Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 912: Believe it or not? Reading memories

A tall wave assaulted the docks, smothering the loose flames from the gunfight before. Heavy metal crates were also washed away by the waves, then, the sea reclaimed its water and returned to its previous serenity.

Natsuki stood atop one of the stacked crates here, she watched as the liner caught fire in a gigantic ball of white flame. Then, mysteriously enough, the liner continued sailing for this island like the fire never happened. Her sapphire eyes flashed with intrigue.

Behind her, on a metal bridge, a transformed panther beastman got tied down with metal chains that glistened in a mystical shade of purple. Like a pendulum, the guy swayed left to right.

Those aren't normal chains, that chain is a product made by divine forces, they are the Chains of Order, breaking free of it is no simple task. If the bound target isn't on par or stronger than Natsuki, it would be impossible. This beastman is out of luck when he got caught. She wasn't worried that he might escape.

Regardless, she didn't take her task lightly, she lost her attention because the scene at the sea warranted more attention.

Natsuki already guessed what Wu Yan would do when he said he's checking that ship out. The rogue vampire boarded the snake vampire's ship and he immediately picked a fight with the other vampire. When she felt the magic power fluctuations coming from the ship, anxiety gripped her.

In terms of power, she's on the same level as Vatler. Vatler is an ancient vampire with a very pure bloodline. Meanwhile, she's not an average human, she's a witch.

After making a deal with demons, she obtained her jailer role from them. With powers to defeat other demons, she's someone who can use high-level spells and even the best magicians would have a hard time against her.

She's that kind of attack mage.

In a serious fight, Vatler's fusion ability would make him slightly superior to natsuki. But, it will still be a long fight before any side can win.

This is why Natsuki knew better than to fight with Vatler, she knows about his capabilities.

Now, if Wu Yan were to face him, honestly, Natsuki reckoned Wu Yan wouldn't be able to defeat Vatler, his vassal beasts notwithstanding.

He's up against a vampire second only to the primogenitors.

Natsuki wouldn't put her money on Wu Yan in a serious fight between Wu Yan and Vatler. Only someone who is a True Ancestor, not a half-awakened one like Kojou can defeat Vatler.

But, is that even possible?

Natsuki silently watched the ship. Suddenly, a voice came from behind her.

"Oh? You finished over here?"

"Too slow!"

Natsuki shot him down.

"Don't you know we have a job to finish?"


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"I couldn't help it, that dude, Vatler, he doesn't look like a normal vampire..."

Natsuki snorted. She raised an eyebrow in suspicion when he found out Wu Yan returned unscathed.

"You say that but you don't look like you wasted too much power..."

"It's thanks to them."

Wu Yan grinned.

"I thought I understood them, however, my familiars were more powerful than I had imagined. Without them, I would need to spend more energy to beat Vatler."

Natsuki gave Wu Yan a deep look.

"Did you say you can beat Vatler without using your familiars?"

Wu Yan stopped grinning. He cast his gaze her way.

"If I say I can do it, do you believe me?"

A vampire is very reliant on their vassal beasts. Without familiars, a vampire's nothing.

However, Wu Yan is saying he can whoop Vatler's fancy behind without using his familiars. Anyone hearing this would laugh Wu Yan out the door.

Yet, Natsuki wasn't amused.

Natsuki stayed taciturn. Then, she pursed her lips as she approached the hung beastman.

"Let's leave that for another time, just don't give me anymore trouble than this..."

Wu Yan blinked his eyes and he shrugged.

The beastman was slowly lowered to the floor by the chains, laid on the ground like a sack of potatoes, Natsuki tapped her parasol against the ground.

"Get the interrogation guys on this beastman, we will see if we can extract why the Black Death Emperor Faction is here."


Wu Yan rubbed his chin. He gave his two-cents on the matter.

"Rather than let the police interrogate him, why don't you let me extract the information from him?"


Natsuki flinched, she asked him.

"You know interrogation techniques?"

"Nah, not that..."

Wu Yan flicked the fur on the beastman's head.

"I know a bit of memory-reading spells..."

"Memory spells?!"

If that's the case, it would heighten the accuracy of the information extracted.

"It isn't a high-level spell, the only downside to this spell is that the target must be far weaker than me..."

Wu Yan said while beaming at Natsuki.

"Using it against this beastman would be perfect since I never tried it out before."

Natsuki nodded and she gave Wu Yan some distance. Wu Yan stretched a palm out, mana flowed and a formation lit up near his palm, a faint light seeped from the formation.

Then, Wu Yan touched the beastman on the head, the faint light grew in intesity.

Natsuki averted her gaze because of the blinding light. When the light faded, Wu Yan already released his hand from the beastman's head. His eyes were still closed, he furrowed his eyebrows while he sorted through the memories.

Wu Yan must have gotten his hands on valuable intel.

"Did you find something?"

Nodding, Wu Yan replied.

"The Black Death Faction's objective, or rather, Kristof Gardos' true aim is to locate an ancient weapon called the Nalakuvera."


Natsuki gasped.

"Did you just say Nalakuvera?"


Wu Yan stopped.

"You know that weapon?"

"More or less..."

Natsuki explained.

"It's an ancient weapon that decimated countless civilizations during the Age of Gods. It's a very dangerous weapon. I see, so they want to get their hands on that weapon..."

"That weapon is apparently on this artificial island."

Wu Yan continued.

"The Black Death Emperor Faction already stole it, now, they are trying to figure out to manipulate it. The beastmen were sent here to cooperate with the decoders. When they are ready, they will unleash that weapon to show the world that the Black Death Emperor Faction is still alive and kicking..."

"Typical terrorists..."

Natsuki shook her head.

"However, if they are here to find a way to control the weapon, they will go home with empty hands. The table encrypting the control commands is still being deciphered, not even the top scholars and decoders can figure it out."

"Just in case, we should still neutralize the decoders working for them. Did you get their locations?"

Wu Yan nodded. Natsuki led him away from that place with the captured beastman in tow.

Wu Yan stayed silent, he couldn't get rid of this weird feeling, it's like a piece of the puzzle is still missing...

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