Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 890: Darn, feared by a cutie

Familiars are very important to vampires.

Take away their nigh infinite lifespan, vampires are just long-lived demons with low physical abilities. They were the strongest among the demons because they can leverage their strong lifeforce to harbor vassal beasts that had devastating effects and power.

For vampires, vassal beasts are very crucial for survival.

When a vampire is born, they would make it their primary objective to summon a familiar from the familiar realm, nurturing it within their blood.

A 20 year old vampire with a ginormous magic power reserve stood before her. He has no familiars under his command but he used pure magic power to beat two vampires who unleashed their familiars on him.

Natsuki responded to the magic power leakage alert because her student was nearby. She detected something odd, otherwise, she wouldn't have responded to the incident.

Bringing Wu Yan and Kotori along is just a safety measure while keeping an eye on Nagisa.

Natsuki is seriously getting interested in the man before her. He was a treasure trove of mysteries, to describe Wu Yan simply would be to say he's a vampire with very peculiar traits, mysteries that she wanted to unravel.

"Hmm... What an odd vampire..."

She couldn't help but voice her intrigue. Her jewel-like eyes fell upon Wu Yan, it looked she's trying to see through Wu Yan's nature.  She didn't ask him the real questions she had because she knows Wu Yan probably won't answer them anyway, not if she asked something too personal.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan wasn't used to being studied by a cute little girl like Natsuki. He felt uncomfortable so he grabbed his tea of cup, sipping from it to hide his face from view.

"Don't look at me like that, I might not have a familiar right now but I will get one soon enough. Moreover, I am not a vampire who can only rely on his vassal beasts, I know some magic myself..."


Natsuki shook her head. Not a lot of demons possess magic, there are only so many that can use it you can easily count them. Most of these demons are also walking tanks of magic power, each of them were renowned in their own magic crafts.

Natsuki already got the memo, Wu Yan has an OP amount of magic power at his disposal. She turned her attention towards Kotori who heretofore remained largely silent. She asked her with a tired voice.

"What about you? What kind of demon are you?"

"Don't lump me in with that guy!"

Kotori retorted.

"I am a human!"

Kotori is a human. She turned into a spirit because a certain spirit gave her spirit powers. A more accurate term for Kotori would be a human who has spirit powers. As for Kotori, she preferred to think of herself as a human, she felt indifferent in regards to her spirit powers.

There are also humans in this world blessed with spirit powers, they weren't artificial spirits and they were largely treated as humans.

Natsuki's expression twitched.

"A vampire and human siblings? Interesting..."

Kotori pursed her lips, she turned her head towards the door while Wu Yan awkwardly laughed. Then, he recalled something and he asked the young girl.

"Natsuki, you're an attack mage, right?"

"Can I assume you're asking the obvious?"

Natsuki sipped her tea. She already made her identity clear...

Wu Yan rubbed his head.

"Say, can you pull some strings to register me as an attack mage in Itogami city?"

"Hey, are you really a vampire?"

Natsuki felt like she's getting more surprises in a day than she did the year before.

"It's already very weird that you're walking around without a vassal beast in you. You want to become an attack mage too? Don't you know attack mages fight against demons?"


Wu Yan raised his hands feebly.

"I have my own problems to deal with. You should treat me as if I am not vampire..."

Natsuki came to a conclusion. This vampire isn't a normal vampire.

Normal vampires have vassal beasts, they don't ask to be registered as attack mages, lump that in with everything she has seen and heard today, she would chalk today as a very academically fruitful day.

She couldn't deny it, he ignited a flame of curiosity within Natsuki.

Her sapphire blue eyes flashed with amusement. She waved her fan at Wu Yan while leaning against her sofa.

"Fine, I can do that for you."

Wu Yan couldn't help but balk at her confidence.

This petite girl who is apparently 26 years old appeared to be a high-level attack mage too, she agreed as if the request was a walk in the park for her.

Wait, why did I say "too"?

Wu Yan scartched his head in confusion. However, he nodded anyway, giving her an amiable smile.

"Thanks! Natsuki!"

Natsuki snorted while looking the other way. Wu Yan grabbed the cup of tea and he drank it. But, he stopped soon enough as he placed the cup of tea back on the table with a slightly bitter look.


Natsuki frowned, she's not pleased with Wu Yan's reaction.

She might look like a little girl but she takes her black tea very seriously.

"It's nothing..."

Wu Yan didn't know this trait of her so he honestly gave her a review.

"The black tea isn't my cup of tea..."


Kotori pursed her lips, she furrowed her brows.

"It's inferior to the ones you usually brew..."

Natsuki couldn't pretend she didn't hear that. Kotori's comment stirred Natsuki into action.

"You know how to make black tea?"

"A little bit..."

Wu Yan took out a tea cups from a cupboard nearby. With a wave of his hand, red ripples in space opened up as an exquisite bottle of tea appeared. Then, he went to work.

Natsuki looked at the tea bottle, specifically, the portal that spat out the tea bottle.

"Spatial manipulation, your magic?"

"Nah, that's just the effect of my item..."

Wu Yan poured cups of tea while resuming his explanation.

"I know spatial manipulation magic but I haven't reached the stage where I can make my own sub-space to store and retrieve items."

"Oh? You know the same kind of magic as me..."

Natsuki's nonchalant remark answered Wu Yan and Kotori's nagging question.

She appeared behind the both of them silently and without being detected because she used teleportation.


Natsuki's eyes widened when she drank the tea he made.

"This taste, it's quite good..."

"You can have it if you want."

Wu Yan tossed the bottle of tea over to her.

"Let me know if you want more, I can always make more..."

With an increased interest in Wu Yan, she made a silent plan in her head.


Kotori looked at the door.

"You there, why don't you come inside and have a cup of tea too?"

A meek schoolgirl peeked into the room from behind the door, her ponytail gave her away. She hid the moment Wu Yan looked in her direction.

Wu Yan felt a bit hurt that Nagisa reacted like this. He weakly greeted her while gesturing for her to come over.

"Come, we've got good tea..."

Nagisa didn't take Wu Yan's suggestion. She continued looking at him with a terrified look, adding salt to his injuries.

Darn, feared by a cutie, he will never admit this to anyone...

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