Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 892: Black and white, anomalous flames and lightning

Wu Yan slowly closed his eyes as he felt the magic power swirling within him. Opening the magical taps within, mana slowly seeped out his body in visible jets. His magic power formed a vortex that blew away the air around him as it grew into a pillar that reached for the high heavens.

Soon, the area was suffused with magic power. Strong winds blew up dust and pebbles, it felt like a jet was taking off, everything got swept up in this magical storm.

"Th-this power..."

Natsuki who was watching the proceeding couldn't help but reveal a grave expression. She was filled with shock and consternation.

Natsuki already knew about Wu Yan's impossibly high magic power. She assumed he had more magic power than elder vampires. However, she didn't think Wu Yan harbored so much power within himself.

This is beyond the limits of an average vampire.

She has seen this kind of magic power levels before. It is precisely because she recognized this pattern that she couldn't believe her eyes. She's a highly capable attack mage who had magic power to spare too, she should have remained composed.

Glistening in his own magic power, Natsuki watched as Wu Yan continued emitting more magic power. While gasping, she mumbled in a stunned manner.

"A primogenitor..."

The magnitude of magic power he released, that's on the level of primogenitors.

"This guy..."

Natsuki gnashed her teeth before she snorted.

"I hope this isn't the birth of a new demon king..."

Wu Yan wasn't aware of Natsuki's reaction. His consciousness is already within the realm of the vassal beasts.

He raised a fist and he slowly chanted words of power.

"I offer mine blood to summon thee, give me thy true names!"

"Henceforth, mine lifeforce will be thy sustenance, mine blood thy home, give unto me thy powers and join my corporeal body. Do my bidding!"

"Whosoever enters this contract, if he be willing, come forth..."

"I, Wu Yan summon thee!"

His chant echoed in the area, ignoring the blowing winds, he didn't care about his roiling magic power. Then, everything abruptly stopped when he finished his chant.

Wu Yan lifted his hand and a drop of blood started floating up, defying gravity as it flew 10 meters into the sky. Next, his blood evaporated into blood qi and dissipated into nothing.


A small black point appeared in place of the disappeared blood. It started swirling like liquid suspended in the sky. Soon, a black hole appeared in the sky, from it, immense magical power poured forth.


Without a warning, the space imploded as a shockwave blew outwards.

Natsuki had to use her parasol as an achor to keep herself standing, her hair bellowed in the ensuing winds. She continued staring at Wu Yan with an astounded look.

"What terrifying magic power, is that guy just a super vampire?"

Natsuki sensed something, she looked up at the black hole in the sky.

"It's here..."

Two streams of light flew out from the gap in dimensions.


White flames and black lightning exploded outwards from the spatial gap.

The white flames gently floated around, everything it touched, air or ground, got incinerated into nothingness. It was like the burned object never existed, as a supernatural force sent them back to their origins.

Meanwhile, the black lightning came crashing down like a mateor. Everything it licked, barrier or space, got torn to bits like shattered mirror. It's not a collapse of space, the black lightning just broke everything it touched.

The anomalous flames and lightning rampaged.

"I have never seen flames or lightning like that before!"

Natsuki said with a grim look. She tried hard to supress the anxiety rising within her.

Natsuki inhaled, accidentally swallowing a mouthful of magic power as she clenched down hard on her parasol.

She saw it...

Inside the white flames, inside the black lightning. Two draconian lifeforms stood as they slowly materialized.

The white dragon had flames covering it like a fancy coat of flames. Its torso is white and its eyes are blue. It sported white whiskers that fluttered like elegant ribbons. Looking rather regal, the creature had a pair of webbed wings, talons could be seen near its webbed arm.

Its tail is long and made up of white flames. It flailed its tail around like a cannon ready to fire anytime at its woeful foes. Every time it thrashed its tail, white embers would rain down, reducing the air level by returning them to nothingness.

Elegance and regality.

The black dragon was arcing with black lightning. Its Torso is largely black, some parts were so dark one could hardly see it against the night sky. Its blood-red eyes complemented its brutal crown well. Its limbs had thorny extensions while its arm had metallic wing protrusions that looked like cool vambraces. Its wings are covered in protective coating, it looked like a fan adorned with thorns near its ends.

With a tough-looking baseball mitts for hands, the black dragon had three digit nasty-looking claws. Behind it, its meaty tail looked like a battering ram that shook the space whenever it flailed its tail. One wouldn't be comfortable anywhere near this tail that looked like it could destroy anything with a single whip.

The black and white dragons stood side by side, their flames and lightning fell upon the summoning platform. They were like two different kings, one sagely and divine, the other, cruel and domineering. Witnessed by the heaven and earth, the two dragons integrated with Wu Yan.

The land returned to peace...

With the area turned into a wreck, the barrier Wu Yan installed also got dispelled while he was busy summoning.

Fortunately, the two dragons' overwhelming power didn't leak out.

Wu Yan slowly opened his eyes as they returned to their passive blood-red state. Excitement could be seen written all over his face. He was very pleased with the two familiars he summoned.

Natsuki looked at Wu Yan who was over the moon. A cold sweat flowed down the side of her head. She awkwardly smiled.

"Looks like you summoned two incredible vassals..."

Wu Yan  turned around with a huge smile. He was a happy camper.

Wu Yan then revealed a hint of disappointment.

"The familiars are strong but why are there only two of them?"

Natsuki glanced at Wu Yan and she said nothing.

She didn't say it was because the two vassal beasts are probably the only familiars strong enough to even be fit for summoning. That's why only two were summoned...

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