Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 897: Forget about homework, I suck at that too

Standing outside the classroom with a plaque hung at the top of the door, he felt a bad feeling when he read the plaque with "3-C" written on it.

It wasn't a sense of danger, it felt like he's going to see something shocking if he entered.

Wu Yan's gut feeling wasn't always on the mark. However, his instincts usually benefited him. He decided to go with his feelings this time. He stood there staring at the classroom sign.

Wu Yan went through all possible scenarios in his mind in vain. He couldn't come up with a reasonable theory, eliciting a bitter smile from him.

If he knew this would happen, he would have watched the anime seriously, he can only recall vague clips at this point, clips which were useless to him for now.

Sasasaki didn't know about Wu Yan's thought, she opened the door and walked in like she owned the joint. Wu Yan returned to his senses when she did this.

Unlike recess, the students were all seated at their own desks. They looked at Sasasaki the moment she entered. Her students were obedient, there weren't any delinquents with spiky hair here.

The students closer to the door can see a figure outside the classroom, they looked in his direction as Sasasaki reached the podium. She gave the students an energetic wave like a fun-loving sister instead of a teacher.

"Alright, I am gonna introduce a new teacher to you guys~"

"Called it!"

Nagisa chortled with a tilted head. Soon, her laughter will stop.

The other students also got wind of this, they weren't surprised. They turned their attention towards the door with slightly hope gazes.

For the students, new teachers and transfer students were enough to stir their curiosity. The male students hoped for a beautiful teacher and the female students crossed their fingers for a hunky teacher. In a certain way, these students had simple thoughts.

Including Nagisa...

She was expecting a pleasant surprise, not the kind of shock that petrified her. When she saw the figure that entered, she had only a single thought.

How is this possible?...

The students started whispering among themselves when they saw the male teacher.

"Aw, it's just a dude..."

Said the disappointed male students.

"Heh~ He's not a looker but his eyes are pretty..."

Said the slightly intrigued female students.

Wu Yan roamed his gaze over the students while approaching the podium. His heart jumped for a second when he saw a stunned Nagisa staring back at him.

His gut feeling was right...

Hey, she's not going to shriek, right?...

Wu Yan stood by Sasasaki's side.

"Hi! Name's Wu Yan, I will be in charge of teaching social sciences, feel free to ask me any question you might have. You can ask during class or come see me after class, either way, I hope I will be able to answer any questions you guys might have..."

Wu Yan's formal expression crumbled as he rubbed his nose.

"Right, don't ask me about homework, even if you ask me, I am sure I will suck at it..."

The students were speechless.

Sasasaki also gasped, she couldn't believe Wu Yan said that without looking embarrassed at all.

You're a teacher, for god's sake, get it together man!

The classroom was enveloped in silence before...


The students started laughing out loud.

"Eh, teach, are you joking?"

"Nope, seriously, my grades were so bad the principal's office was like my second home during school!"

"Ahaha, how did you become a teacher then?"

"I got forced into this..."


The students continued guffawing, even Nagisa and Yukina got in on the fun. They were emitting affable laughter.

Forget ice-breaking, he blasted that ice into the stratosphere with his open and honest introduction. The students instantly felt closer to him.

Then, the students started raising their hands, taking Wu Yan on his previous offer.

"Hey teach! I have a question for you!"

"Oh, do me! Do me!"

"Teacher~ Me!!!"

"One at a time, jeez..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Remember, no questions on homework..."


"Hey teach, how old are ya?"

"26 going on 27..."

"Eh?! You're 26, you look younger than that though? What's your secret to maintaining a youthful look, teach us!"

"Nah, I've got none of that. This face came naturally. I guess you're as old as you feel. Well, given the response I am seeing, you guys don't look like you're gonna kick the bucket any time soon..."

"We aren't gonna die, get out of here!"


"Teacher, tell us your beauty routine!"

"I told you, I don't do any of that!"

"Hey, teacher~ let's go on a date!"

"Don't be ridiculous."

"Wow, the teacher's cute."

"Hey, you, cut that out, don't tease the newbie!"


The sound of laughter filled the room, it echoed throughout the corridors of the third year middle school section, the students in the other classrooms can also hear faint laughter due to how loud they were. The students were tempted by the giggles they heard, they wanted to find out who is causing all this commotion.

Wu Yan held his own against the verbal onslaught the students gave him, Sasaki glanced over everyone and she stopped on Wu Yan. She started laughing too.

"Ara, you're more interesting than I thought, Kouhai..."


He stopped the students while rolling his eyes.

"Let's leave the idle thoughts for after class, Sasasaki is going to blow her tops if you guys keep this up..."


Sasasaki wasn't angered in the slightest.

"Having fun is part of the experience, I like this!"

Yukina saw the enthusiastic class and she looked at Wu Yan with an astonished look. This was a rare sight to her, it felt a bit odd to be part of a jovial environment like this although she didn't hate the feeling.

"That teacher, it appears he's an interesting man..."

Yukina said while chuckling.

She also noticed Nagisa sitting nervously near her, she was taken aback.

She's a bubbly and cheerful girl. Yukina never imagined Nagisa would be so timid while others are having a blast around her. Normally, she would be all over the new teacher, bugging him incessantly with her questions.

However, her meek behavior was far from Yukina's understanding of her personality.

She can also see a bit of fear in Nagisa's pretty eyes. Puzzled, she looked at the teacher.

Maybe Nagisa knows this guy? It seems she doesn't have a very good impression of the guy.

But, the teacher's very easy to get along with...

Something's going on here...

Yukina was unaware that Nagisa's faring relatively well.

With a demon phobia, Nagisa couldn't sit in the same room as another demon. If it's another demon, she might already be screaming for her life. Heck, she might even run out of the classroom.

Wu Yan's goofy attitude lowered the fear inside Nagisa's heart.

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