Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 921: The red spear, Imagine Breaker's first debut...

"I found it odd..."

Wu Yan was shining with magic power, coated in immense mana, he looked like a radiant creature.

"I found it perplexing how the Black Death Emperor Faction slipped past tight security on Itogami Island. They got their hands on Nalakuvera too. Even their base is hard to find. Then, I wondered why the beastmen knew exactly where to go and who to look for. They even knew I was on guard duty and they sent distractions."

Wu Yan spat out his frustration.

"Vatler, you're the one behind it, aren't you?"

Vatler is a diplomat sent to Itogami Island from Lost Warlord.

As an ambassador, Vatler's ship is technically private domain and Itogami Island authorities can forget about searching the ship without proper warrants. The Black Death Emperor Faction is also a terrorist cell, they are aiming for the toppling of the first primogenitor's empire. Vatler and Black Death Emperor Factions cannot breathe the same air.

Precisely due to this reason, if Vatler gave them cover, it would make for the perfect disguise.

"I reckon you're the one who leaked my identity to the Black Death bastards, right?"

Wu Yan asked.

Vatler snorted. He gave him a very annoying smile. Shaking his head, he said with a sad tone.

"You are misunderstanding something here, the Lost Warlord is at war with the Black Death Emperor Faction, as a duke from Lost Warlord, why would I harbor enemies of the state?"

That would be very reasonable.

In fact, that would be a cogent argument.

Who would help their enemies?

Then, Vatler gave himself away intentionally.

"It just slipped me that there were terrorists on board..."

Vatler chuckled like it's the world's funniest joke. His words were extraordinarily provocative.

"When I noticed, the Black Death Emperor Faction already launched their attacks. I couldn't do anything but flee with my tails between my legs. Oh, man, talk about a lucky escape!"

He didn't think there were terrorists on his own ship? He couldn't beat them? He had to flee his ship for his life?

A tier 9 vampire duke lost to a bunch of terrorists who aren't even tier 8?

Then, he just so happened to stumble across Wu Yan while he's pursuing the kidnappers in what looked like a planned blockage?

"Very well..."

Wu Yan's heart was as still as a lake's surface. A golden-red portal opened up near his right hand.

"Let's hope that luck stays with you!"

"Haha... Hahaha... Hahahaha!!!"

Vatler grabbed his own face while laughing. His body trembled with excitement as a laugh that can only belong to a battle-junkie leaked out between his fingers. Magic power surged around him, forming a tiny storm.

Three giant snakes manifested near Vatler, it coiled around him while reaching for the sky. Then, the snakes merged into a black-scaled dragon with shimmering aura.

"Finally, I get to fight you once more! Mysterious fifth primogenitor!"

Vatler tried his best to suppress his excitement.

"Screw fighting a primogenitor-killing machine, I just want to duke it out with a real primogenitor! Wouldn't you say so?!!!"

His blue eyes changed into a malicious shade of red. He tore away his sunglass and he crushed it out of sheer elation. His gaze was completely focused on Wu Yan.

"Come, let's continue from last time!"

"Continue from last time?..."

Wu Yan gave him a cold laugh.

With a portal forming above his palm, a red spear slowly poked out from the portal, he equipped that spear.

"You're sorely mistaken, Vatler. The fight ended with my victory last time. This time, your defeat will be swifter yet!"


Vatler flinched, he looked at the spear in Wu Yan's hands.

"What's that?"

"Oh, you're going to find out real soon..."

Then, the magic power around Wu Yan condensed.

Vatler's face turned grave and he quickly tossed a maelstrom of magic power to his back, he ordered his fused snake to attack.


The light dragon lashed out like a whip, imagine an armored train whipping itself at a high velocity, the space itself trembled when the entity of pure magic power attacked. This attack threatened to decimate anything in its path.

The snake went for a silhouette behind Vatler.

Wu Yan appeared out of thin air behind Vatler. He saw the terrifying beast coming for him but he wasn't fazed.

He jumped up. Like David going up against a really huge Goliath, he lunged his spear at the terrifying monster. From a distance, it looked like a pin trying to pierce a metal pillar.

Vatler almost jeered when he saw this scene.

Vassal beasts are magic creatures, exlcuding special techniques that targeted magic power, it would take a magic power greater than the familiar to cancel it.

As for special techniques that targeted magic power, his long life as a vampire taught him well. He knew all about the tricks and techniques used by inhabitants of this world to counter magic power. He's pretty sure that spear isn't included in the narrow list of counter-magic techniques and spells.

Vatler didn't go easy because of this.

"Let me taste it! The blood of the outlier fifth primogenitor! I want to know what you taste like!"

Vatler roared with passion as his serpent beast collided with Wu Yan's pitifully tiny spear.

Yet, what happened next blew his mind...


When the spear touched the giant serpent's head, a ripple started spreading across the beast. It turned into a strangely nice melody that echoed in the streets nearby.


The serpent that can destroy Itogami Island got returned to the void.

Wu Yan used a single attack to block a vassal beast from the being closest to a primoegnitor.


Vatler's smile is all but gone now.

Generating winds so strong it's close to a tornado's might, the structure around them got blew away. Without stopping, Wu Yan continued lunging, it didn't take him long to reach Vatler.

Stunned by the previous scene, Vatler got hit squarely in the chest.



It felt like he was struck by an indomitable meteor. He got sent flying while wailing in agony.


Like an arrow, the guy got sent into the wall at the end of the alley, his body was buried in a pit 2 meters deep. Dust slowly rose from the pit.

Rubble couldn't even fall on him due to the impact force. It was only Vatler and the cold hard ground.

His spine is completely broken.

The fight had only started 10 seconds ago.

In 10 seconds, the being dubbed the one closest to being a primogenitor got trounced.


Vatler spat out blood, he opened his blood-stained lips and he expressed his disbelief the only way he can, slowly and in agonizing pain.


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