Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 923: Tempted, an interesting idea...

"That's Nalakuvera?..."

Wu Yan watched as the heavily armored mecha continued firing red lasers at its surrounding. The mechanical spider destroyed everything near it. He gasped as he asked Natsuki.

"Are you sure that's an ancient weapon? Isn't that something brought here from the future?"

"What did you think the ancient weapon was? You thought it was going to be an ape throwing stones around or something?"

Natsuki quipped. She looked at Nalakuvera.

"Before the age of humans, there were many civilizations with achievements and relics we have yet to full uncover. Just look at that thing, do you think we can replicate that with our current technology?"


Wu Yan sighed, he got curious soon enough.

"Even so, I don't think it can kill a primogenitor, I just don't see something like that wiping out entire civilization..."

"Did you think I didn't ask myself that question?"

Natsuki continued with a grim look.

"It's not at that level yet, it might sound like the rumors were hyped out of proportion..."

"But, I tried to destroy it. That lump of scrap metal has a learning module in it, it's continuously adapting to its environment, even becoming immune to powers that harmed it before."

"Wait, it developed immunity to repeated attacks?"

Wu Yan frowned.

"If it's just that, I can still end it with overwhelming power, that would get around the annoying evolutionary trait it has."

Natsuki continued complaining with a headache assaulting her.

"When injured, that thing can gather materials around it to transfigure and repair itself."

"Automatic repair?"

Wu Yan finally got intrigued.

"If it can repair itself while learning to become immune to previously encountered attacks..."


Natsuki growled.

"It's a machine that's nigh indestructible and becomes stronger the longer a fight drags on."

"I see..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"That's troubling..."

"No, it's not over yet"

Natsuki looked at Wu Yan.

"Nalakuvera is annoying to handle, but you, you have two beasts that can erase it from existence, right?..."


Wu Yan gasped.

"How did you know about the powers of my familiars?..."

"Saa, who knows?..."

Natsuki used a very irresponsible tone with him.

"Maybe I guessed it?..."


Wu Yan praised her, Natsuki snorted in response.

"If that's settled, go deal with that thing!"

"You sure know to delegate to your kouhai."

Wu Yan grinned bitterly. He looked at Nalakuvera and his eyes flashed with brilliance.

"Alas, you're about to be disappointed."

Natsuki flinched when she heard him.

"It can repair itself and evolve to become immune to previous attacks..."

Wu Yan licked his lips with excitement.

"Nalakuvera, huh? I am interested..."

"What do you mean by that?"

Natsuki turned around.

"Don't tell me..."


Wu Yan chortled.

"Stay put and watch..."

Wu Yan instantly teleported behind Nalakuvera much to Natsuki's shock.

The mecha continued blasting everything around it to oblivion. Like a headless fly, the mecha's behavior pleased Wu Yan. He walked up to the mecha and he tried to put his hand on it.


Wu Yan's hand stopped before he can touch it. A forcefield stopped him.

The forcefield rippled when Wu Yan touched it, he was only 10 centimeters away from touching Nalakuvera. He couldn't break past that shield.

"A barrier?"

Wu Yan assessed the situation. Then, Nalakuvera turned around rapidly, unlike its sloppy movement from a few seconds before, the mecha locked on to Wu Yan.

The mecha's single red eye zoomed in on Wu Yan like it's scanning the new foe.

After confirming its target, the appendages fired off two beams of sizzling hot lasers.


Wu Yan disappeared from his spot. The two lasers continued gouging the ground, leaving two trails of molten ground and thick smoky trails. The beams ended with fiery explosions near the end of its attack phase.

"That's annoying..."

Wu Yan stood on top of the mecha. More accurately speaking, he's standing on Nalakuvera's barrier.

"I have to settle this barrier first..."

Nalakuvera shook Wu Yan off.

Wu Yan stepped on air and he stayed in the air. With a swipe, a ripple in space opened near his right hand, he drew out a nimble flaming blade.

"Burn everything to a crisp..."

The blade responded to Wu Yan's call. Nietono no Shana spewed flames forward, engulfing the island in a sea of flames, the blue sky turned red with this flame wave. Hot air filled the area.

Then, the sea of flames gathered like a flaming maelstrom on land. Next, the concentrated flames went for Nalakuvera with a giant pillar of flames.


The flames devoured the mecha and its surroundings.

The devastating fire attack swallowed up the structures near the mecha, burning hot air swept outwards.

The artificial island became a no man's land in an instant.

"That fool!"

Natsuki teleported to the fringes of the artificial island. She watched as he burned an entire island, she berated him.

"That's going too far!"

No matter what she said, this island is destined to be rebuilt, with this level of damage, it's already a miracle it's not sinking.

Nalakuvera writhed like a moth in flames, its struggling weakened by the second.

It's not shutting down, far from it, it's adapting to the intense flames, slowly regaining optimal function.

With a few more seconds, it would be able to move around unhindered even on this burning island.

But, its shield was down.

Wu Yan teleported to the mecha and he placed his hand on it.

A sword imprint circle formed on the mecha, red light covered Nalakuvera as volcanic veins of red magical lines permeated the mecha like infectious tendrils. It covered the mecha in no time at all.

Nalakuvera sensed a foreign power so it struggled to free itself. However, it slowly stopped still. Then, it went into standby-mode.

Wu Yan laughed.

"There! I turned it into a Noble Phantasm!"

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