Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 919: Demonophobia strikes again, desperate times call for desperate measures


When the two beastmen invaded Saikai Academy, Wu Yan sensed them coming for the middle school section, their trajectories suggested a meditated approach. Wu Yan scowled.


Nagisa called out to him when she saw his look. Yukina grabbed her wrist, she asked Wu Yan with a serious expression.

"Sensei, what happened?"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes, he nodded.

"My perimeter formation just sent me a signal, it appears two beastmen are in this school!"


Yukina raised her guard.

"From the Black Death Emperor Faction?"

"Yes, that's highly possible..."

Wu Yan stood up. Yukina also followed him, she tilted her head.

"Why would they send people here?"

Wu Yan lowered his head, he thought about it and he immediately struck the nail on its head.

"I remember asking Natsuki about the one who can decipher the encrypted tablet for Nalakuvera, she didn't say who it was, however, she did tell me to stay in the school at all times."

Yukina's expression shifted.

"You mean..."

"You're right."

Wu Yan coldly laughed.

"They were sent here to cause a commotion. However, that's only distraction to capture the one who can decipher the tablet. I am guessing, the decoder is someone who is currently at this school, that must be it, Natsuki emphasized that I should guard the school."


Yukina sucked in a cold breath of air.

"Nalakuvera can be used by them if they get their hands on that person?!"

"Most likely..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Are the two beastmen here to kidnap the decoder?"

Yukina grabbed the guitar case near her.

"Sensei, let's go stop them!"


Wu Yan stopped her, he frowned.

"Those two beastmen are heading our way."


Yukina gasped.

"They are coming to us? Why?"

"I don't know..."

Wu Yan clenched his teeth, he ordered Yukina.

"Himeragi, go evacuate the students!"

"Okay, sensei!"

Yukina knows now isn't the time to question anything. If the beastmen reached them, the shockwaves would affect the students.

Yukina ran to the students near this area and she told them to leave now. Bewildered, the students assumed it's an order from Wu Yan-sensei since she was with him the last time they saw her. They rubbed their heads in confusion and they left the area along with Yukina.

Wu Yan nodded.

He expanded the reach of his perception formation. He kept an eye on the movements of the beastmen. Wu Yan was so focused on the beastmen he missed a middle-aged guy in military uniform. The intruder stepped onto schoolground.

The beastmen reached their classroom soon enough, Wu Yan wanted to move when somebody tugged his shirt.

"N-no way..."

Wu Yan was stunned by the person behind him, her terror-filled voice reached his ears.

He turned back and Nagisa was shivering behind him with a very pale look. She continued pulling on Wu Yan's sleeve like a deer in front of headlights.


Wu Yan gasped.

"Why didn't you leave with Himeragi?!"

"Sensei... sensei..."

Nagisa didn't hear Wu Yan's words, she shook her head frantically.

"Sensei... I am scared... I am scared..."

Wu Yan felt hurt when he saw her terrorized and deathly pale look. He silently cursed.

It's like the time when he beat up the delinquent vampires. Nagisa's demonophobia is acting up again, paralyzed by fear, she couldn't leave the area by herself. Yukina also didn't notice she fell behind the other students.

Wu Yan felt anxious since the beastmen already reached the classroom.


Two beastmen with black fur entered dramatically, they smashed through the classroom door with guns out.


Nagisa started shrieking when the beastmen burst in.

"Shut your mouth!"

The two beastmen aimed their guns at Nagisa. They were worried she might draw other personnel here. However, her fear dulled her auditory senses. She continued yelling while holding her head.

"Nooo! Noo!!!"

"I said shut it!"

The beastmen had their fingers on the trigger.


Wu Yan hugged Nagisa, exposing his back to the beastmen. He shook Nagisa by her shoulders.

"Calm down, you need to calm down, Nagisa!"

"Ahh!!! Ahhhh!!!"

Nagisa wouldn't snap out of it. She wailed as dread completely overtook her. She couldn't hear Wu Yan's words.

"Nagisa! Nagisa!"

No matter how loud he yelled, Nagisa continued shrieking. Wu Yan clenched his teeth, then he shut her up by kissing her.


That did the trick, Nagisa's eyes widened, her fear was replaced with shock and disbelief, finally, she returned to her senses.

The two beastmen also didn't expect to see this development. They froze up seconds before they were planning to fire their ugns.

Her clear eyes reflected Wu Yan's mien. She stared absent-mindedly at Wu Yan, her mind went blank and she can only feel the warm and moist sensation coming from her mouth.

Her teacher took away her first kiss.

Wu Yan released Nagisa after a few seconds. He helplessly laughed when he saw her dazed look, he tightened his hug.

"Don't be afraid, I am right here..."

Nagisa's pale face turned bright red, she nodded on reflex, losing the power of a rational mind, that's the only thing she knew.

The two beastmen fired after a brief pause.

Bang bang bang

The bullets went for Wu Yan's back, these bullets were magically enchanted. These bullets can incapacitate beastmen. Vampires would need quite some time to recover from these bullet wounds.

Ripples in space formed between Wu Yan and the bullets, covering both Wu Yan and Nagisa.

The magical bullets entered the golden-red portals. Then, they disappeared beyond the gate.


The two beastmen cried out.

"What magic was that?!"

"The magic that's about to end you."

A frosty voice entered their ears, then, they saw it, a widening wall of black swords aimed at them.

Swish swish swish


The walls crumbled as the swords sliced up the beastmen. When the dust settled, the blades were gone and the two beastmen were lying in pools of their own blood.

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