Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 900: Wu Yan and Akatsuki Kojou, a true ancestor and a primogenitor.

Akatsuki Kojou, that's a familiar name to Wu Yan.

Although he was shaky on the details of other characters in Strike the Blood, at least, he knows the protagonist's name. He couldn't remember what he looked like but he did remember the MC's name.

While staying over at Natsuki's place, Wu Yan heard her grumbling about her troublesome student ad nauseum. This student is problematic because he possesses a power that can wipe the entire academy off Itogami Island map if he lost control.

That student's Akatsuki Kojou.

There are only a few individuals who know about Akatsuki Kojou's name, even fewer people knows about his real identity.

He's the rumored fourth primogenitor foretold in the legends. The world powers are only starting to know about his existence.

He's the strongest vampire in this world.

Although he's a primogenitor, he is different compared to the three primogenitors older than him. He has 12 familiars. Any one of these twelve vassal beasts can destroy Itogami Island with little effort, he's the extra variable that disrupted the world's power balance.

Natsuki's particularly focused on Kojou because of this. Her complaints is a sign that she cares. For one, Kojou is like an atomic bomb that can explode anytime. He's the source of her headaches.

Granted, Natsuki got saddled with another troublesome individual.

On the same level as the primogenitors, this teacher is in possession of terrifyingly powerful familiars while being an unregistered demon at the same time. Kojou and Wu Yan are similar in many ways. Natsuki doesn't even know Wu Yan's a true ancestor.

Wu Yan is already showing signs of awakening to his true potential. Although he's still a bit inferior in raw power compared to the primogenitors who have been alive for centuries, Wu Yan is a true ancestor who can still hold his own in a fight against the primogenitors.

This consideration excludes Red Jade Mode and his familiars.

With only two familiars, Wu Yan can trump any chump that comes along, including primogenitors. Two familiars, that's all he needs.

Akatsuki Kojou is the strongest primogenitor however he's not fully grown yet.

Vampires rely on their familiars in this world, even primogenitors have to rely on their vassal beasts. The fabled fourth primogenitors also became known as the strongest because of his special 12 familiars.

However, Kojou is not in control of even one of his twelve vassal beasts. His familiars don't want to take orders from him. They don't fully recognize Kojou as their master. Fortunately, a few days ago, he heard that Kojou managed to rein in one of his familiars, otherwise, calling him a vampire would be a stretch.

Wu Yan is a true ancestor by this definition while Kojou is still facing headwinds.

This was reflected in the information given to him by System

Akatsuki Kojou: ???

Wu Yan's looking at a male student in high school uniform.

The guy is wearing a white hoodie and his hair is silverish-blue in color like an illusory wolf. His relatively youthful look is marred by his lazy attitude. His eyes are also half-shut like he's lacking sleep or something. Judging from his appearance, his biological age appears to be 16-17. Other than that, he's a relatively common high school student.

His tired look would sap the energy of anyone nearby, however, the owner's currently wide-eyed with shock. He was surprised to see Nagisa and Yukina in the high school section, more than that, he's astonished by the guy who is with them.

Wu Yan also froze when he saw Akatsuki Kojou's information.

This is the first time he saw someone's level described as ??? by the system.

What's going on here?

"System, what's happening?"

The system replied.

"User, due to high volatility and uncertanties in the scanned target's power, an accurate level assessment could not be given."

Wu Yan got where the System is coming from.

The familiars within Kojou are not fully controlled yet, with each familiar that comes under his command, his power will increase greatly, that would substantially increase his levels too.

His levels are tied to his powers and his powers are largely based on his familiars, he would need to control all 12 familiars for an accurate assessment to be given.

With only one familiar under his control, the System couldn't gauge Kojou's true power. That led to a "???" placeholder for his level.

This fourth primogenitor is so half-baked not even the System can measure his power properly.

Wu Yan felt speechless while Nagisa and Yukina turned around towards Kojou.

"Ah, Kojou-kun."

Nagisa greeted her brother with a wide smile.

"Kojou-kun, good morning!"

"Yeah, morning."

Kojou greeted back, then he snapped at her.

"Wait, now's not the time for that, right?"

"Why are you guys here? This is the high school division..."

Kojou ran over and he asked Wu Yan.

"And, you are?..."


Yukina introduced Wu Yan to Kojou.

"He's our new teacher, we are giving him a tour around the school."

"Ah, I see..."

Kojou nodded. He examined Wu Yan only to see the new teacher silently observing him.

The two looked at each other as time stood still...

With only the two vampires staring at each other, the others in the background faded away. They were preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Kojou felt a strange feeling when he saw Wu Yan.

It's like when a basketball player meets another player at a game...

Excitement, fear, and happiness all mixed into one with a bit consternation sprinkled in. He felt a sense of danger and elation, it was a gut feeling that came from within him.

Kojou's primogenitor blood started racing, his senses sharpened and the familiars within him stirred into action.

They sensed an incredible foe nearby.

This strong adversary is very close too!

When time ebbed on, Kojou detected the instincts within him rising up to the challenge.

It's the same feeling as seeing a similarly powerful comrade.

His blood told him he's looking at someone in the same class as him.

The vassal beasts within him woke up.

Kojou was too late when he sensed this, the beasts were already rampaging out of control...


Kojou's body started trembling as his eyes turned deep red and his fangs poked out, a torrent of magic power leaked out from him.


Kojou screamed in agony.

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