamed the fire damage on the Black Death Emperor Faction, as compensation for deporting Kristoff Gardos, Lost Warlord Empire agreed to pay for the artificial island multiple times the fair market value. Walking away from such a sweet deal, I doubt the higherups would still come after you."

"I-I see, that's rather realistic..."

Wu Yan felt speechless, he looked at Natsuki.

"Okay where will I be stationed?"

"What? You don't like it here?..."

Natsuki sounded like she's annoyed. Her beautiful eyes were flashing with dangerous lights.

"You don't like being a teacher?..."

"Of course not!"

Wu Yan knew better than to talk back, he chortled.

"I mean, I need to ask it sooner or later, since it's my job..."

Natsuki was satisfied with that answer, she picked up the cup and she started sipping black tea.

"You are still attached with Saikai Academy, if you don't like that then you can go talk to the higherups yourself..."

"I didn't say I disliked it..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek, he shrugged.

"It's my first time teaching, my grades were pretty bad when I was a student, I just don't feel right teaching others..."


Natsuki glanced at Wu Yan, she grinned.

"That's not what I heard though? The literature teacher of middle school year 3 class C seems to be a popular teacher..."

"Those kids are just cheeky and gluttonous!"

Wu Yan quipped.

"I gave them treats and hung out with them, it's not hard to see what would happen..."

Wu Yan looked at Natsuki, he showed her a very anger-inducing grin.

"If you play with your students, I betcha you're going to become the most popular teacher in Saikai Academy!"

Natsuki's expression twitched as she leered holes into Wu Yan, if she could fire flames from her eyes, she would.

His sarcasm wasn't lost on Natsuki. He's implying that with her appearance and height, she would be popular with the students, as a cute mascot of sorts.

Natsuki didn't want to admit it, however, objectively speaking, she's pretty cute.

For someone who wanted to maintain an image of a serious and stern teacher, that's not a good trait.

Wu Yan backpedaled away from Natsuki, she's still staring daggers into him when he laughed.

"Okay, jeez, pretend like I didn't say anything..."

Natsuki snorted, she continued sampling her exquisite black tea.

She's suprisingly childish...

Wu Yan would never say that out loud. He pursed his lips and he delved into his mind.

Transcript world: Strike the Blood

World Quest: Salvation

Mission 1: Become an assault mage on Itogami Island

Rewards: Equipment points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning points x 5,000

Mission 2: Stop the Angel Faux ceremony and save the Artificial angel, Kanase Kanon

Rewards: Equipment points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning points x 10,000

Mission 3: Locked

Artificial Angel? Kanase Kanon?

Who's that?

Wu Yan shut his eyes as he tried to recall what little memory he had of the original work.

Of course, he came up with nothing.

He really didn't watch the original series properly.

Sighing, he shook his head. He looked at Natsuki, he hesitated but chose to ask her anyway.

"Hey, Natsuki, does the name, Kanase Kanon ring any bells?"


Natsuki stopped, she gave him a puzzled look.

"What's with the sudden question?..."

"It's nothing..."

He casually lied, Natsuki didn't buy it, he himself didn't buy it, Wu Yan explained.

"I just heard her name, what? You know her?"

Natsuki sized Wu Yan up, she wanted to see if she can spot a flaw on this guy.

"You have so many secrets people just find it hard to resist investigating you..."

Wu Yan blinked.

"You mean to say, you want to know more about me?..."

"Who wants to understand you?!"

Natsuki's intrigue immediately dissipated.

"How did you arrive at that conclusion?!'

"Well, isn't it normal?..."

Wu Yan crossed his arms with a justified look.

"You're 26 already, right? I can understand why you would be interested in the other gender..."


A cross-shaped vein bulged on her temple, her eyebrows twitched with anger. Wu Yan ignored this sign as he continued to his peril.

"I mean, normally, when a woman reach 26 years old, they would have had experience dating one or two men, right? With your current appearance... Hmm... I am guessing you don't have much luck in that department..."

Snap snap

The veins continued to bulge as her doll-like face contorted with fury.

"Even if you look like a kid, you should still try to get yourself a boyfriend, if not, it's like you want others to treat you like a child, no?..."

Snap snap snap

Yeah, Natsuki's very close to losing it right now.

"Oh, wait, you look like that so people must peg you for a kid, right? Is that the reason why you're still single? Hey, hey, don't tell me you couldn't bag yourself a man?..."

With her head lowered, her bangs covered her furious look. Then, a low growl came from her.

"You done?..."


Wu Yan looked in her direction, although he couldn't ascertain her expression, he started adjusting his tone.

"Erm, look, Natsuki..."

Natsuki finally snapped, she looked up with a dark look. She slapped at Wu Yan's mouth with her fan.

"Is this the mouth asking to get high-fived with a fan?!"


Wu Yan dodged the fan strike. Before he could sigh, a cup filled with piping hot black tea came for his head.

Wu Yan teleported away in an instant...


Natsuki clicked her tongue. She turned around, leaving a rather sad sentence before exiting her office...

"Boyfriend, if only..."

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