Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 913: How was it like... when you... with him...

Itogami Island, Southern Area, Residential complex.

In a moderately sized apartment, Kotori in her pajamas stood near the window. She looked at the scenery outside as the moonlight leaking through the window lit her lithe figure up like a painted beauty. Her cute face had a sense of maturity that shouldn't belong to someone this young. Yet, the air fit her attitude well, it's almost like she's born this way.

A gust entered and made her twintails flutter in the wind. Her mature aura merged with the night, forming a beautiful picture with the night as the background.

She continued enjoying the scenery for a good 10 minutes before someone interrupted her. The person sounded like she's mesmerized.

"Kotori-chan, you're so cute..."

Kotori turned around to see a very excited Nagisa. She shook her head.

"Nagisa-chan's also pretty cute..."

"Hehehe, don't compliment me like that, I am gonna blush..."

Nagisa fidgeted with an awkward expression on her face. Kotori snarted snickering.

"You're the one who started it."

"I didn't start anything!"

Nagisa retorted.

"Nagisa meant it when Nagisa said you're cute."

She turned towards Yukina who was sitting beside her. She wanted her to vouch too.

"Right? Yukina-chan!"


Yukina nodded without hesitation.

"Kotori is cute..."


She teased Nagisa.

"What about Nagisa?"

"Nagisa's cute too!"

Yukina said without thinking, causing Nagisa to blush like an apple. She placed her palms to her cheek to suppress her bashfulness. Then, she shifted the topic.

"Oh, yeah, where's sensei, Kotori-chan?"

Kotori nodded and she stored away her playful smile.

"He said he's on a job with Natsuki."

"I see..."

Yukina recalled what transpired during the day.

"Natsuki-sensei did say something about a job, she told Sensei Wu Yan to go look for her tonight. It sounded like a very important job..."

"Assault mages have it tough, huh..."

Nagisa slumped against the table, she waved her hands.

"Sensei's a vampire, why did he become an assault mage?"

"There must be a compelling reason, right?"

Yukina thought out oud.

"Normally, demons don't sign up as assault mages."

Nagisa concurred. She directed her queries towards Kotori.

"Kotori-chan, do you know why Sensei became an assault mage?"

"Who knows? Maybe he got bored as a vampire, he might have signed up to kill some time..."

Kotori nonchalantly answered, she sat down next to Nagisa.

"By the way, how old is sensei?"

Nagisa asked with an elated tone.

"I heard vampires can look young but are actually old geezers in age, right? Is sensei like that too? What is his true age? Is he older than the substitute teacher who retired? He introdcued himself as a 26-year-old teacher the first day he entered our class, is that true?"

"Stop speculating"

Nagisa's barrage of questions overwhelmed Kotori.

"Onii-san is quite old, however, he was stating the truth when he said he is still in his 20s. He isn't as old as you think."

"Eh~~~ So he's really just a 20-something teacher..."

Nagisa sounded a bit disappointed. Is 26-years old not a satisfying answer?


Yukina's eyes gleamed.

"A 26-years-old vampire that can block senpai's vassal beast with a single attack? A familiar from a primogenitor?..."

Among the race of blood drinkers, 26 is undoubtedly young. Even a pure-blooded vampire would die if they are hit with a primogenitor's familiar, forget negating the attack in a single bout.

Unawakened as Kojou might be, his familiars are still stronger than any old vampires'.

This teacher is not as simple as he looked.

"Kotori's 15 and Wu Yan sensei's 26..."

Nagisa looked at Kotori.

"You there's an age difference of more than 10 years between you guys?"


Kotori tilted her head.

"Something wrong with that?"


Nagisa jumped up, she started yelling with a red face.

"Kotori's 15, I can't believe sensei did that kind of stuff to you!"

"That kind of stuff?"

Kotori flinched, when she realized what Nagisa was referring to, blood immediately rushed to her head as she shrieked.

"Nagisa-chan! That was a misunderstanding! It's not like that!"

"Kotori-chan! Don't lie to Nagisa, Nagisa's not a kid anymore, I mean..."

Nagisa is a bit flustered because she's still not comfortable talking about that topic. Nonetheless, she continued her argument.

"Nagisa noticed it. Kotori, you were walking funny today..."


Kotori froze up. A rose-colored red tinge climbed up her face. With tears at the corners of her eyes, she frantically shook her head.


"See! See?!"

Nagisa pointed at Kotori's face.

"You're still trying to wiggle your way out of this when you're blushing like this?!"

Kotori gulped as she held her internal screams back. She lowered her head with a red face, her heart burned with rage.

It's all Kojou's fault. He barged into their home just because they forgot to lock the doors, the manners on that guy.

You think just because you're a protagonist you get lucky pervert privileges, you better watch it, one of these days...

Meanwhile, Kojou who was bathing in his own home shivered.


Yukina pulled Nagisa aside, she's also blushing like mad.

"Stop talking, this is so embarrassing..."

"I am just curious..."

Nagisa's maiden shyness didn't stifle her curiosity, she placed her lips near Kotori's ears to ask her a question in a very tiny voice.

"Hey, Kotori-chan, how was it like, you know when you and your brother...?"


Kotori yelped and her eyes turned into swirling circles. Her brain circuit fried itself and she collapsed to the floor.


Two girls yelled in sync inside apartment unit 703.

In another place, in a hidden lab...

"This is the stone tablet encrypting the Nalakuvera's operation?"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes when he examined the interface detailing the stone tablets with unknown characters on it.

Natsuki ignored the interface.

"Don't worry about it, nobody can decipher it."

"Is that so?"

Wu Yan thought differently.

If that's the case, why did the Black Death Emperor Faction risk so much by coming here to snatch a weapon no one can control?""

"They are terrorists, if their plans were so transparent, there would be no terrorists left on this world..."

Natsuki raised the picture in her hand.

"At least, magicians and linguistic specialists all over the world couldn't do it. I don't know anyone who can crack this tablet."

"I hope it stays that way..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Natsuki, think harder, is there anyone in this city that can decipher that thing?"

"Of course, n-..."

Natsuki stopped when a thought struck her. She turned grim.

"No, I know someone who might be able to crack this coding..."


Wu Yan pursued her.


"I am just guessing..."

Natsuki frowned.

"I will go after Kristoff, you are to stay in school tomorrow!"

"The school?"

Wu Yan was puzzled.

"Why do I have to stay in the school?"

"Just do as I say!"

Natsuki didn't give him further details.

Wu Yan decided that Natsuki withheld the information on purpose, so he went with her order.

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