Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 915: Slowly being accepted...

Night, the apartment...

Kotori looked at the four pairs of fancy outfits on the table and she sorted through what Wu Yan told her.

"That is to say, Duke Vatler invited you to a banquet?"


Wu Yan replied with pursed lips.

"I don't know what that snake guy wants, is he aiming for a payback?"

"I think he wouldn't invite you to a banquet for revenge, he lived too long for that..."

Kotori said. She grinned when she saw Wu Yan's look.

"I mean, you got away with tons of benefits the last time you attended a ball, maybe he's gonna hitch you off with the daughter of a vampire noble..."


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed, then, he changed the topic by pointing at the evening dress on the table.

"Also, what's with the unfair treatment, Kojou and Yukina got their clothes through personal agents, why do we have to get our own outfits?"

On the table, there were two parcels, the clothes for Kojou and Yukina were delivered to their homes so they can participate. It appears the Lion King Organization sent it to them.

Because Wu Yan wasn't affiliated with that organization, nobody bothered to sponsor his outfit. Heck, that organization probably has no record on this outlier. Wu Yan had to ask Natsuki for help to get the tux and dress ready.

"If you don't want to then don't"

Kotori shifted the candy in her mouth. She told him with a slightly annoyed tone.

"This kind of party is where trouble stirs, I advise against going just to watch a show."

"That might be true..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Still, I should go just to see what he has to say..."

"Hmm? Okay, then, I am cool either way."

"Don't talk like you're not part of this."

Wu Yan picked up her dress and he shoved it into her arms.

"You're going too!"


Kotori gasped while holding the dress.

"Why do I have to go too?!"

"Well, yeah..."

He pointed at the torn up letter.

"The invite said to bring a plus-one."

"I see..."

Kotori roamed her gaze at a blushing and fuming Yukina, she's with Kojou who looks battered for some reason.

"I can more or less guess why they look like that."

Kojou started whimpering with sagging shoulders.

"Why am I so unlucky? I just saw Yukina's three sizes by sheer luck, why did this happen to me?!"


Yukina knocked the guy on the head.

"Forget what you saw!"


"Is that fine?"

Nagisa opened her mouth.

"He's a vampire noble from the Lost Warlord's party, right? Why do Kojou, Yukina, and Kotori have to go? Isn't that dangerous?"


Wu Yan beamed at her.

"Kotori's my dance partner, he's a noble so I have to keep up with appearances. Moreover, I don't know a lot of people in this place and I needed a subordinate with me that's why I requested Kojou to go. Yukina is Kojou's dance partner so..."

"Y-yes, Nagisa, Wu Yan-sensei will look bad if he went alone, so..."

Kojou wasn't pleased that Wu Yan referred to him as his subordinate, however, he played along to keep his identity a secret.

"He's a teacher so I need to pitch in..."


Nagisa is still worried.

"If anything happens..."


Kojou couldn't find the words to pacify her. How do you calm someone who almost died from a demon attack? That trauma and anxiety, it's very hard to get rid of. Demons are harbingers of disasters and suffering in her mind and heart.

It's truly an incredible feat for her to accept Wu Yan's existence.

Wu Yan looked around, he bitterly laughed. With a steady hand, he rubbed Nagisa's head.


Nagisa flinched when Wu Yan did this to her, he smiled at her.

"Sensei promise you everybody's going to come home fine, trust me..."

Nagisa looked at Wu Yan's dazzling and radiant smile. She couldn't help but blush slightly. The worry on her face diminished greatly.

"It's a promise, you can't lie to me, okay..."

Wu Yan heard her mumbling and he chuckled. Kojou & co also let out sighs of relief. Everybody's not comfortable when Nagisa's worried sick like this...

"Oh, yeah, Nagisa, did you notice something?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"You're okay with me touching you now..."

The others also took notice.

"H-holy, you're right..."

Nagisa looked at Wu Yan rubbing her head, she got excited as she placed a hand near her chest. Joy started spreading across her face.

"My heart's racing a bit but it's not fear!"

"Does this mean her demonophobia's gone?..."

Yukina said something that lit up Kojou's eyes.

"This... I am not sure..."

Nagisa was confused herself, Kotori gave everyone an idea.

"Why not let her touch another demon?"

When Kotori said that, Nagisa immediate turned pale like she has seen a ghost. She frantically shook her head.

"No no no! Absolutely no way!"


Kojou held his chest like he just got pierced by verbal arrows, Nagisa continued denying any attempts to get close to other demons, inadvertently injuring Kojob further.

"I don't understand why, I just don't wanna!"

"Strong response..."

Kotori frowned, then she sighed.

"It looks like she's only cool around one particular demon..."

Kotori glanced at Wu Yan with half-shut eyes.

"Just like usual, you only exhibit unfathomable powers in front of girls..."


Wu Yan laughed. He wasn't sure what he should say here. Instead, he messed up Nagisa's hair, causing her to grumble and shriek playfully.

"C-can we go now?..."

Kojou who watched the chummy teacher-student combo interrupted with a forced smile on his face.

Other than Nagisa, the others gave Kojou judging gazes.




"Ugh, shut up!"

Kojou exploded.

Itogami Island, bay area...

The luxurious liner lit up the bay area with its flashy light shows, it looked like a floating manor on the sea, the waves couldn't do anything to disrupt the festivity on board. It's eerily stable...

"This is the banquet venue?"

Kojou sighed as he already loathed this place.

"Man, talk about unsettling..."

"I know right..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"This ship is very advanced for sure, but who is the genius that named this ship with Grave in its name? Do they realize how ominous that sounds?"

Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou nodded. They were speechless with the eccentric person who named this ship the Oceanus Grave II.

Wu Yan and Kojou were in suits and ties, under the moonlight, they looked like nobles. As for Kotori, she's wearing a pinkish-red evening dress, her silky smooth shoulders were revealed. As for Yukina, she's wearing a dress that revealed everything above her bosom, an alluring sight would be an understatement in this case.

The two girls' dresses also covered only most of their upper thighs, their slender long legs could be seen, the thin fabric also accentuated their lithe figures. They were as pretty as they were enchanting...

Anyone would find it hard to believe that these two ladies were only 14 and 15 respectively. Kojou was already in full-gawking mode.


Yukina narrowed her eyes as she warned Kojou.

"Stop using that lecherous gaze on me!"

"No, I am not!"

Kojou retorted on reflex.

Ah, he's already used to this.

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