Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 909: A fight? The vampire with snake familiars

Oceanus Grave II

That's the name of the cruise liner.

On the deck, an immaculately dressed blonde guy in a fancy suit grinned when he looked at the shore this ship was heading to.

It's an excited smile with a bit of bloodthirst mixed in...

"That's the demon sanctuary, Itogami Island, huh?"

The handsome man smiled as his eyes flashed with greed. That's right, he's struck with avarice.

"The fourth primogenitor, Kojou's on that island?"

The handsome man shifted his gaze away from the island, he's here for the strongest primogenitor, he's not really interested with the island itself.

Without the fourth primogenitor here, he would lose interest soon enough.

Itogami Island isn't special in his eyes.

This handsome man is the duke of the Warlord's Empire, a direct descendant of the Lost Warlord, the first primogenitor, he's the ruler of the Ardeal principality.

He's a pure-blooded vampire and his classification is an elder vampire of the olden times.

He's far more powerful than any vampires in his class, this is due to his special ability, making him a vampire with supernatural abilities.

With his special ability, he cannibalized two elder vampires.

From bloodline purity POV, he's an existence close to a primogenitor.

And by power alone, he's only weaker than primogenitors.

He lived up to his title as a direct descendant of a primogenitor.

He's the first primogenitor's trusted aide and capable executive.

Alas, he didn't come here on any royal order, he came here for his own personal interests.

He swirled the red liquid in his wine cup, the blood red liquid moved in tune, forming ripples in the glass. The disturbed liquid portends a coming bloodshed, making the air heavy with sinister intent.

Suddenly, the handsome man stopped moving. His eyes started rippling with intense emotional turbulations. Then, he showed a very amused smile as he slowly turned around.

He realized too late that an uninvited guest already boarded his ship, the guest stood came into his view.

The handsome man is pretty sure nobody stood there a second ago.

It's like the guy appeared out of thin air, he stared at the guest with a calm look. The guest stared back with a similarly amused look.

Wu Yan boarded without asking for permission.

"That was a spatial displacement magic, right?"

The handsome man chuckled.

"Are you sure?..."

Wu Yan joked.

"Maybe I used other spatial spells, it could also be my mistification skill."

"You're out of luck, I know a female mage who is very adept at spatial magic."

The handsome man shook his head.

"When it comes to teleportation spells, I recognize quite a few..."

Wu Yan shrugged, seemingly admitting his spell to the man. Then, the handsome man's curiosity grew further.

"Now, if my senses are not fooling me, you are a vampire, no?"

The handsome man asked.

"This is the first time I have seen a vampire using such advanced teleportation spells..."

"I would be troubled if you've heard any that can do so..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.


The handsome man chortled.

"May I know who you are?"

Wu Yan sneered.

"It's as you inferred, I am a vampire..."

"Reason for being here?"


Wu Yan crossed his arm.

"I am just here to check things out..."

The handsome man narrowed his eyes. He sized Wu Yan up and his interest turned into slight animosity. He can guess Wu Yan isn't going to entertain anymore questions from his side so he waved his hand elegantly as if he's dismissing a servant.

"Very well, I think it's high time you take your leave, unknown vampire..."

The handsome man suddenly started using magic.

A glistening purple serpent materialized from a swirling red mass of magic power and blood, it flew towards Wu Yan like an arrow with a huge gaping maw.

Judging by the mana on this vassal beast, it's barely passable as a pure-blooded vampire's familiar, forget about comparing to primogenitor familiars.

But, this vassal is something the handsome man casually threw.

Even so, if an ancient vampire gets hit by this, death is a very real possibility. A human, a strong attack mage at that, would also be mortally injured.

The handsome man assumed Wu Yan's one of those barking hyenas that would appear once in a while, shooing it away is only the right thing to do, he wasn't going to waste another second on this ruffian.

He set his familiar on Wu Yan because he didn't want to talk with Wu Yan anymore, that's it.

Whether or not Wu Yan survives, he couldn't give a damn...

As an existence close to primogenitor, his blood pool is not yet at an oceanic level, but it's at a level where it's comparable to a huge lake, killing one or two of his kind is like taking a dump to him.

However, the handsome man miscalculated.

Firstly, Wu Yan isn't an average mongrel.

In terms of bloodline, he's above this fake primogenitor.

He's a true ancestor in every sense of the word.

He watched as the familiar filled to the brim with mana that would scare a high-level attack mage witless, Wu Yan couldn't believe the guy threw a trashy familiar his way.

Wu Yan stood there, he couldn't be bothered to move his hand. He let his magic and mana talk for him, the beefcake who lost his interest immediately turned around when he sensed a surge of power that baffled him. The wall of magic power stopped the snake dead in its track like an indomitable fortress.


After that collision, the snake familiar got nullified, not a shred of magic remained of that snake vassal beast.

The handsome guy's eyes widened in shock. For the first time, he took Wu Yan's presence seriously.


Wu Yan became the person who lost interest.

He came here because he was curious about why this guy made his blood stir a little bit. Turns out he knows Natsuki, with that confirmed, he can get the rest from Natsuki.

Wu Yan finished his objectives here so he wasn't going to overstay his welcome.

"What a rude way to escort a guest. Maa, I finished what I came here to do, I will see myself out, no need to send me..."

Instead, the reluctant host suddenly became the friendliest host in the world. He stopped Wu Yan before he teleported away.

"Forgive my previous gaffe."

Said the handsome guy in an unapologetic and insincere manner. Instead, he started raising his battle intent.

"Since you're here, you should stay for the games!"

"That would be fun, no?"

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