Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 901: The rampaging familiar, Regulus Aurum


Without any prior warning, Kojou started screaming in agony like he's possessed, his muscles were twitching and his facial muscles contorted in pain.

A huge surge of magic power came, Wu Yan's eyes shrunk as the magic storm conjured a strong gust that exploded outwards, the walls and windows around them broke and shattered.

Wu Yan has never seen anyone else with this much magic power!

Wu Yan immediately got into action when he saw the environmental damage Kojou wrought.


With a similarly powerful wave of magic, he stomped once and magic droplets covered, Wu Yan, Kojou, Nagisa, and Yukina, then, they disappeared from the high school corridor.

They left behind a hallway that's half-wrecked with pieces of glass everywhere. It looked a tiny bomb went off here, it was a total mess.

At the same time, Saikai Academy...


A male student with earphones and spiky hair got momentarily stunned by the white noise emitted from his earphones, he quickly took it off while huffing with a pale look.

"Just now, Kojou..."

He scanned the hallways and he looked at the other students in the classroom. With a poker face, he left his seat...

"That dude, is he up to some kind of toruble again?"

Saikai Academy, inside a luxurious office.


Natsuki was sampling Wu Yan's exquisite black tea, she enjoyed her free time while it lasted.

When Kojou started leaking magic power, she stopped abruptly with a grim look.

She stood up and lines transposed her before she disappeared from her office in an instant. When she appeared again, she's already at the corridor where Kojou's power slightly wrecked the infrastructure.

"Two magic power signatures..."

She gleaned after a brief look at the damage. She closed her eyes.

"I see, this happened because Wu Yan met Kojou..."

Natsuki deduced in less than 10 seconds. She sighed.

"Seriously, a problematic Kouhai and a troublesome student, if they can just cancel each other out that would be great..."

Natsuki teleported again, she went back to her office to sip tea...

In this school, everyone who detected the abnormal magic power came around to check things out. Due to the fear of being discovered, they quickly but hesitantly returned to their rooms. After 15 minutes, the other students reported this incident to the teachers.

Saikai Academy was in a small uproar. Finally, the authorities covered up the wrecked hallway as the result of years of disrepair, a weak explanation at best but it did shut people up.

Itogami Island, the deserted area where Wu Yan summoned his familiars.

The place that looked like a trash dump flashed as 4 figures of different statures appeared. One of the guest was leaking tremendous amount of magic, he carried over the magic storm to this place, blowing away what little peace the dump enjoyed in the first place.


Kojou's pained voice made others feel bad for him. This couldn't be helped, he tried his best to stop his vassals from going out of control.

It was hard for him to do that, he's an incomplete primogenitor, the vassal beasts played nice by not creating trouble for him under normal circumstances. When he's attacked by another familiar or when he suffers grievous wounds, the familiars will rampage out of control to protect Kojou from harm.

Due to Kojou's poor control, these familiars responded on savage terms in an attempt to cover Kojou. Their default defense is to destroy everything around them, reducing any threat to 0.

The familiars were reacting chaotically to a foe on another level, foes so ancient and formidable they had to manifest immediately.

The others might not know about Wu Yan's identity, but, the familiars can recognize each other, they were the first ones to detect Wu Yan's True Ancestor powers.

The dormant beasts started howling in elation, creating an uproar.

The beasts were excited at the prospect of finally fighting someone worthy, they wanted to make up for lost time sleeping within Kojou.

Hence, Kojou got dragged into this by his aggressive vassal beasts.


Magic power lashed out at everything here, Himeragi also couldn't respond properly due to how fast things went south.


Kojou gasped in shock.

"What happened?!"


Yukina was answered by another person.

"I think it has something to do with me..."


Himeragi turned around and she saw Wu Yan's holding an unconscious Nagisa.



Kojou struggled to look up at Nagisa, when he saw she's unconscious, he didn't get anxious, he was relieved.

His sister has terrible demonophobia, Kojou wouldn't want to see his youngster sister realizing his identity as a primogenitor.

If that happened...

"Don't worry."

He read Yukina and Kojou's mind, he handed Nagisa over to Yukina.

"I only used a little hypnosis spell on Akatsuki-san, she won't remember any of this..."

Wu Yan chortled.

"We wouldn't want her to see all this, right?"

Kojou thanked Wu Yan albeit his pain caught up with him when he groaned once more. Meanwhile, Yukina looked at Wu Yan with a revised attitude.

This teacher knows how to use teleportation spells, he teleported them all the way here, including Kojou who was experiencing a magic power rampage episode. The distance is also considerable judging from what she knew about the city's geography.

It also appears Wu Yan is the reason behind Akatsuki's power leakage.

This new teacher isn't what he seems.

Wh-who is he?

Yukina's internal alarm rang but she had a more pressing concern, stopping Kojou's power from going out of control lest Itogami Island be destroyed.

Fortunately, she had her weapon, that would solve this situation in a jiffy.

Then, things changed with Kojou once more.

"No! Go back!"

Akatsuki yelled at himself, however, it was an action in futility.

His magic power morphed into golden electromagnetic waves of lightning. Bloody qi also rose up from him as a giant lion with golden mane and armor materialized.


The lion roared.

Himeragi's eyes shrunk as she slowly uttered the name of the beast with a grave expression.

"The fourth primogenitor's fifth familiar, Regulus Aurum!"

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