Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 896: Akatsuki Nagisa, Himeragi Yukina

Itogami Island, Saikai Middle School, third year class C...

Classes are about to start soon.

The students here are roughly around 14 or 15 years old. At this age, the students are still playful, none of them got to class early. The ones who were in class were idling at the table of their friends or chatting near the lockers at the back of the classroom. Either way, it's a rowdy class.

The students excitedly talked among themselves. They were gossiping about which teacher got married, who has a crush on who, which student got into trouble, which upperclassman screwed up. They enjoyed coming to school.

The most energetic among them, a girl with a ponytail, her red eyes added to her charm. She's Nagisa.

Nagisa already bounced around the classroom a few times now. Wherever there is gossip, Nagisa's there. Her mouth didn't stop for a single second. Even by middle school students' standards, she's still a chatterbox. However, nobody found her annoying.

For one, she's very cute.

She might have behaved like a scared kitten when she first met Wu Yan. In actual fact, she's a very bubbly girl. She's also part of the cheer team, her grades are good, and she's very good at chores. Her personality is also affable, although, one has to watch it when she's angry. She also can't keep secrets. But, she's far from being meek.

She's talkative so if she starts chatting, it won't be easy to stop her. This is one of her good points, she can become friends with almost anyone. If she wasn't traumatized by demons, she wouldn't have acted like a total scared puss in front of Wu Yan.

The others around her all treat her as a forthcoming person and a cute student.

The other students couldn't handle her talkative attitude, the other students started backing down with cold sweat when she talked for two minutes straight. Her eyes darted around the classroom, looking for her next target.

Soon, her gaze fell upon a certain girl sitting at her desk. Her eyes lit up.

That girl is quite cute too, she's slightly taller than Nagisa and she has raven-black hair. Judging from her face, she appears to be around 14-15 years old. Taken as a whole, she looks a bit more beautiful than Nagisa.

Her name's Himeragi Yukina, a transfer student who enrolled here not too long ago.

She might look like a cute student, however, her true identity runs deeper.

There is a special organization in this world, it's a bureau set up to gather intel on demons and do preventive curb on magical calamities, the Lion King Organization.

Yukina was sent here by that organization as an undercover attack mage.

Accurately speaking, she's a sword shaman adept at close combat with enhanced spiritual sight that can predict the future. She can easily take down demons on her own. The Lion King Organization also gave her a special weapon that a Primogenitor has to be wary of.

She's definitely not as simple as she might appear to the students here.

She's here because of a certain true ancestor, not Wu Yan...

Nagisa doesn't know about Himeragi's situation. For her, Yukina's a transfer student, she needs someone to show her the ropes. It didn't take long for Nagisa to get chummy with Yukina. Given her talkative tendencies, she couldn't resist the urge to bug her new BFF.

"Hey hey, Yukina-chan, do you know?"

She flew over to Yukina's desk. She blinked at her while whispering in a cheeky tone.

"I heard there's a new teacher coming..."

"A new teacher?"

Yukina turned around with a curious look.

"At this time of the year?"


Yukina placed her palms on the table as she propped herself up while flailing her legs.

"Apparently, the new teacher will be in charge of teaching social sciences. The teacher he's replacing still had a few more years to retirement, however, when the new teacher came, the school allowed the old man to retire early. That works out just as well, I mean, he can't even stand straight and he coughs so much it's hard to focus on his lessons. Nagisa wonders if she can finish her homework and keep her grades up at this rate..."

"Hold up."

Nagisa started moving the topic as she got into her own thoughts. Yukina stopped her with cold sweat running down the side of her head. She knows about Nagisa's infamous ability to keep a conversation going no matter how long or drawn out it is. She truly understood why the others tried to avoid talking to her.

"What about the new teacher?"

She nudged Nagisa back into her opening subject.

"Ah, the new teacher, right..."

Like a bomber, she continued her verbal rant.

"Yeah, I just got wind of that. Apparently, the new teacher's very young, like 20-something according to what I've heard? The newbie was suddenly employed here on the recommendation of a teacher in the highschool division. That teacher must be incredible, the headmaster agreed immediately. I heard he didn't even ask for the new teacher's credentials. Nagisa feels like this is very peculiar, don't Yukina-chan thinks so too?"

Yukina didn't mind the elaborate talk, instead, she was genuinely perplexed.

As a sword shaman, Yukina's pretty bad at things other than close-combat and spiritual sight. However, her intuition is very sharp. Her enhanced spiritual senses also got her out of a lot of sticky situation by tipping her off beforehand. She can instinctively detect anything odd or threatening.

"That is odd..."

Yukina mumbled.

" Maybe the new teacher's background is excellent?..."

"Kinda odd, isn't it similar with Yukina-chan's situation?"

Nagisa hammered her palm with a smile.

"Yukina-chan suddenly enrolled at this school just like the new teacher. Maybe the new teacher is someone you know?..."


Himeragi Yukina shook her head. She hasn't been in this city for long, excluding Nagisa and her mission target, she doesn't know anyone else. That's just not possible.

Nagisa nonchalantly accepted her denial. She mumbled to herself.

"Gosh, I wonder what the new teacher's like? Is the teacher going to be chill? A 20-something shouldn't have aching back, right? Oh god, I hope he doesn't cough during classes. No, the new teacher might be a frail and sickly person too. Man, what if that's the case? What are we going to do if the new teacher collapses during the class? Argh, just thinking about it is hurting Nagisa's head..."


Yukina awkwardly chuckled. She looked at Nagisa as she slowly looked for a way to get out of this painful conversation with Nagisa.

Yukina's not annoyed, she appreciated the company of her new friend, after all, she's the only other human in her life at this point, her family members are all gone...

The school bell rang, signaling the start of classes...

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