Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 918: The insidious approach, slow progress

Itogami Island, Southern area, residential complex...

On their way back, the apartment slowly grew bigger in everyone's vision. They paid no heed as they entered the apartment. They stayed silent as they wrestled with their own thoughts.

They walked without talking much after leaving Vatler's ship.

Excluding Kotori, Wu Yan & co looked grim. More accurately, Kojou and Yukina had grave looks. Wu Yan had his own thoughts, his eyes flashed with thoughtful light, a sign that the owner is busy thinking about various topics.

They entered the elevator and they went up like that. Yukina finally asked Wu Yan with a concerned tone.

"Sensei, is this really alright?"

Kotori and Kojou looked at Wu Yan. He finally came back to reality but he didn't catch Yukina's question.

"Huh? What was that?"


Yukina gave him a judging look, she sighed.

"I was saying, is it okay for us to let that slip? The Ardeal Duke's objective sounded really dangerous, it will endanger the island..."


Kojou interrupted.

"If Vatler really fought with Nalakuvera, what's going to happen to this island and its inhabitants?!"

"You two..."

Wu Yan helplessly shook his head, he patted Yukina on her head.

"Aren't you guys worrying a bit too much?"

"Too much?"

Yukina and Kojou froze up.

"Yes, think about it."

Wu Yan chortled.

"Suppose we do mind the matter, what can you two do?"

"We can apprehend Kristoff Gardos first!'

Yukina reported.

"Without him, Vatler won't have a casus belli, right?"

"You think that guy didn't account for this?"

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"He's a lieutenant of a terrorist organization, if he's so easily caught, we wouldn't be so troubled, now would we?"


"That's enough."

Wu Yan cut Yukina short. He ruffled her hair.

"Don't underestimate Itogami Island, while you two are a primogenitor and a sword shaman respectively, there are also other capable individuals in this city. Plus, you're students, let the adults do their jobs. With me here, I don't think Vatler's gonna do anything too over the top..."

Wu Yan chuckled, his small volume didn't stop his confidence from reaching Yukina and Kojou.

"Just go have the time of your lives, if I need your help, I will call for you guys. For now, don't dig too deeply into this..."

Kojou and Yukina exchanged a look, they somewhat calmed down.

Their hearts are in the right place but they are still students. They aren't adults, the burden of protecting the demon sanctuary shouldn't fall on them.

They are powerful in their own rights, but, that's just power...

Wu Yan's words pacified them.

"Okay, sensei..."

Yukina nodded with a seirous look.

"Please let us know if you need our help!"


Wu Yan laughed.

"I would never pass up free labor."

"That's very honest of you."

Kojou bitterly laughed. His face returned to his usual lethargic look. He turned towards Wu Yan, after hesitating for a few seconds, he asked Wu Yan.

"What did Vatler mean by calling you someone more terrifying than the fourth primogenitor?"

"Yeah, sensei..."

Yukina added.

"You, are you..."

"Hey, I don't why you two believe Vatler's words so much..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He glanced at Kojou.

"I can take on the fourth primogenitor when he's fully awakened, in his current state, is it that hard to believe I am more terrifying than him."

Kojou started sweating cold bullets.

Yukina noticed something off, however, she wasn't sure if she should pursue this matter any longer. Wu Yan watched her flustered look with amusement, he messed up her hair one more time.

"Don't think too deeply, go home and rest!"

"I-I know, stop playing with my hair..."

Yukina covered her head bashfully. Meanwhile, Wu Yan went to town on her hair as Kotori watched with a helpless expression.

While they were fooling around, the security camera near them caught every second of their interactions. The observer, a girl with ponytail watched with gnashed teeth. She growled.

"How dare that brute play with Yukina's hair like that. No matter if it's him or the other one, these no-good vampires are gathering near Yukina!"

The next day, the sun's shining brightly...

"Did that vampire duke not do anything to you guys? Didn't he suck your blood? I thought vampires crave blood after a certain type of stimulation, are you sure that Vatler guy didn't do anything funny?"

Wu Yan and Yukina accepted Nagisa's barrage of questions at point-blank range. They couldn't in good conscience push her away. Instead, they bitterly laughed.

"Yeah, nothing happened..."

Wu Yan nudged Nagisa away by her shoulders. He sighed in relief as he explained himself.

"More like, sexual stimulation should only apply to the other gender, right? Go ask Yukina, why are you asking me?"


Yukina didn't take kindly to Wu Yan who let loose Inspector Nagisa on her.

"The Ardeal Duke didn't express an interest in me, it was senpai!"


Nagisa's mind ran wild when she heard this.

"Does that mean Kojou-kun likes guys?"


Yukina glanced at Wu Yan, she silently begged him for help. Wu Yan had an idea, he grinned.

"I don't know, all I can say is, Vatler totally likes Kojou, as for Kojou's feelings..."

Wu Yan dragged out his sentence. It's like he's holding a vital piece of information from Nagisa, this drove her nuts.

"I didn't think Kojou-kun had that kind of hobby..."

Nagisa yelled while holding her fist up.

"No, that won't do! I will have to properly ask him when he gets home!"

Wu Yan and Yukina backed away, they didn't want to touch Nagisa when she's like this. They gulped and they prayed for Kojou's wellbeing.

Hopefully, he would survive Nagisa's interrogation.

At the same time, a rather large cargo truck approached and parked itself near the Saikai Academy's entrance. In the truck, a stern-looking in military suit looked at the academy after rolling down the car window.

He looked behind him, there were two beastman with fur on them.

"The Witch of the Void, Minamiya Natsuki should be at our base. There is only one obstacle in this place, a vampire known as Wu Yan, go restrain him while I capture the girl who can decipher the tablet."


The two beastmen asked him.

"Is this fine? Won't you get caught?"

"Not if I stay in humanoid form, I look like a visiting reporter, maybe a bit old but that's it. Go, buy as much time as you can!"

"Sir yes sir!"

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