Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 902: First fight, a show of might


Kojou's eyes turned deep red as his canines started lengthening till they poked out of his mouth.

Bloody qi rose up from him, the qi rose up from his ghastly red hand, it wasn't a case of spontaneous bleeding, it's a sign that he's about to unleash his familiar.

Crackle crackle

Golden lightning expanded as the air around them got turned into plasma. A blinding light swept the area up. Then, a tremendous impact struck along with a sonic boom.

The lightning of destruction materialized in a storm golden lightning. Waves of lightning wrecked the area. Meanwhile, Kojou was already engulfed by his own lightning, nobody could see his figure beyond that thick thundercloud.

It was like a golden lightning storm appeared out of nowhere.

The entire island shook and the sea around it raged.

The golden lion floated like a majestic airship, its heat and impact could be felt from a distance.

The air reverberated.


It scattered lightning once more, disintegrating and dispersing anything in its path, the ground also started giving away with terrifying cracking sounds.

It's creating an earthquake!

This is the power of the familiars a primogenitor can summon.

Although Kojou is not fully awakened, his weakened Regulus Aurum can still devastate a huge area.

Although he still can't fight with a genuine primogenitor at this stage. It's not hard to imagine why the primogenitor's the strongest of them all, he exhibited such raw power despite being unawakened.

"Regulus Aurum..."

Yukina shook her head.

"Why is Regulus Aurum going on a rampage? I thought senpai had it under control..."

Regulus Aurum is currently the only vassal beast Kojou can control.

Because of this, the lion can manifest in the real world.

The other vassal beasts are still not under his control. As such, these beasts can only use Kojou's body as a medium to limited effects. A full-unleash is impossible for now.

Regulus Aurum used its host magic power to fully materialize.

Wu Yan watched as the golden lightning commanded lightning like a sovereign of thunder. His eyes flashed with consternation.

That Regulus Aurum's destructive ability is already a peak tier 9's attack.

In other words, getting hit by that thing is equivalent to getting hit by a peak tier 9 cultivator's full-power attack. However, since it's raw power, without proper technique, a newly-minted tier 9 superhuman can still skirt around it.

If the attack can't land, it's useless.

This also means Wu Yan needs to watch out. He would be disintegrated by that thing if he got hit.

Wu Yan wasn't afraid though, in fact, he's excited.

"As expected of the familiar of the strongest vampire!"

Wu Yan licked his lips with a battle-junky look.

"One day, I am going to take the title of the strongest vampire away from you!"

Wu Yan inhaled deeply and he stepped towards the intimidating lion.


Yukina cried out.

"Don't go there, it's dangerous, let me..."


His confident tone stopped Yukina who was about to join the fray, his word echoed in her ears.

"It's just a witless familiar, it has shocking destructive powers for sure but it cannot hurt me!"


Yukina couldn't believe the corky words coming from Wu Yan's mouth.


The lion probably heard Wu Yan dissing it. It started charging for Wu Yan in a blur of golden lightning.


Yukina cursed with a pale look.

If that thing is allowed to go on a rampage here, put aside the island's structural integrity for now, it would still render this island half-broken at the very least.

Wu Yan can feel lightning and magic licking his skin. He watched as the lion came straight for him, his expression still as cool as he was at the start of this. He had the eyes of a stone-cold fighter.

"If you are fully-materialize, that means I can only summon my vassal beasts too..."

Wu Yan ignored Yukina who was petrified by his words.

"For an incomplete vassal beast like you..."

Then, it happened.


White flames started shooting out from Wu Yan, the white flames weren't hot to the touch. Instead, space distorted under its anomalous powers, a strong surge of magic power also took control of this area. The wind started raging too!

He raised his hand, then, the white flames started flowing there as they gathered into a flaming orb.

"This much..."

Wu Yan grinned when he looked at Regulus Aurum.

"Is enough..."

Wu Yan swiped and the flaming orb turned into a flaming laser that shot into an otherwise disproportionately bigger vassal beast. The two extensions of power smashed together.


Time and space got distorted where ever the flames went, like a tiny but long needle, it shot straight into Regulus Aurum's glabella.

Then, something astonishing happened...


The white flaming needle started unleashing condensed white flames that immediately engulfed the golden lion in a giant ball of white flames.

With the lightning all but gone, the golden lion's color got swapped with the pure white flames. It groaned in agony, like a caged lion, the magic creature could do naught but struggle uselessly against the white flames, getting negated bit by bit.

In white embers, the golden lion finally got erased despite the valiant fight it put up.

The area returned to its previous peace, the golden lion's roar continued reverberating, reminding everyone what just happened.

"Haa... Haa..."

Kojou stored his remnant mana away, then, he collapsed to the ground while heaving like he just ran a marathon.

When Regulus Aurum disappeared, the other vassal beasts started piping down like they saw a ghost. Frustrated as the familiars may be, they knew better than to mess with a "worthy foe" when they are still incomplete.

Even when Regulus Aurum fully materialized, it still got done in, the other vassal beasts took this as a sign to chill for now.

"Finally... they are calming down..."

Kojou turned towards Wu Yan with a thankful but surprised look.

"In one hit, my familiar, he just..."

"Those flames..."

Yukina started shivering, she couldn't control the chills running through her body.

"How dreadful..."

They looked at Wu Yan who stood with his back against the sun, they were shaken to the core.

Wu Yan...

Just who is he?...

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