Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 904: Moving, apartment, and cohabitation

Itogami City, Saikai Academy...

When the bell rung, everyone knew school's out. Wu Yan walked away from his podium with a relieved sigh. He waved towards the students in his class.

"Alright, we will end our class here. Don't forget to study at home, there is only one secret to success for literatures, memorization!"

Wu Yan tidied up the books which were only an inch or so in height.

He recalled his schooling days, the textbooks were tree killers. The kids have no idea how easy they had it given the curriculum, Wu Yan reckons he wouldn't be able to survive a cold night through burning this school's textbooks.

Maybe Wu Yan's a sore loser, he grinned.

"Yeah, I almost forgot, there's going to be a test tomorrow, so definitely study up or risk failing. I don't take kindly to those who fail my class~"


The students went limp as they placed their faces against the cold hard table. Wu Yan felt satisfied after taking away his students' happiness.

Tests are always a pain in the butt for students, no matter which world it is.

"Direct your questions to Akatsuki-san, don't bother finding me!"

Wu Yan tossed his job over to Nagisa just like that. The irresponsible teacher walked out amidst a storm of disgruntled voices.

"Oh my god! Wu Yan sensei is such a douche!"

"Yeah! I thought he was nice."

"Maybe we should band together and beg him to call the test off."

"Didn't he say we shouldn't do so?"

"Let's get Akatsuki-san to do it for us!"

"Good idea!"

Nagisa's desk got surrounded by the students of her class.

"Akatsuki-san! Help us talk to Wu Yan sensei, get him to cancel the test!"

"Yeah! Screw tests!"

"Oh, come on, guys."

Nagisa is thrilled when the students came to her. She started explaining her viewpoint without stopping for a breath.

"Tests are beneficial, it helps a student gauge their current progress, it lets you see where you're doing fine and where you need improvements. Also, I've heard that tests can reinforce learning and memorization, tests also keep your brain sharp so that's a plus too. Tests are also good for training writing speed. I mean, you can also practice making your handwriting better if you just slow down and focus a bit. There are so many perks, I don't like tests but I am not entirely against it..."

"Also, Wu Yan sensei is agreeable, however, it's hard for him to be stopped when he has a goal in mind. That day, sensei walked to another district just to get himself a handphone. Mind you, it was hot as heck that day. It's so hot Nagisa didn't want to step out."

Nagisa wasn't aware, the real reason Wu Yan went to another district was due to the need to find a candy shop.

He's got a younger sister who is absolutely addicted to candies. Without her candies, she can be a nightmare to handle.

That's not as important as her fixation on a certain brand of candy.

Since he wasn't sure if there are Chupa Chups in this world, Wu Yan can only explore slowly. He would nothing more than to teleport himself back home and enjoy the air-conditioning. The sun can take its sunlight and stick it somewhere else.

It was wrong for the students to try Nagisa. The students were hoping to get her to stop Wu Yan, however, they wanted her to stop, her rants were getting out of hand.

If words and speech were translated into power, Nagisa would be in God tier, no, she would be an entity beyond the realm of gods.

Nagisa felt a bit sad when the students used sappy excuses to dash out of the classroom. Yukina bitterly smiled at the side.

"Nagisa-chan, let's go find Wu Yan-sensei, we are on duty today..."

Nagisa paused for a second before she yelped.

"Right! We still need to help sensei move!"

Nagisa grabbed Yukina by her hand as they ran out of the classroom in a hurry.

"Yukina-chan, we've got to move it! Being late is no good!"

"Kay, jeez..."

Yukina sighed and Nagisa ran with her in tow.

There's an apartment building not too far away from Saikai Academy.

Kojou, Nagisa, and Yukina stayed here.

Kojou and Nagisa were staying in room 704 while Yukina stayed in room 705. They were living next to each other. This wasn't an accident, Yukina set this up.

She's a sword shaman sent here by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou.

Primogenitors are powerful creatures, if they let loose their familiars, it would be no different than a natural disaster or a large-scale war hitting the place. Kojou is a primogenitor so he's a target of particular interest by the Lion King Organization who seeks to monitor and prevent magical disasters.

At least, that's what her dossier said.

Yukina became a stalker the first day she arrived here. She followed Kojou around and she lived next to her observation target.

Today, there's a new tenant, one they knew very well...

"Sensei! Kotori-chan!"

Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou who came back with them sped up when they saw Wu Yan and Kotori waiting downstairs.

"Too slow, Nagisa!"

Kotori called her out.

"We've been waiting her for 30 minutes!"


Nagisa apologized with her palms placed together.

" I was chatting with the students and forgot about the time. My bad, please forgive me!"

"You guys didn't have to come..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Although we moved here, the furniture company will send our stuff over. I can also use teleport spells to put the furniture in place. There's no need to bust our backs carrying objects around..."

"That won't do!"

Nagisa leaned forward with arms akimbo.

"Although we might not be able to help, it's basic courtesy to enter with you guys. When Yukina-chan moved here, I found out too late, otherwise, I would have witnessed her moving in."

"Witnessing, I mean..."

Kojou laughed.

"That's a bit over the top, no?"


Nagisa puffed her cheeks.

"Anyway, we are all neighbors now, neighbors should help each other out!"


The others nodded as Wu Yan led them up the stairs.

He moved here because of Kojou.

Some time ago, Kojou and Yukina were met with an incident. It was an event that threatened Itogami Island.

Yukina and Kojou managed to stop that crisis from evolving further. Through that tribulation, Kojou gained control of Regulus Aurum, he also saved an emotionless Homunculus.

Natsuki adopted that Homunculus and she moved in with Natsuki yesterday.

The homunculus known as Astarte, either intentionally or unintentionally, always comes out of the bathroom or go to bed naked. She also has a nasty habit of running around in her birthday suit.

Who can take that kind of behavior?

Wu Yan didn't mind, however, Kotori and Natsuki thought differently.

With Astarte there, the trio tried to talk some sense into her. However, she kept going at it her own style so Wu Yan had to move out with Kotori. They got their IDs so it was fine although Natsuki was sad to see them go. Mostly, she's sad to see her personal chef gone, she won't get to enjoy his food and drinks anymore.

Wu Yan and Yukina touched this subject when Nagisa heard them, then, Nagisa told them to move here!

That's how they arrived here...

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