Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 917: Go ahead and try, see if you can...


Wu Yan sighed when the show got out of hand.

"Why did you invite us here?!"

Kojou and the others stopped, the air also started tensing up.

Vatler chuckled, he stuffed his hands in his pocket and his joking air disappeared, he went into his serious mode.

This is the real Vatler.

Kojou and Yukina started taking this seriously too. They returned to Wu Yan's side. The four lined up side by side as if they were about to fight Vatler, they had their eyes on the vampire duke.

"Jeez, stop giving me that scary look..."

Vatler shrugged when he took in Kojou and Yukina's tense looks.

"As an ambassador from the Lost Warlord faction, my arrival on the island the fourth primogenitor rules should come with due respects to the fourth primogenitor, no?"

"I said don't make up stories!"

Kojou clenched his fists.

"I never heard about me ruling this island!"

"But the strongest vampire in the world is on this island!"

Vatler intentionally raised his tone when he said: "The strongest vampire". He is talking like a kid at the candy store.

"At least, if the others see the fourth primogenitor here, they would assume he's ruling this island, citizens and other matters included..."

Kojou was astonished whereas Wu Yan listened carefully.

Unlike the other primogenitors who had their own sovereign domains, the fourth primogenitor never heard about retainers or dominion. Instead, his twelve vassal beasts were deterrents in and of themselves, the fear and darkness was the thing that kept enemies at bay.

But, he's still a primogenitor. It is unquestionable that he stood at the top of the vampire hierarchy. He also had power that belonged to the top tier in this world, he should be viewed as a one-man army because that's the power he has. If he wanted to make a country, he had the power to do so.

The primogenitors capitalized on their power, they had the qualifications to make their own countries.

The other primogenitors already established their own dominions, leaving only Kojou as the odd one out. Vatler assumed he's the top dog on this island.

Kojou lived on Itogami Island, once word of this gets out, Itogami Island would be referred to as Kojou's dominion.

Vatler raised his head when he saw Kojou's awkward look. He's elated when he noticed Wu Yan on the side. He couldn't hold back his own amusement.

"To the ones in the know, this is the dominion of the fourth primogenitor, but..."

Vatler scratched his head as he turned his attention towards Wu Yan. He started chortling again.

"If the world found out about you, I wonder if minds would be blown?"

Other than Wu Yan and Kotori, Yukina, Kojou, and Sayaka frowned in confusion.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Kojou questioned the guy.


Vatler eyed Kojou.

"You don't know what kind of existence stands next to you?"

"Wu Yan-sensei?..."

Kojou glanced at Wu Yan. Yukina and Sayaka also looked at him in puzzlement.

Kojou and Yukina had an inkling but they never got to the bottom of it.

He's a vampire in his 20s, yet, he holds tremendous power. He is someone who kicked a vampire duke's ass because he felt like it. He also thwarted Kojou's Regulus Aurum.

Even if that beast hadn't fully realized its potential, a mere 26 years old vampire destroyed it, he didn't even used his familiars.

The implications were obvious.

Wu Yan didn't explain himself while Kojou and Yukina felt like that question should be left for another time. Anyway, Wu Yan gave them a good impression, he didn't look or behave like a villain. Naturally, they thought it would be better to let Wu Yan explain when the time's right.

When Vatler prompted this topic, Kojou and Yukina perked up their ears.

"Kojou, I suggest you stay on your toes..."

Vatler started running his mouth with a naughty grin.

"You have besides you, a vampire more terrifying than the strongest vampire in the world..."

Yukina and Kojou's eyes widened. They looked at Wu Yan with disbelief.

Wu Yan shook his head. He sighed as he replied.

"Is that all? Vatler..."

"Oh? Do I sense anger?"

Vatler took a step back with a fake expression of fear. His smile gave him away.

"I am just a diplomat..."

"A noble coming to this island as a diplomat?..."

Kotori chimed in.

"Compared to the high duke of a principality, there shouldn't be any reason for someone of your stature to lavish a visit upon this island, right"

"Even if you say it's for diplomatic relations, I find it hard to believe there are no other candidates available in the Lost Warlord's faction..."

Vatler slightly opened his eyes. He gasped because he didn't notice Kotori was here.

"And, you are?"


Kotori gave him an evil grin.

"I might be a scarier entity than the vampires you highly praised..."

"Now that would make my day!"

Vatler flinched but he quickly recovered.

"Since this scary little monster placed her stand like that, I figure it won't do me any good to continue this charade..."

Vatler walked to the rails, he gazed at the horizon beyond the sea.

"Kristoff Gardos."

Vatler's name drop surprised Kotori, Kojou and Yukina. However, Wu Yan connected the dots after he revealed his objective.


Wu Yan eyed Vatler.

"You're after the ancient weapon in the Black Death Emperor Faction's possession, right? The Nalakuvera."

"Black Death Emperor Faction?!"

Kojou gasped.


Yukina knitted her eyebrows.

"Ah, I see, so you already know this much."

Vatler grinned, his eyes turned bright when he continued.

"Indeed! I am after the ancient weapon said to have destroyed countless civilizations.  It's rumored that Nalakuvera can kill primogenitors, my academic intrigue got roused after hearing about this kind of power!"

"Could it be..."

Yukina sucked in a cold breath of air.

"Don't tell me..."


Vatler didn't bother hiding his excitement as he guffawed.

"Fighting a weapon that can kill a primogenitor, isn't that just awesome?!"

"Stop screwing with me!"

Kojou roared.

"If Nalakuvera can kill primogenitors, it must be very dangerous. With your power, what will happen to the island if you guys fight here?!"

A vampire so ancient can unleash powers that can decimate villages.

Kojou wasn't aware of Vatler's status. Since he's a noble from the Lost Warlord faction, that must mean he is at least on par with Elder vampires.

An entity like him can sink this island if they were to fight for real.

"That's why I came to visit you, Kojou..."

Vatler read Kojou's mind and he chuckled.

"I wanted to greet you. Should anything happens, the last thing I need is someone who wouldn't forgive me, that would be so bad..."

"You bastard!"

Kojou wanted to say something when Wu Yan pulled him back.

"Go ahead and try, see if you can do it."

Wu Yan said.

Vatler's smile petrified. He stored it away for a brief moment but he continued smirking after that.

The two stared off while the others stayed silent. Kotori watched while Kojou and Yukina gasped. They were half a mind to say something but they let it go in the end...

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