Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 927: Imouto-san's earth-shaking statement

The air turned still...

Kotori and Yukina didn't know what to say. Meanwhile, Nagisa couldn't bear to look at the girls here.


Yukina lifted her head, she laughed albeit very awkwardly.

"When you say 'Did it with sensei' you mean you kissed Sensei, right?"

"Ah, yes!"

Nagisa confessed like she's already given up on salvation. Her hoarse voice rang throughout the room.

"A few days ago, our school got attacked by beastmen, I couldn't escape with Yukina in time so I saw the beastmen..."

Nagisa lowered her head as she recalled the events of that day. She blushed brightly.

"Nagisa was afraid and Sensei, he kissed me to calm me down, I was freaking out back then..."

Nagisa clapped her hands together and she apologized again.

Kotori-chan, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do it!"

"I-I this..."

Yukina wasn't sure what to do. She looked between Kotori and Nagisa. She started panicking.

A kiss?

She kissed her own teacher?

This kind of stuff is very shocking for Yukina who is still pure of mind.

Meanwhile, Kotori couldn't believe her ears, she stared dumbfoundedly at Nagisa for a few seconds before laughing out loud.

"In other words, you kissed my brother so you've been acting weird because you don't know how to talk to me..."


Nagisa nodded anxiously. She was waiting for Kotori to scold her, she was even preparing herself for the worse, she assumed Kotori is just seconds away from severing relations with her. However, Kotori's reaction surprised her.

She held her laughter back too much so she's red as an apple.

Her shoulder trembled as she twitched with amusement. Nagisa and Yukina thought she's too angry, but Kotori...


Kotori laughed out loud.


Kotori hugged her stomach, she was tearing up from laughter.

"You're all hung up on this?"

Nagisa and Yukina were stunned. They were puzzled as to why she behaved like this.

They imagined scenarios where Kotori went mad with anger or swore to cut them out of her life, she didn't think she would laugh like this.

What's going on here?

Maybe she's too angry and she snapped?

Nagisa and Yukina looked at Kotori with concerned looks.

"Kotori-chan, it's my fault, you can do whatever you want to me, just don't crack your head over this!"

"What is going on in that head of yours?!"

Kotori read their minds, she rolled her eyes at them.

"Nagisa, you're cute..."

Kotori gave Nagisa an assessment the other girls couldn't fathom.

"Kotori-chan, you're not angry?"

Nagisa said sheepishly.

"I kissed sensei, it was a lip to lip one too..."

"I-I mean that shouldn't count, right?"

Yukina chortled, she wanted to defuse the situation.

"Sensei did that to calm Nagisa-chan down, it was an action under duress, nothing could have beend one..."

"Jeez, stop it you two, I am not angry, far from it..."

Kotori returned to her nonchalant self, she opened another Chupa Chups.

"It's just a kiss, I didn't think you would react in such a manner, how cute..."

"It's just a kiss?..."

Nagisa blinked in surprise. She didn't know how she should respond to that.

Normally, if the guy they liked went and kissed another girl, the girlfriend would be jealous, right?

Kotori and Wu Yan behaved more like a couple than siblings, at least, that's what Nagisa saw.

Kotori wasn't fuming, she said "It's just a kiss" and that's the end of that. Nagisa does not have experience being in a relationship so Nagisa didn't know what Kotori was up to.

As for the lover, Kotori, forget kissing other girls, the bastard already brought them to pound town multiple times, emphasis on the plural them.

If she got mad just because Wu Yan kissed another girl, she would have died from anger a long time ago.

Kotori snickered.

"Nagisa, do you like my brother?"


Nagisa jumped in shock. Yukina also didn't see this coming, they tried to see what Kotori was up to. Nagisa was the first to frantically wave her hands around.


"Don't deny it so quickly."

Kotori cut her off. She's smiling like she's about to prank her.

"Yukina said friends don't lie to each other, if you lie to me, I am going to be really angry..."

Nagisa placed her palms together as she thought long and hard about this question.

"I don't know..."

Nagisa wasn't sure what feeling she had.

She had demonophobia, she might not hate demons, however, it's hard to ask her to hang out with them.

When she first encountered Wu Yan, she showed this side of her to the fullest extent. Nagisa was absolutely terrified of Wu Yan. When he became her teacher, she slowly warmed up to him after he showed his gentle side. Besides fear, curiosity got the btter of her.

When Wu Yan rained down delicious food on her, she slowly got accustomed to Wu Yan's presence. Finally, she got rid of her dread towards Wu Yan, accepting Wu Yan into her heart.

That's about it.

When Wu Yan used that drastic tactic to shut her up during the beastment incident, her feelings of curiosity and tolerance muddled into a messy tangle of emotions.

She's not sure what she felt towards Wu Yan.

Kotori narrowed her eyes, she saw the emotions flashing in Nagisa's eyes. She told Nagisa something shocking.

"Okay, Nagisa, go get onii-chan!"


Nagisa was astounded.

"Get esnsei?..."

Yukina's mind went haywire.

"He's your first kiss, right?"

Kotori said.

"If you don't know how you feel, you should try your luck with onii-chan, maybe you will find your answer then?"

"B-but Kotori-chan..."

Nagisa stuttered.

"Sensei, h-he's your boyfriend, isn't he?"


Kotori talked like she wasn't afraid of people judging her.

"I don't mind."

Nagisa's eyes widened.

"B-but he's my sensei..."


Kotori said with a frustrated tone.

"That guy's a vampire, he's going to live forever, who cares about age and seniority? You're teacher and student, look at me, we are siblings!"

She placed her hands on Nagisa's shoulder, she beamed widely at her.

"That's why, Nagisa. Relax andyou should try your best to capture his heart!"

"It's cool!"

Kotori showed a strategic smile, she looked like she's laying down orders in the command room of Ratatoskr.

"I am going to help you out!"

Nagisa's mouth widened. She looked at Kotori as she tried to figure out her logic, why would she help her love rival? Her mind went blank as she went back to her home.

As for Yukina, she watched as Kotori warped and destroyed her worldviews. Her tiny mind is on the verge of mental collapse, she's probably going to zone out until the sun goes down...

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