Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 906: Permanent ability: Escape through the door

Compared to daytime, Itogami Island's night lasts longer.

When the horizon lit up, the sun started working again. Excluding the employees that have business early in the morning, the rest of the citizens are still deep asleep. About 80% of the population are still gripped by the sandman's enthrall.

As time slowly flowed forward, the streets became livelier, cars can be seen moving about. It didn't matter if it's students, researchers, or demons, everybody started their daily routines. They have one objective in mind: Don't be late...

Meanwhile, in Wu Yan's home...

Because it's an apartment unit, he kept the window open so sunlight can easily enter. The living room is also slightly lit with rays of sunlight. Even if it's still a bit dark, one could still make out the faint sounds of breathing coming from two individuals.

With little clothes covering their uglies as their clothes were littered all over the floor, the living room looked a bit messy. On the sofa, the two sleeping figures only had a blanket to protect themselves against the cold of the night. Other than that, one could only see their arms and heads popping out from the blanket


A tender sound came from one of the sleeping individuals. She slowly opened her eyes while furrowing her brows, she revealed a pair of beautiful red eyes to the world.

She had difficulty adjusting to the piercing light. Her eyes were still moist with tears, an enchanting blush of youthful vigor could be seen on her cheeks. It looks like she just woke up from a pleasant dream. Of course, the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

When she regained her consciousness, she looked around with her black ribbons fluttering along with her movements. She felt sore and wet...

The weird sensation made her mistakenly jump to the hypthesis that she slept in the bathtub last night. When she heard a breathing sound near her, she finally remembered what had happened last night.


She started blushing like mad, her face is now redder than her hair. feeling his arms wrapped around her and his body heat, she yelped in shock. When she realized Wu Yan isn't awake yet, she kept her mouth shut and she tried to make as little noise as possible.

Like a panicky mice, she frantically got up from the sofa. She wanted to jump away from the couch but she was in her birthday suit so it wouldn't do her any good to take such a big movement, what with her secret garden being exposed to broad daylight and all. Instead, she tightened her hold on the blanket. When Wu Yan's snoring entered her ears, she released a sigh of relief but she's still as red as a tomato.

When she recalled the crazy night they had, Kotori couldn't bring herself to look at anyone right now. She knew the day would come when her cucumber patch would get plowed, she just didn't think her first time would actually be in the living room and on the sofa no less!

Kotori felt all sorts of embarrassment, with a bit of regret thrown in.

It's all Onii-chan's fault!

She leered at her brother, however, she was only greeted by his peaceful sleeping countenance, still mad, she couldn't bring herself to get angry with him.

She's embarrassed by what they did last night but the villain continued sleeping like nobody's business, she was at a loss of words...

"Kotori-chan! Sensei! Good morning!"

Nagisa's cheerful voice came from beyond the door.

"It's time to go to school, sensei!"


Kotori is in full-on panic mode now. She picked up her clothes in record speed and she zoomed off to her room, another voice came much to her distraught.


Kojou's tired voice could be heard.

"The door isn't locked..."


The door slowly opened as Kotori froze up.

"Huh, you're right..."

Yukina chimed in.

"Why didn't they lock the door?"

"Who knows?..."

Kojou nonchalantly replied.

The main door slowly opened as Kojou stepped inside the house.

"I am coming in..."

"Wait, senpai..."

"Kojou-kun, don't just barge into people's house like that..."

Nagisa and Yukina tried to stop Kojou but it was too late, he's already fast approaching the living room, if he turned slightly, he would be able to see the two lovers who had a wild night last night.

He would also be able to see Kotori and her exposed shoulder.

In the spur of the moment, Kotori's eyesight sharpened as she quickly grabbed a pair of pins used to secure the curtain. She threw those pins out with deadly accuracy, aimed at Kojou's eyes.


Kojou started yelling in pain. The last thing he saw were two sharp objects coming for the windows of his soul, his vision immediately darkened as he struggled with his injuries. He rolled around on the floor.

"What happ-happened?! Senpai!"


Nagisa and Yukina ran into the living room in a series of hurried steps. Kotori couldn't yell for them to stop before they arrived at the living room. Kotori stood there red as an apple.


Nagisa and Yukina were shocked to see Kojou rolling around in pain, they were even more surprised to see the clothes strewn all over the ground and the scene near the sofa. Their jaws dropped...




Nagisa and Yukina...

The three girls stared at each other in deathly silence.


Kotori felt her throat drying up. She managed to force out a smile, she drew the blanket closer to her body while she tried to explain in a hoarse voice.

"This... this isn't what you think it is... there are many reasons for this..."


Nagisa and Yukina were stunned, they looked at a stuttering Kotori who is barely clothed and they saw the lewd beast known as Wu Yan sleeping soundly next to her. Then, they looked at the clothes littered around the room, it only took them one second to take all of this in.

Anyone who knows the birds and bees can instantly connect the dots. Nagisa and Yukina might be 14-15 years old, but, they already know about the things grownups do at night.

Their cute faces immediately went red in bashfulness as their expression shifted from embarrassment, more embarrassment, and finally...


Nagisa dashed for the door.


Yukina is also embarrassed out of her wits. She fidgeted before bowing in an apologetic manner.

"Sorry for the intrusion!"

Then, she grabbed Kojou by his foot and she made her escape too, the guy was still writhing in pain when they exited the place. Due to Yukina's hasty escape, Kojou's head got hit near the corner of the walls and the door.

Soon, a certain individual's tragic shout could be heard echoing for miles...

"It's not like that!!!"

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