Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 925: Chat, interesting fellow...

Putting out the sea of flames...

That's what the special police were here to do, they quickly turned into firefighters, they carried long and girthy hoses to dowse the flames. Personnel ran around with tanks of extinguishers. Fire trucks were also mobilized, they only wanted to put out the fire. However, this is a herculean feat because while this artificial island isn't as huge as Itogami Island, it is still big.

They are going to be here all day long.

Compared to the battle for their lives, this was a preferred alternative. It's tiring for sure but at least they won't run the risk of getting laser-beamed into oblivion.


Wu Yan threw Gardos on the floor, he asked Natsuki.

"What are we going to do with this guy?"

Although he's a terrorist hunted by the Lost Warlord, Gardos is a very high-ranking personnel in the Black Death Emperor Faction, the Lost Warlord will probably want this guy by hook or by crook. It probably wouldn't be up to Itogami Island to deal with this guy.

Natsuki nonchalantly said.

"Just put him in a cell, they gave us a ton of trouble after all..."

Wu Yan nodded. He couldn't care less about this old man, what happens after this is not his concern.

Natsuki saw Wu Yan's indifferent look so she asked him.

"Where is the Nalakuvera?..."

"Who knows?"

Wu Yan waved his hands, he pointed at the sea of flames they were watching.

"Maybe it burned to ashes in that sea of flames?"


Natsuki narrowed her eyes, she could read Wu Yan like a book. Wu Yan shrugged her off, Natsuki didn't have superhuman hearing or she would have heard Wu Yan's heart racing nervously.


Natsuki brandished her fan before turning around.

"If it got turned into ashes, you better make sure it stays that way, I don't want to see it reappear or the bored bastards in Itogami city might come once again.."

Wu Yan sneered, he looked away. They stayed there silently with their backs facing each other.

Wu Yan understands what it feels like to hold a unit of ancient weapon that ended countless civilizations, ambitious individuals would come after him if they found out the machines can be operated.

Including the higherups on Itogami Island.

With the Black Death Faction mobilizing Nalakuvera, many parties will stir into action. If the Itogami authorities get their hands on the mechas, Itogami Island will be dragged into a battle royale for these mechas.

In any case, turning Nalakuveras into Noble Phantasm was a win-win for Wu Yan and for the general society.

His Noble Phantasms are his to command, nobody else can use it. He can also bypass the control module and directly command the Nalakuveras. In other words, he became the commander of this Nalakuvera unit.

He just needed to exercise care when using them lest trouble follows...

Far away from the artificial island, in a tall building with a wide vantage point...

Vatler watched as the artificial island caught fire, he also noticed his yacht patrolling the island. He grinned happily.

"That looks fun, man, I sure wish I can join..."

Vatler tilted his head.

"Well, I had my fun, all's well that ends well I guess..."

Vatler lowered his tone, he shifted his attention away from the fiery scene.

The reason, a highschool girl had entered his room, the plain-looking girl with glasses slowly approached while her glasses reflected light in a supernatural manner. She's also wearing a highschool uniform.

That uniform belonged to Saikai Academy.

Vatler did not have to turn around to identify the girl.

"Paper Noise? Or would you prefer to be called one of the Three Saints from Lion King Organization, hmm?"

This highschool girl is actually one of the three leaders in charge of Lion King Organization.

Yukina was sent to Itogami Island due in large part to this glasses girl's machinations. Yukina wasn't aware one of her bosses is in the same school as her.

Against Vatler's ambiguous greeting, the girl took it with stride.

"You do you..."

She roamed her gaze over Vatler's tattered clothing.

"It seems you're up to something clandestine..."

"Please, call it fun games..."

Vatler faced the girl.

"Is that so?"

The girl passed a dossier to Vatler.

"This was sent by Lost Warlord Empire."

Vatler accepted the dossier, he didn't get to open it before the girl asked him a question.

"I have a question..."

Vatler paused, then, he continued unwrapping the dossier. He nodded, giving the girl the permission to continue.

The girl formulated her question.

"Was the Black Death Emperor Faction's movement an order from That person?"

The air cooled when she mentioned that person. Tense mood filled the room, the girl waited for an answer.

Vatler replied without changing his expression.

"This uproar was all me, I stirred this commotion because it interested me..."

Vatler smiled.

"At least, that's my explanation for now...'

The girl lowered her head.

"Okay, another question..."

The girl examined Vatler, more accurately speaking, she looked at Vatler who is scantily clad. The guy lost 95% of his clothes, revealing his porcelain white skin, her glasses flashed.

"Just who did that to you?"

The girl had to know.

She knows Vatler, this guy is a very dangerous fellow.

The four primogenitors were the strongest existence in this world, while the fourth primogenitor is not fully awakened, she still measured them on the same level.

Excluding the fourth primogenitor, there are still three primogenitors. Below them, Vatler reigned supreme as the strongest vampire.

At his full-power, he's someone who stood a chance against primogenitors. Unlike other vampires who would face despair, this guy is called a being closest to primogenitor for a good reason.

In terms of power, few can contend with Vatler. Yet, here he is, clearly he got beat up by someone...

Assuming it was a duel, who could have done that to Vatler? Rather, what kind of monster did that to him?

She must know.

Vatler chuckled.

Unlike his business smile, this was a genuine laughter from Vatler.

"A very interesting person!"

"Interesting person?"


Vatler stopped reading the documents in his hand. He turned towards the flaming artificial island.

"I met a very intriguing individual if there ever was one..."

The glasses girl looked at the burning artificial island. She lowered her head without saying anything...

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