Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 905: Kotori's commander mode

Wu Yan stayed in room 703 with Kotori. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki siblings stayed in the unit adjacent to them. The distance between Wu Yan's unit and Yukina was only a room away too.

When Wu Yan did Isekai trips, he basically stayed in mansions or villas way larger than he needed, except for that time he stayed in the Itsuka Residence when he did Date A Live. If Nagisa didn't invite them to stay here, Wu Yan would have gone and bought himself a residential property bigger than Natsuki's house.

Although this apartment wasn't terribly huge, it could comfortably house 3 to 4 residents. With only two of them here, he couldn't find any points to pick on, maybe the unit was too high so it would be tedious to climb. Since there's a elevator here, it wasn't a big issue.


After he was done organizing the furniture, Wu Yan slapped his hands together.

"Thanks for helping out everyone, come over for meals after this yea? Of course, yours truly will be the one making the dishes..."

Kojou, Nagisa, and Yukina's eyes immediately lit up. They coughed to revise their attitudes. Wu Yan and Kotori almost laughed out loud.

"Alright, we are going then!"

Nagisa waved towards them. She giggled.

"There's a welcoming party tonight, oh, sensei, you're on kitchen duty~~~"

"What's the point of hosting a welcoming party if you're not the one cooking..."

Wu Yan bitterly chortled.

"Well, I call raincheck on that party, we don't have enough time to prepare for that. Let's gather at my place tomorrow night to do a welcoming party, late as it might be."

"I guess you're right..."

Yukina looked outside to see the dark night approaching fast. The dim rays of sunlight slowly got taken over by the encroaching darkness. Soon, night will fall. Itogami Island has a tropical climate so night tends to come later than usual, it also last shorter than the day. This is usually the time when people start making preparations to hit the sack.


Nagisa appears to be dejected. But, she picked herself up quickly soon after.

"You better prepare a feast, you hear?"

"Ah, got it."

Wu Yan shook his head. Then, he gave her a cheeky glance.

"Let's hope you're not too afraid to sit at the same table as me when the time comes..."

"No way!"

Nagisa said with a red face.

She leered at Wu Yan for picking on her. She's acting like a puppy that's baring its fang against its master. Cute and non-threatening.

"Nagisa, it's time we go home."

Kojou put a stop to Wu Yan and Nagisa's interaction. He pulled Nagisa by her sleeve. A hint of sourness oculd be seen in his eyes, he is also slightly wary of Wu Yan.

Nagisa haven't noticed it yet, however, Wu Yan and Yukina definitely caught Kojou's tick. They exchanged a look.

"Senpai, I didn't peg you for a siscon..."

Yukina said that in a small voice.

"Yukina, what did you say? I didn't catch what you said just now...."


Yukina shook her head and hands with an awkward laugh.

"It's nothing!"


Kojou gave her a doubtful look and he bade farewell to Wu Yan while tugging Nagisa along.

"Alright, we are heading back!"

"Bye bye, sensei! Bye, Kotori-chan! See you tomorrow!"

"Aight, see ya..."

Wu Yan closed the doors after he sent the three guests away.

"I didn't think Kojou is a siscon..."

"I get where the guy is coming from..."

Kotori unwrapped her Chupa Chups.

"Nagisa's pretty cute, if I was her brother, I would never let her marry anyone."


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, he started teasing her.

"You sound like you're already very chummy with Nagisa after a few days hanging out together?"

Kotori narrowed her scarlet eyes at Wu Yan.

"You too, you were referring to her as Akatsuki-san just a few days ago, look at you, you're on first-name basis with her now, Nagisa that Nagisa this..."

"Calling each other by first names is an effective method to improve relationships..."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Isn't that right? Ko~to~ri~~~"

Kotori felt a chill climbing up her spine when she heard his voice, she glared at him.

"I don't care how you want to address me but don't use that disgusting tone with me!"

"Oh~ My~"

Wu Yan sighed. He used a weeping voice.

"Imouto-mode Kotori is so much cuter..."

Wu Yan felt a sharp gaze piercing him and he turned around to see Kotori gnashing her teeth while turning her head the other direction. He silently amused himself with her antics.

"What a troublesome Tsundere sister..."

"I am not a tsundere!"

She glared at him once more. She started throwing a hissy fit on the sofa.

Wu Yan rolled her eyes after enjoying her antics. He sat by her side only for her to snort and tell him off.

"Move away from me, seriously..."

"Hey, Kotori..."

Wu Yan interrupted her, he looked at the ceiling.

"When's the last time we were alone like this?..."

Her pouty look mellowed out and she lowered her head.

"Before you left my world..."

When Wu Yan left Date A Live's universe, he only said goodbye to Kotori. At that time, the mood was also a calm peaceful one like this one.

"When I left, huh..."

Wu Yan started recalling those memories from his mind.

"It's been so long, more than 3 years, I reckon..."

"For you maybe!"

Kotori chirped.

"You're the one who got stuck doing a mandatory quest for 3 years in another world. It's only been a month for me."


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"That's not fair..."

"What do you mean it's not fair?!"

Kotori raised her tone with him, however, she piped down near the end.

"Even if you were away from me longer but still..."

But, I miss Onii-chan, that feeling won't lose to anyone...

Naturally, Kotori never voiced her thoughts. Wu Yan wasn't using any mind-reading spells so he missed that magical line. However, he could feel what she wanted to convey so he caressed her black ribbons.

"It was tough on you too, huh..."


Kotori turned her head the other way, she stubbornly added.

"If you're talking about taking me out of my native world, forget about it. I don't feel like it's a chore, more like, I am happy..."

"I see..."

Wu Yan drew himself closer to her ears when he whispered something that made her heart race.

"How about you give yourself to me today..."

"Wh-what are you talking about?!"

Kotori jumped up with a blushing face. Wu Yan immediately caught her, she lost her balance and she fell right into his embrace.


Before she can react, Wu Yan already picked her up in a princess carry.

"Le-let me go!"

Kotori struggled as her heart started thumping hard.

"Nope, that won't do..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"You're not getting away today. If you're even thinking about escaping, I am taking off your black ribbon..."


Kotori lowered her head with a bashful expression, she stopped drumming his chest.

"If I am not in my current state, it won't be okay... My white ribbon self cries easily..."

"Yeah, I know."

He blew hot air into her ear.

"Tonight is reserved for commander mode Kotori..."

Kotori's jaw dropped, she wanted to say something but Wu Yan stuffed her mouth with his tongue.


Kotori's eyes widened as she went misty-eyed. She took one last look at Wu Yan's close mien and she closed her eyes.

Soon, their clothes hit the floor.

The night is still young...

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