Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 903: Can't compete with Wu Yan-sensei in the first place

Itogami City, Natsuki's home...

On the dining table, someone prepared a feast of pastries and high tea. It's both aesthetically pleasing and an absolute delight on the taste buds. The fragrance and steam wafting off the food and drinks here was a testament to the cook's skill. Anyone would be tempted to grab a bite.

Wu Yan sat on the sofa with Akatsuki Kojou and Himeragi Yukina sitting on the sofa opposite to him. They were anxious and apprehensive, however, they couldn't stop their eyes from sneaking a peek at the snacks on the nearby table every once in a while.

They didn't move an inch. Firstly, they were in someone else's home, and, the teacher who brought them here? He just straight out one-shot killed a primogenitor's familiar. It would be wise for them to stay on their guards for now.

As for Nagisa, she was a happy camper, she continued munching on the snacks while not minding her table manners at all. She also gulped down the black tea served to her with Kotori competing for food with her. Since she's a regular customer of Wu Yan's snacks, she wasn't as hasty as Nagisa.

The two teenagers ignored Wu Yan, Yukina, and Kojou who were staring at each other. They chatted while chowing down the food on the table. Nagisa was the main speaker, Kotori listened patiently as the two quickly became tight buddies.

Kotori didn't mind Nagisa's talkative nature. Compared to the boring meetings on Fraxinus, holding a conversation with Nagisa is child's play to her.

Then, after watching Kojou and Yukina taking another glance at the snacks, Wu Yan chuckled.

"Guys, please, if you want to eat then go ahead, treat this place as your own home."

Kojou and Yukina felt a bit shy while Kotori quipped from the side.

"I am surprised you can come up with that line. This isn't even your own home..."

Wu Yan looked the other way awkwardly while Kojou and Yukina tried to snuff their laughter.

The two hesitated for a few seconds before falling prey to their own reptilian brains, they grabbed some snacks and they took a bite.


Their eyes widened immediately.

"This is so good!"

"Told ya, it's pretty good ain't it?"

Nagisa interrupted before Wu Yan can speak.

"This taste, it's just divine! Nagisa can never be this good. Gosh, I lost my confidence in my own culinary skills after tasting this, I was pretty confident too. Dang, so much for that..."

"I am glad you guys like it..."

Wu Yan shrugged with a smile.

"My cooking skills got maxed out because a few bottomless pits drove me into that situation. I guarantee my food are better than what you can get out there!"


Kotori snorted while turning her head sideways. She's telling him that she is not to be lumped in with the other bottomless pits. Yet, it looked like the lady doth protest too much so Nagisa & co giggled at the side.

Kojou and Yukina slowed down as they looked at Wu Yan. It seems they have something on their minds.

"Yeah, I know what you guys want to ask..."

Wu Yan preemptively spoke first.

"It's only normal to be puzzled. I am not trying to hide it either, I am actually an attack mage with a side-job as a teacher."

"Attack mage!"

Kojou flinched.

"You're an attack mage like Natsuki-chan?"

Wu Yan nodded with a helpless smile.

"Technically, I am still on probation..."


Yukina joined with a serious look.

"I heard you saying something like 'unleash my (familiar)', that can't be right..."

"It is correct."

Wu Yan didn't bother hiding his identity.

"I said that, because, I am also a vampire in addition to being an attack mage."

"A vampire?"

Yukina felt very confused.

An attack mage who is also a vampire. That's like a pig holding a butcher's knife, it isn't congruent with accepted practices.

"Wait wait wait! You said you're a vampire?!"

Kojou sucked in a breath of cold air. He cast a worried look in Nagisa's direction.

"Nagisa... she's..."

"Well, I was quite troubled at first..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed as he gave Nagisa a quick look.

"She was avoiding me because I am a vampire..."

"I am sorry, sensei..."

Nagisa apologized with a sad look. Wu Yan waved his hands.

"Nah, it's cool, I know about your trauma, I am very happy you are sitting here enjoying snacks with me."

"Yeah! Nagisa!"

Kojou stood up in a rush as he examined Nagisa.

"Y-you know about sensei's demon identity, aren't you scared?"

"Kojou-kun, stop overreacting!"

Nagisa blushed as she forced Kojou to sit back down. She's embarrassed her brother panicked over something like this in front of her friends and teacher.

Kojou was a human at first. However, the previous fourth primogenitor used the Cannibalism principle to forcefully turn him into a primogenitor, granting him access to her familiars. It's because of this abnormal and extraordinary power acquisition process that he couldn't get a good grasp over his vassal beasts.

He got his primogenitor powers because someone gave it to him. Like a lottery winner, he immediately became the strongest player in the world. But, the vassal beasts wasn't okay with taking orders from someone who hit the jackpot.

In order to better control his powers, Kojou needed to take in fresh blood from high quality mediums in order to appease the familiars. Only through that method will the beasts listen to his command.

For Kojou, the vassal beasts are annoying at best. However, he's worried about his younger sister. Since he's a vampire, being around her sister who is suffering from demonophobia isn't good for her wellbeing. He lived everyday worrying about when his identity would be busted and his sister would leave him.

Nagisa is apparently not afraid of Wu Yan, a vampire who openly admitted his identity. This is practically a godsent news to him.

"At first, I was terrified.  I couldn't endure being in the same room as him..."

Nagisa explained while lowering her head, she sneaked a peek at Wu Yan.

"But, Wu Yan-sensei did more than just being tolerant, he tried to get closer to me by giving me food and being kind to me. I don't understand it myself but I can feel my irrational fear slowly decreasing..."

Nagisa said with a red face, she couldn't believe she's actually saying what's on her mind.

"I am not sure if I can handle Wu Yan-sensei getting close to me. But, I am confident I can talk without being paralyzed by fear."

"That's what we call making a great progress!"

Wu Yan subconsciously laughed.

"I believe if we continue like this, Akatsuki-san will definitely get better. Soon, your demonophobia would be all but cured."

Nagisa also resolutely nodded her head. She clenched her fists in excitement.

"Nagisa will do her best to get better!"

"Erm, Nagisa..."

Kojou started feeling ecstatic too.

"Erm, what if I say I am a demon, would..."

"No way!"

Nagisa puffed her cheeks while glaring at Kojou.

"Nagisa is only unafraid around Wu Yan-sensei, if Kojou-kun is a demon, Nagisa will feel fearful around you!"

"Ho-how come..."

Kojou lowered his head in dejection. He used an envious leer on Wu Yan.

"Why is Wu Yan-sensei getting a special treatment!"

"Jeez, Nagisa doesn't know..."

Nagisa continued puffing her cheeks.

"Also, Wu Yan-sensei is very warm and kind. He has interesting topics to discuss and he's good at making snacks. Kojou-kun is a slob who needs Nagisa to flip the bed over to wake him up. You're so lazy, you're nothing like Wu Yan-sensei!"

Kojou got struck with too many verbal spears he collapsed into a twitching mass on the sofa.

Wu Yan turned his head the other way with a guilty look. He couldn't bear to look at Nagisa.

That's because he's an avid sleeper too...

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