Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 889: Cheating, on multiple levels

Saikai Academy is a school that integrated middle school and high school, it's also one of the few highschool available on Itogami Island.

There are not a lot of demons studying or teaching here, this is in stark contrast to Itogami Island where demons are relatively common. Almost all the students here were humans.

There are no registered demons studying here although there are unregistered demons lurking among the students.

Also, Hyper Adapters and magicians are technically humans too, so appearance wise, they wouldn't stand out.

On a floor for admins and teachers, inside an office...

The office was situated higher than even the principal's office. It's very luxurious inside here, the floor is decked out with a fancy rug, there are expensive-looking decorations hung on the wall. The furniture also looked like pieces of art.

Moreover, the office took up about half of this floor's total area, anyone walking in would be forgiven for thinking they were about to enter into a royal audience with a king or something, not an office...

This is Minamiya Natsuki's office.

She's the english teacher for the high school section, she's also a security adviser and an attack mage at the same time.

There are powerful demons in the Demon Sanctuary, against the might of the demons, normal humans were undoubtedly easy prey. Middle school and high school students are even more susceptible to demonic attacks.

To safeguard the students from demons, Itogami Island's authorities laid down strict regulations. Security advisors were sent to teach the students.

Natsuki is one of the attack mages sent here to protect and teach the students.

Natsuki liked her teaching job more than fighting. Attack mage is only a side-hustle for her. Although she looked very young and she had a frigid attitude, deep down, she loves teaching as much as she loves her students.

Even if the students are not taught by her, she treated them just like how she would treat her own students. That's why she stood up for Nagisa despite the latter being taller in stature.

According to Natsuki, she's 26...


Wu Yan awkwardly chuckled while sitting on the fancy sofa. He just couldn't believe what the little girl said, she's not even 150cm tall.

"Y-you're close to my age, I couldn't tell..."

A bit ticked off, Natsuki wrinkled her forehead.

"You're almost the same age as me, you say? Aren't you a demon?"

Demons have a longer lifespan than humans. Vampires are so long-lived they looked immortal, undying through centuries. Other demons do not boast the same longevity but they can still easily live for 180 years and more.

It's hard to gauge a demon's age by their appearance alone. Natsuki assumed Wu Yan had to be in his 40s.

"I don't know why you're so surprised..."

Wu Yan retorted when he saw Natsuki's disbelief.

"You're 26 and you look like... that. Given that, a young demon like me should be a reasonable existence too, don't you think so?"

Natsuki flinched, she looked at Wu Yan with an intrigued expression.

"I have seen younger demons..."

Natsuki lifted her tea cup and she elegantly sipped it before continuing.

"However, it's my first time seeing a demon with such tremendous power at such a young age..."

Demons tend to grow stronger with age, the longer they lived, the more magic power and techniques they have under their belts. There are exceptional cases of demons born with great magic power. However, talent cannot begin to describe Wu Yan's mana pool.

Natsuki's perception couldn't measure Wu Yan's magic power precisely. However, she can tell that Wu Yan's magic power would be mind-blowing, that's what her guts told her.

If Wu Yan is telling the truth then where did this monstrous youth came from?

Natsuki felt like she underestimated this harmless-looking young man.

Naturally, she didn't know about Wu Yan's magic power cultivation technique, not to mention, he has the best technique points can buy, this made him different from the other demons who can only slowly grow in power through decades of accumulation and training.

Just comparing magic power alone, no demon is his equal. Even the True Ancestors, the Primogenitors of this world would probably lose.

The Primogenitors had such frightening magic power reserve because they lived the longest, through living a very very long life, they compounded their gains into their current mana pool. Their magic power and nigh-infinite lifeforce made their vassal beasts very formidable forces of nature.

Based on this, Wu Yan who can cultivate magic power and gain magic power rivalling the primogenitors in a drastically shorter timeframe is not only cheating, his existence is a crime...

"Alright, what kind of demon are you?"

Wu Yan blinked and he decided to come clean.

"A vampire."

"A vampire?"

Puzzled, Natsuki looked at Wu Yan.

"Are you kidding me? A 20 something vampire with your ginormous magic power?"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes. Instead of talking, he decided to use action to validate his claims.

His eyes turned golden and he made his fangs jut out.

Natsuki was taken aback by Wu Yan's sudden use of his bloodline. She gasped.

"I thought vampires have red eyes, why is yours golden?"

"Hmm, who knows..."

Wu Yan returned to his normal state and he teased her.

"Maybe that's the secret to why I have so much magic power at such a young~ age~"


Natsuki sipped her tea again.

"Well, let's leave it at that. You better watch out, with your magic power, your familiar is very powerful, right? Don't use it willy-nilly, I can't be bothered to cme after you when that happens..."

"Relax, I don't have a familiar..."

"Ah, that's fi..."

Natsuki stopped abruptly.

"What was that? No vassal beasts?"


Wu Yan admitted it.

"I don't have one."

"Get out of here."

Natsuki started suspecting if Wu Yan was toying with her since the beginning.

"You're telling me a vampire like you don't have the trump card of vampires? You don't have a vassal beast?"

"That's the case, yes."

Wu Yan sighed and he shrugged.

"At least, I don't have one in my blood right now, you can check if you don't believe me."

Wu Yan looked sincere enough, she started getting the same feeling again.

She had severely underestimated this man...

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