Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 922: The ancient weapon? Devastating power


The pain coming from his snapped back couldn't mask the shock in his heart. Buried in the crater, he couldn't come to grasp with his swift defeat.

Defeat, that's not a foreign concept for Vatler. A few days ago, he tasted what it's like to lose in a duel against Wu Yan.

At the time, Wu Yan somewhat let loose his abnormally powerful vassal beast on Vatler and he suffered a lost. He was happy, even though he's confident in his own power, he was glad to have fought against someone so strong even if it's just a short duel. He was more concerned with the fight than the result itself.

However, Vatler couldn't accep this defeat, he lost without knowing what happened to him.

As his spine slowly regenerated, Vatler forced himself to his feet, he struggled to look up at Wu Yan who is pointing his spear at him.

"That spear..."

Vatler's bloodied expression made it hard to discern any emotion, Wu Yan looked down at his pitiful mien and he brandished his spear.

"It's Imagine Breaker."

"Imagine breaker?..."


Wu Yan explained.

"As its name implied, it can break supernatural powers, this spear can negate esper and magic spells."

Wu Yan sneered.

"Naturally, this includes vassal beasts which are made from magic power."

"A weapon that can negate supernatural powers..."

Vatler started chuckling when he heard the explanation. He laughed like a maniac.

"Haha, I see, so that's it. I thought the Lion King Organization Divine Oscillation Effect-derived Schneewalzers were the only banes to vampires, I didn't think there's a weapon on earth that can negate all supernatural powers, hahaha..."

"Mysterious Fifth Primoegnitor, the godly weapon of unknown origins..."

Vatler coughed, he twisted around while not minding his broken back. He got up with one knee, he stared straight into Wu Yan's eyes with his deep red eyes.

"You, just what are you?..."

The air turned still with this question.

Wu Yan snorted, it would take a while for Vatler to make full recovery.

"What do you care? I thought you only wanted people to play with you?..."


Vatler had an ugly smile on his face.

"True, the godly weapon that took me down in one shot, Imagine Breaker, was it? Intriguing, simply interesting..."

"You got careless..."

Wu Yan told him coldly.

"If you weren't looking at the sky while throwing your powers around, if you took Imagine Breaker seriously, you wouldn't have lost that quickly...""

Vatler didn't know about Imagine Breaker's nature, that's why he was stunned when his familiar got negated.

Given another chance, Wu Yan would find it hard to bring him down in under 10 seconds, Vatler is higher leveled than him by 2 levels, at least, it wouldn't be a cinch...

Vatler chortled once again. He gave Wu Yan a savage look.

"I don't know about that but thanks to you, I had my fill of fun..."

Vatler looked at the artificial island on the other side.

"Since I am calling it quits, Nalakuvera is yours for the taking. Compared to the incomplete Fourth, your blood has more cannibalization potential value."

Vatler activated a vampire's unique ability, he disappeared from the spot in a wisp of golden mist.


A loud sound came from the crater, Wu Yan shattered the spot where Vatler disappeared from, expanding the crater.


Clicking his tongue, he confirmed Vatler's gone so he threw the spear back into the Gate of Babylon.

"Damn you, Vatler, you wasted so much of my time, next time you won't get away so luckily!"

Wu Yan looked at the artificial island and he disappeared with a blink.



Flames and explosions sprouted up everywhere on the chaotic island. Smoke filled the air as the personnel wailed in anguish. The ground shook like an earthquake is here. Shrapnel rained down everywhere, casualties were through the roof.

Flames covered most of the island.

"What's going on?"

Wu Yan was confronted by a scene from hell, it's like someone opened the gates to the fiery underworld.

"The battle already escalated to this level, huh?"

Someone answered Wu Yan's question, she sounded young but strict.

"Before you came here, the battle already got to this stage."

Natsuki appeared from the void behind Wu Yan. She stood by Wu Yan's side, giving him an annoyed look.

"Didn't I told you to stay in the school? How did things turn out like this?"

Wu Yan knew she wasn't blaming him for ditching the school, she's pissed that someone kidnapped a student of hers when she clearly put him in charge of student safety.

Natsuki might act like she don't care about her students. In actual fact, she actually cares deeply about them, she's tough but fair to her students, an ideal teacher who made sure to properly educate her students through strict teachings.

"That asshole Vatler is to blame!"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Rather, you should have told me the decoder was at school, I would have focused on her protection if I knew..."

Natsuki grumbled.

"I wasn't sure it was her. How can I tell you if I am not sure myself!"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed again. Natsuki looked ahead.

"Enough talking, here it comes!"

Zing Swish

A large imposing object appeared from beyond the thick smoke.

The mechanical sound heralded a large 8-meters tall mecha with six legs. While it looked like it had sloppy movement patterns, the large armored bug-esque mecha steadily approached with its head hidden behind an orange dome shielding. It looked like a giant spider with two spear-like appendages near its frontal portion.

The heavily-armored mecha trampled anything in its path. Buildings and vehicles were trashed in the process. Its crystalline head fired lasers at anything that moved, it easy sliced through metallic beams like hot knife through butter, almost fissuring the artificial island in the process.

Unlike its sloppy movement, the lasers were fired with deadly precision. The lasers disintegrated anything in its path, armored vehicles or ground, it made no difference. Then, the objects burst into flames.

Metal parts, shattered buildings flew everywhere.

This far exceeded any known modern weaponry, this destructive capability is on par with vassal beasts.

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