Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 914: Laying your hands on her? That's not very nice...

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy...


Wu Yan yawned when he continued along the road to school. His tears almost came out, tiredness could be seen written all over his face.

"Sensei! Why are you so tired so early in the morning!"

Nagisa pouted, she was talking to Yukina up until now.

"Perk up, we are having out ball games up soon, sensei, get your head in the game or the students will lose morale..."

"Look, I was up late doing work. When I got home, I didn't get to sleep much. Plus, I am not a morning person..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He said with a frustrated tone while pointing his lips at another person nearby.

"Looks like I am not the only one with low energy levels..."

The two girls looked back to see Kojou yawning underneath his hoodie. The two girls were not amused.

"Mou, sensei's a vampire so he has an excuse for being so lethargic, why is Kojou-kun acting like that?!"

Nagisa blew up on Kojou, she pointed at Kojou's nose.

"You're a lively highschool student, stop acting like an old man!"

"Lively? I don't think that's an appropriate description though?"

Kojou quipped. He silently mumbled to himself.

"He can get off being a vampire and you can't cut me some slack when I am a vampire too?"

"Ha? What was that? I didn't catch that..."

"It was nothing!"

Kojou glared at Wu Yan for a second before sighing.

Nagisa can accept a vampire for a teacher, why can't she accept his identity as one of the demons...

Even if she's discriminating against him, it shouldn't be like this.

Does she like a man that can cook that much? Nagisa might have a foodie attribute.


Nagisa flashed her red eyes at Kojou.

"I feel like you just thought about something rude..."

"You, don't tell me you can read minds?!"

"Senpai, it's because you're easy to figure out."

Yukina shook her head, she adjusted the guitar case behind her, then she asked Wu Yan a question after a few seconds of hesitation.

"Was the job hard? You look like you're very tired..."

"Well, it's not that tiring, more like, the job was relatively easy..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Until I fought with a guy who threw around snakes, I would say my night would have ended well."

"A guy who used snakes?"


Wu Yan slapped his own cheeks to perk himself up.

"A very troublesome fellow, from multiple angles..."

Wu Yan recalled what Natsuki told him last night. He warned Yukina.

"There might be incidents here, Yukina, stay on your guard..."

Yukina got closer and she whispered.

"Did Sensei discover something?"

"Actually, I am still in the dark too..."

Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

"Natsuki told me to stay in school, I get that she's telling me something might happen here so she must have noticed something off. Just in case, I am letting you in the loop so you wouldn't be surprised if something happened..."

Yukina revealed her true identity to Wu Yan during Kojou's familiar rampage incident. Wu Yan reminded her just in case she stumbles on something.

Wu Yan is still a probationary assault mage, even so, she took his words seriously.

"I will assist sensei and be on the lookout!"

"It's okay, I am going to set a perimeter formation in this school, if anything happens, I will know."

He glanced at Kojou. Then, Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"Yukina, just keep an eye on this half-assed fourth primogenitor, I feel like if anything is gonna happen, it's probably going to be near this problem child, he's probably the first one who would respond too."

Yukina chuckled. She nodded because she knew Kojou is the type of person to get himself into troubles willingly or not.

"I say..."

Nagisa's voice came from behind them, a hint of suspicion could be heard from her words.

"You two, aren't you guys a bit too close?..."

Wu Yan and Yukina paused, Nagisa and Kojou's doubtful look entered their vision.

They finally noticed how close they were to each other, they had to keep the matter on the down low so they had to draw so close they can practically hug each other.

No, Yukina almost fell into Wu Yan's embrace.


Yukina got away, she saw Kojou and Nagisa's weird looks and she tried to explain in a flustered manner.

"N-no, it's not like that..."


Nagisa sternly cut Yukina off, she also gave Wu Yan the nasty eyes.

"That's not very nice, Kotori-chan is going to be sad if she finds out about this..."

"I said it was a misunderstanding!"

Yukina continued defending herself with a red look. Her frantic denial only served to make Nagisa more suspicious. She also jumped to conclusions and she leered at Wu Yan like she's looking at a beast.

"How low, you laid your hands on your sister and now, you're trying to hit on your own student..."

Wu Yan sighed, he dodged her piercing gaze.

Forget my sister and students, I already bagged me a few lolis...


Something was fired at them from the opposite street. The arrows were fired intentionally at Wu Yan & co.

"Watch out!"

Yukina cried out. Wu Yan already sensed this attack before the others, he grabbed Nagisa and moved out of harm's way in under a second. The arrows missed them and went for Kojou.

"Why me?!"

Kojou mewled. The arrows were heading for his chest.


Yukina grabbed the case behind her


Wu Yan instantly appeared before Kojou and he smashed the arrows into smithereens.

The arrows shattered into specks of astral light. But, the light gathered into two black envelopes.

"What, what was that?"

Nagisa was slightly pale, that attack came out of nowhere. She was still stunned, she didn't notice she's clinging on to Wu Yan's sleeve like a damsel in distress. Judging by the look of her eyes, she's still adjusting to reality.

"Senpai! Sensei!"

Yukina ran over to them.

"You two alright?"

"I am fine..."

Kojou wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He looked at the envelope in his hand.

"What's this?"

Yukina noticed the black letter, however, when she saw the insignia on the envelop, her expression changed.

"That seal..."

Wu Yan furrowed his brows. He looked at the letter and he read the contents.

Kojou and Yukina read the letter with Wu Yan. Then, yukina gasped.

"Duke of Ardeal Principality, Dimitrie Vatler invited us to a ball?"

"Vatler, huh..."

Wu Yan destroyed the letter in his hand.

"That snake-throwing asshole, didn't he learn his lesson?"

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