Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 916: They swing for both sides huh...

The deck greeted the dark night, the brilliant lights on this ship chased away the encroaching darkness.

The deck was wide enough to hold hundreds of guests. They can all walk around unhindered. There's a pool near the center and there are tables with food and drinks laid on top. The guest conversed in glee as they went around enjoying fine wine and exquisite cuisine.

Wu Yan, Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou looked around the place.

"Alright, where's that prick noble from the Lost Warlord party..."

Kojou sighed in an annoyed tone. As a highschool student who likes to think he's just average, being here is totally making him go out of his comfort zone. Watching TV at home beats socializing at a place like that.

Yukina isn't faring well. She's calmer relative to Kojou, but, she's just a 14 years-old middle school student. Before arriving on this island, she lived under the Lion King Organization's tutelage. Because of her sheltered upbringing, she looked more innocent than Kotori who is smaller than her in statute. That's understandable considering Kotori is the commander of Fraxinus, she's used to events like this.

"We got the invitation letters and we still have to find the owner of this ship on our own?"

Kotori grumbled. Surprisingly, she's not chewing on her candy, she also sounded like she's close to snapping.

"Seriously, there's no situation worse than this..."

Wu Yan threw a verbal jab at her.

"If I know that snake bastard's personality, half the guests here were probably invited on a whim to fluff the numbers, right?"

Kotori turned around.

"I thought you only met him yesterday? Why do you sound like you know him well?"

"We did fight once, that's when we got to know each other..."

Wu Yan crossed his arms.

"Anyway, that's the feeling he gave me, I don't understand him anymore than that, don't mind me..."

"Whatever, let's just get this over with."

Kojou's already exasperated.

"I don't think I can stand this stuffy place for long, where's that Vatler guy?!"

"Let's go up."

Wu Yan looked at the top deck.

"I think that's the only place we didn't check out. It wouldn't surprise me for a noble to look down at us from his platform..."

Wu Yan decided to make his way to the top deck. Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou followed suit.

The top deck was relatively unlit. There are no fancy wine or boiled goose here, it's just the quiet air and the cold deck. This was where Wu Yan and Vatler fought yesterday.

The shattered deck was already repaired. It's hard to see signs of a brawl just by observing the deck's condition. There weren't anyone around, the sounds of festivity from the deck below also couldn't reach here. They can only hear the gentle splashing of waves...

"There's no one here?"

Yukina and Kojou were puzzled.

Wu Yan and Kotori also looked in a certain direction. Their eyes were gleaming with intelligent lights.

"Save the hide-and-seek game for another time, Vatler..."

Wu Yan's voice echoed.

"Unlike you, I have a lot of business to finish..."

"Cold and distant as usual, Wu Yan..."

A series of light footsteps entered their ears. From a dark corner, the figure emerged.

A handsome blond man in a fancy suit presented himself before everyone, his blue eyes roamed over everyone.

Vatler revealed an impish grin when he saw Wu Yan. Then, he turned towards Kojou with bright eyes. He gave Kojou a noble's salute.

"Nice to meet you, Akatsuki Kojou, no, the Night Lord of Brilliant Light, my beloved fourth primogenitor!"


Kojou was stupefied. He shivered when he saw Vatler's ambiguous smile. He subconsciously retreated away from the vampire.


Kotori and Yukina frowned. They gave Kojou a meaningful look while Yukina starting looking at Kojou as if he's a flasher, this was a level below beast, Kojou's previous classification.

"Senpai, I didn't think your debauchery transcended gender..."

"Don't go off on your own delusions without my input!"

Kojou roared.

"That guy is just spouting nonsense by himself!"

"No, Kojou, you're wrong!"

Vatler gave Kojou an air kiss, he also threw in a cheeky wink.

"I came here just for you!"

Kotori and Yukina immediately placed some distance between themselves and Kojou. Wu Yan also shifted his posture away from the guy. Naturally, Kojou blew his tops off. Then, he screwed himself over by declaring his preferred physical characteristic.

"I am straight! I don't like dudes! I like! I like onee-sans with jugs for days!!!!"

Kojou's declaraction echoed throughout the serene night. As a result, everyone heard his preference over and over again. Wu Yan, Kotori, and Yukina were stunned. Vatler started laughing out loud.

"Ah, good, now we know what kind of woman you like. It doesn't matter, I don't mind."

"You should mind, goddamnit! Take your indifference and shove it!"

Kojou pointed at Vatler with furious eyes. He continued roaring.

"Stop giving me more trouble, you bastard!"

Kojou's desperate defense only got Vatler's amused laughter. He looked like he doth protest too much. Wu Yan, Kotori, and Yukina stepped further away...

"You guys..."

"I knew it! Akatsuki Kojou! Letting Yukina get close to you was a risky move!"

A stern but siren-like voice came from near Vatler. The voice was filled with hatred. The hidden silhouette jumped out.

She's a young girl with knee-length brown hair that was tied in a ponytail. Her porcelain white skin, magnificent looks, and slender figure suit her qipao very well. She's also taller than average females her age. She's close to 1.7 meters tall despite looking like she's only 16 or 17 years old.

"You are?!"

Yukina gasped.


The girl reacted like she just called by her lover. Her stern look mellowed out when Yukina called out her name.


Like a kid, she glomped Yukina, her ponytail swayed like a puppy's tail, clearly, she's very happy that Yukina called her by her name.

"I missed you so much! Yukina!"

"Oh... Nn..."

Yukina finally came back to reality. She gave Sayaka a curt reply, with her neck constricted by this newcomer, she looked like she's in pain. However, she's glad to see Sayaka.

"D-do you know her?"

Kojou blinked in shock.

"Yes, senpai, Sayaka is my childhood friend, we grew up together!"

Yukina escaped Sayaka's death grip, she answered Kojou.

"Oh? I didn't think you two were connected by such a tie..."

Vatler raised an eyebrow.

"Alright, Kojou, let's get up-close and personal too!"

"Up your arse and close that yap! Stay away from me!"

Vatler slowly got close to Kojou despite the guy snarling at him. Meanwhile, Yukina and Sayaka hugged again. On the side, Wu Yan and Kotori watched with muted looks.

"Peas in a pod."

Kotori stated the harsh truth.

"They both bat for multiple teams, it seems..."


Kojou and Yukina's aggrieved shriek reverberated beyond the shoreline.

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