Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 899: Crouching tigers and hidden dragons in Saikai Academy

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy Middle School section, teacher's office...

Wu Yan shook his head with a smile when he saw an awkward Yukina and a slightly terrified Nagisa standing behind her.

"Alright, what are you two doing?"

Yukina glanced at Nagisa and she quickly shook her head, it appears she wasn't ready to come out by herself, Yukina felt helpless but she helped her friend out anyway.

"Look, Wu Yan-sensei..."

Yukina tried to put it as delicately as she can.

"Nagisa-chan, she's afraid of you, that's why she didn't want to be alone with you..."

Wu Yan gasped, he turned towards Nagisa who peeked out from behind Yukina with a pair of curious but intimidated looks. He sighed.

"Yeah, I guess, I guess I was asking too much for her to guide me around Saikai Academy..."


Nagisa realized how she might have hurt him, she apologized in a meek tone while blushing.

"I'm... I am sorry..."


Wu Yan chuckled with knitted brows.

"That's a huge improvement, you finally talked to me."

Her blush deepened in shade. She's terrified of demons that's why she appears to be rude to Wu Yan when she didn't mean it. Wu Yan was also very accommodative in addition to not taking offense. She felt guilty and happy at the same time.

Nagisa's demon phobia is very serious, forget talking to demons, it's hard for her to remain clam when confronted with demons. Indeed, it's a huge step forward for her to speak in the presence of this teacher who she identified as a demon.

Multiple factors helped in this, Wu Yan's harmless looks, affable personality, and his scrumptious desserts and delights. Her curious and cheerful side started returning, if it's any other demon, she would still shriek in horror.

Nagisa still has a long way to go before she can talk to Wu Yan like he's human. That's ignoring her reaction to other demons.

Yukina looked between Nagisa and Wu Yan.

"Did you two meet before today?"

Wu Yan shrugged and he winked at her.

"Let's just say we've met before, albeit, not under a circumstance I would have preferred..."

Wu Yan stood up and he headed for the exit. He waved back at Yukina and Nagisa.

"Come, let's go on a tour around the school, fill me in on the mysteries of this school, haunted labs, oh, how about beastman dissection courses?..."

"W-we don't have that here!"

Yukina and Nagisa yelled at him at the same time only for the guy to laugh out loud.


Nagisa stuck her tongue out at Wu Yan.

"You're such a mean teacher!"

Yukina shook her head with a smile, then, she pulled Nagisa along.

"Let's go, I think if we let this guy run around then he's going to create more trouble..."

"Y-yes, what a worry-inducing teacher..."

Nagisa nodded.

"He's interesting, his topics are also engaging while not lacking warmth. Furthermore, he didn't cough during lunch or complain of backaches, he also hands out tasty treats. Overall, I think he's great person..."

Yukina shot a look at Nagisa.

"Well, if you think he's that great, why are you so afraid of him?!"

"I-I have my own reasons... reasons..."

Nagisa recognized Yukina's trying to get to the bottom of this so she pushed her along, abruptly ending the conversation here.

"Okay, let's go!"

"I know, stop pushing me..."

A vampire, a sword shaman, and a girl with daemonophobia started touring the school together.

Saikai Academy is a normal school, at least if one were to look at it from the outside.

Most of the students here are humans, a disproportionately high concentration when compared with the demographics of Itogami Island. As they walked around, Wu Yan continued scanning the environment hoping to glean some clues.

He discovered a few thing, most of which he had expected.

The students here are mostly between level 10 or so, this makes up 99% of the student population. Those closer to level 0 forms the majority of this weaker tier humans. The students with levels are those who joined sport clubs or society, they were like Hinagiku back then, just humans who are more athletic than other humans.

Wu Yan also couldn't help but praise the students here in silence. The average students all have a bit of combat skills, as expected of those who grew up in a sanctuary for demons. Although they are still woefully unprepared for real fights against demons, it says something about the humans living here.

Also, he discovered a small subset of the humans here are tier 5 and above, there are even tier 7 humans around.

These individuals should be attack mages or humans trained in magic, Hyper Adapters (Humans born with special powers), there are also attack mages who are undercover in this school. Attack mages stationed here as supervisors are also included.

For one, although there appears to be no demons here, there are still crouching tigers and hidden dragons in thiss chool.

He's not surprised, Natsuki is a teacher here and she's tier 9, the existence of superhumans here shouldn't come as a surprise.

What shocked Wu Yan, however, is that Yukina's not a normal student!

Himeragi Yukina: Level 69

Unlike her lean stature would suggest, she's a full-fledged peak tier 7 human.

She doesn't look like a demon, normal students also couldn't come close to her level. That leads Wu Yan to the conclusion that she's an attack mage.

Her background would imply she comes from a strong organization too.

When Natsuki took him to the attack mage interviews, he saw other attack mages around her age, the stellar ones were tier 6 at best. Tier 7 mages and fighters were old veterans around 70-80 years old. She's as strong as old veterans at an immature age of 14-15 years old.

Wu Yan isn't aware that she's carrying a deadly weapon not even Wu Yan can take lightly.

With her weapon, forget other peak tier 7 superhumans, even peak tier 8s and tier 9 opponents who are not careful might lose to her.

The trio toured the middle school section in no time at all.

Then, they arrived at the high school section.

"The high school building...'

Nagisa said with an excited look.

"Nagisa also rarely comes here."

"Me too!"

Yukina's expression was a bit suspicious.

"Senpai's here, right?"


Nagisa nodded multiple times.

"Kujou-kun's here!"


Wu Yan paused as he asked Nagisa.

"Kujou-kun, do you mean Akatsuki Kujou?"


Nagisa was slightly astonished Wu Yan struck up a conversation with her, she shrunk back.

"Y-yes, Kujou-kun is my brother!"

Wu Yan was stunned for a second, then he yelled in shock.

"You're kujou's younger sister!"


Nagisa was unsure how to respond.

"Does sensei know Kujou-kun?"

Before Wu Yan can asnwer, a surprised voice came from behind them...

"Nagisa? Himeragi?..."

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