Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 911: First release,

On that luxurious liner, a silver dragon shrouded in flames lined up with another sea serpent glistening with blue aura. The serpents coiled around the ship, they hissed while thrashing violently.

Wu Yan can feel a power far stronger than the familiar summoned before this. The sea raged as if it echoed the serpents' sentiments. This level of magic power, it's not yet on par with the primogenitors, but, it's definitely beyond elder vampires.

"Familiar fusion..."

Wu Yan sighed, he finally knew why this non-primogenitor vampire slightly stirred his bloodline.

His ability to fuse familiars together put him in a class of his own, he's truly an existence closest to primogenitors.

Had he been born a primogenitor, fusing his immensely powerful vassal beasts together would have made him the strongest vampire excluding a fully-awakened fourth primogenitor.


Wu Yan started chuckling.


As if angered by Wu Yan's chortle, the silver dragon shot out, it came for Wu Yan like a flaming silver train, generating sonic booms everywhere it went. The familiar came for Wu Yan with all the might of a shooting star.

Attacked by fused familiars, Wu Yan finally moved.

He raised his right hand, his blood started circulating rapidly throughout his body. With a fwoosh, white flames sprouted into existence, the flames streamed towards his right palm, the white flames grew in intensity when they reached his palm.


He threw the fireball out with a casual slapping motion, the white flames struck the beast.


The silver snake immediately stopped making any noise. It watched Wu Yan with widened eyes until the white flames overtook it, enveloped it, and then vanished together with the familiar!

Yes, the familiar disappeared.


Vatler's eyes almost popped out, he suffered a magic power backlash due to his familiar's defeat.

"That flame..."

Vatler looked at the flames on Wu Yan's right hand and he knew, those flames aren't normal.

"You actually made my fused familiars..."

His feverish look is gone, replaced with a grim look. Vatler shot a cold look at Wu Yan.

"You, what are you? Are you?..."

With his unique ability to fuse familiars, he achieved the impossible, he consumed two elder vampires older and purer in bloodline than him. He would have died a long time ago if he didn't have this ability.

Blood is the source of a vampire's power.

Barring special abilities like this, vampires with an inferior bloodline can never defeat a vampire with a purer bloodline.

Vatler's bloodline is second only to primogenitors. He also used familiar fusion, other than True Ancestors, no other vampires can best him.

However, Wu Yan just erased his vassal beast.

That meant two things: Wu Yan is a super-vampire just like him, or, his bloodline is far above him.

A primogenitor!

That's the only type of vampires higher in the hierarchy than Vatler.

But, that's impossible, there are only 4 primogenitors in existence...

Wu Yan couldn't help but laugh when he saw Vatler's stunned expression. This woke him up.

Gnashing his teeth, Vatler channeled more mana than before, a dense cloud of magic power seeped out from Vatler.

"Sagara! Nanda! Upananda!"

A blue snake and twin spikey snakes appeared. The three serpents coiled together to merge into an entity.

From the brilliant light show came a golden snake with limbs and a horn.

Vatler just fused three vassal beasts!

"Withstand this and it's your win..."

Vatler said with a frosty voice.

"Fail then you die!"

There are only four primogenitors in this world!

There cannot be a fifth primogenitor...

Vatler couldn't care less about the nature of his opponent, that's not important.

It wasn't important to find out if this unknown vampire is truly the Fifth.

Either way, a primogenitor should have no issue tanking his fused familiar.

If he can't, Wu Yan will die!

That's as simple as it gets.

Vatler's 100% confident that his current fused vassal beasts can only be defended or overwhelmed by a primogenitor.

If he's just a super-vampire, he should be heavily injured by this attack.

He will just have to end Wu Yan if he's on his last legs.

He wasn't too far from the truth.

Wu Yan's face changed when he sensed the magical fluctuations from the golden naga.

If he didn't use his powers now, it would play out like Vatler's imagination, he would die.

Of course, death is temporary for a True Ancestor like him.

"Fusing familiars..."

Wu Yan grinned while shaking his head.

Merging three familiars together, that's a feat greater than Kojou commanding a single vassal beast. Wu Yan needs to take this seriously.

"Fine, this is just as well..."

He stopped casting his white flames, instead, he looked up at the gigantic golden naga. Then, bloody qi shot out from Wu Yan.

Following that, he emitted a wave of magic power than astounded Vatler.

"I never summoned you guys..."

Wu Yan closed his eyes while he talked to his familiars.

"Today, you guys can go all-out..."

Wu Yan opened his eyes, his golden eyes shining like molten metal in a furnace.

"Come forth..."

His relaxed voice reverberated.

A pillar of white flames descended from the heaven, it struck the luxurious ship.


With the ship as the center of event, a devastating shockwave enveloped this area, generating waves 10 meters high. The sea looked like it's feeding and reacting to a tiny storm.

After a short while, the seas calmed down again. The air also returned to normal when the white flames ebbed out of reality. Incredibly, the frail boat remained despite being baptized by the white flames.

This was due to the owner's wish to let the ship remain.

Everything looked like a fight never broke out.

At the deck, Wu Yan was gone. Vatler was left bloody and battered, his clothes were singed and he suffered extensive bodily damage, even half his face was gone. The bloody mess of a vampire looked like someone had skinned him alive.

"Hahaha.... HAHAHAHAHA!"

Ignoring his rapidly-regenerating body, he laughed out loud like a jester. It was a laughter with joy and self-derision mixed in.

"The fifth Primogenitor? Hahaha!!!"

Vatler spat out mouthfuls of blood as his subordinates rushed to his aid. He collapsed on the deck of his ship in a pool of his own blood. He continued laughing as the boat slowly drifted towards Itogami Island.

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