Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 920: A blockade, I will play with you...


The two beastmen got sent out of the classroom by a barrage of iron swords, buried underneath rubbles, the two beastmen couldn't get up anymore...


Wu Yan waved his hand and the Gate of Babylon closed, his other arm was wrapped around Nagisa. A figure came running through the broken wall.

"Aiyaya, it already ended..."

The first personnel to respond laughed when she saw the scene. It sounded like she's not taking her job seriously. Wu Yan was slightly surprised by her appearance.


"I think you went a bit too far..."

Sasasaki sighed.

"I mean, how am I going to explain this to the principal?..."

"If it's too much trouble, I will explain what happened to the principal..."

"Ahaha, that won't be necessary..."

Sasasaki rubbed the back of her head, she stuck her tongue out.

"These two beastmen are from the Black Death Emperor Faction, technically, you are only carrying out your job. There won't be any repercussions for this. Moreover, I am not going to let a kouhai shoulder all the responsibility."

Wu Yan chuckled when he sensed something that stopped him in his tracks.

He sensed a student being knocked out by a man in military uniform. Then, the assailant morphed into a beastman and he carried the student on his shoulder.

He jumped out the closest window and it took him only a few seconds to reach the truck parked in front. Before Wu Yan can react, the guy sped away from Saikai Academy while flooring it.

Wu Yan finally realized what happened.

The two beastmen were baits the assailant used to get to the real target. The assailant got away with the decoder for Nalakuvera operation tablet.

But, how did they know he's the person put in place to stop them?...

Rather, from their intricate plans, it's like they knew there's a formation in place to detect outsiders. Could it be? There's a mole here?

Wu Yan silently cursed. He passed Nagisa to Sasasaki.

"Sasasaki-senpai, please take care of Nagisa!"

Wu Yan instantly teleported away. Sasasaki gasped when the guy disappeared just like that.

"That spell, a spatial magic like Natsuki-senpai's?"

She chuckled.

"That's too much of a coincidence..."


Nagisa clasped her hands together.

"It's gonna be fine~"

Sasasaki patted Nagisa on her shoulder, she assured her with a smile.

"He's an assault mage, dealing with beastmen is a cinch for him. Plus, I believe Natsuki-senpai recommended him for a good reason..."

Nagisa nodded, it wasn't evident if she heard her, however, her mind is still in disarray and her face is still flushed...

Itogami island is actually made up of 4 giga-floats corresponding to the four cardinal directions: East, South, West, and North. The humans and demons lived together on these floats.

Aside from the four giga-floats, there are other artificial structures nearby. For instance, there are facilities designed to store incombustible trash. This place was a dump just like that.

These ancillary structures are known as artificial islands.

When Wu Yan first summoned his familiars, when he whisked Kojou away, he took them to one such artificial island.

Today, on a work-in-progress island which was about 5 kilometers in diameter, an intense fight is going on between different parties on what was supposed to be a square platform to handle trash.

There are metal plates all over the place. Helicopters descended one after another as the heavy smell of gunfire threatened to choke one's lung. The vehicles nearby were also unfortunately dragged into this fight. There were wreckages and burning vehicles everywhere.

The Black Death Emperor Faction is fighting against the police and special weapon squad of Itogami Island.

Explosions and gunfire reverberated throughout the place. Cranes and sentry towers fell one after the other. Some structures were also tilting in a dangerous angle. These collapsing hunks of metal posed the greatest threat to the combatants below.

Armored vehicles were stationed at one place with the operatives taking cover behind it. They fired special bullets at the beastmen. Similarly, the beastmen fired back, it's hard to see who has the upper hand here.

Injured personnel were led away from the battlefield. Broken vehicles and burning helicopters could be seen near them. They endured the pain as they forced themselves to move, they wanted to contribute to the fight despite their injuries.

In this battle of attrition, the casualties slowly piled on.

Finally, they reached a point where deaths occurred.

Only when one side is completely obliterated will this fight end.

With a parasol, a figure in goth lolita outfit watched. Natsuki stood very close to the battlefield, stray bullets went past her but she never bothered to help or do anything. She continued watching as she juggled her own thoughts.

If she lent a helping hand, this fight would be over in seconds.

However, she didn't. She was preparing for a more troublesome outcome...

An outcome that would need her intervention...


A hulking black metallic mass appeared beyond the smoke and gunfire.

"It developed like this in the end, huh?..."

At the same time, in an alley without a soul, Wu Yan watched the smoking island in the distance with a relatively calm look. However, flames of fury could be seen burning within his eyes.

When Kristoff kidnapped the decoder, he could have caught up using teleportation spells. After all, the assailant only used a truck to get away. If he caught the truck, it would be game over for the Black Death Emperor Faction.

But, due to a certain interruption, it's highly likely they already got what they came for, they decoded the operation tablet for Nalakuvera.

This is the reason why Wu Yan is very livid.

He looked at the figure standing between him and the battlefield. He growled with a tone that can freeze anyone's soul.

"Did you plan this from the start? Vatler..."


Vatler adjusted the sunglasses on his face with a devilish grin.

"Don't be so mad, isn't this more interesting?"

He shrugged. He beamed at Wu Yan with nary a hint of regret.

"If I let you interrupt, that would spoil the fun..."

"You like playing? Is that so?"

Wu Yan sucked in a cold breath of air. Then, his magic power surged forth, as if mirroring his raging heart, the magic power soar into the sky.

"Come, I will play with you!"

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