Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 888: Minamiya Natsuki, tier 9

"Seriously, what a mess you have wrought..."

A tender, clear, but stern voice entered their ears.

Someone arrived.

No, more importantly, the new guest came here unnoticed.

They relaxed their tense bodies while turning around.

The crater created from snuffing out two familiars still fumed with smoke, the buildings around them were raining small pieces of rock precariously. There were cracks spreading outwards from the center, aside from this small devastation, the street was relatively fine.

A petite figure, slightly taller than Flandre stood within the crater.

She's wearing a black gothic lolita dress. She looked elegant and regal like a princess, her black hair fluttered with the wind. Her hair also ended in cute twirls that looked like mini hair tornadoes. While not normal, she was still presentable.

With a parasol in one hand and a lacey fan in the other, the young girl looked like an exquisite doll of extreme cuteness. Even Wu Yan who is more or less used to seeing extraordinary beauties couldn't help but praise her good looks. She's definitely going to grow up to become a total bombshell.

Accurately speaking, she's not a beautiful woman, she couldn't be, after all, she wasn't even 150cm.

Wu Yan was gasping and blinking in surprise.

This girl sneaked up on them without anyone being the wiser, and, she's just a kid?...

They scanned her immediately.

Minamiya Natsuki: Level 82

Astonished by the information they received, the two couldn't believe their eyes.

She looked like she's only slightly older than Flan and Yoshino. However, she is already in tier 9.


Wu Yan bitterly smiled while shaking his head.

"Talk about not judging a book by its cover..."

Kotori nodded, she continued sizing up the young girl.

"Yeah, she's pretty cute too..."

The young girl was busy assessing the situation when she sensed an annoying description from the two individuals near her. She set her sapphire eyes on Wu Yan and Kotori.

"You two were the source of the magic power outburst just now, right?..."

Wu Yan and Kotori returned to their senses. They furrowed their eyebrows.

"Are you..."

Wu Yan asked Natsuki.

"An attack mage from Itogami Island..."

"Maa, that's one of my job, yes..."

She lifted her parasol up elegantly. Then, she replied ambiguously much to Wu Yan's chagrin.

"I didn't think a small scuffle would cause an attack mage to come around sniffing, I have to say, Itogami Island has a solid security force in place..."

"A small scuffle, you say?"

Natsuki pointed at the crater while grinning at Wu Yan.

"You call that a small fight? Looks like I have to revise my estimates of your power.

"However, you're right."

Natsuki slowly walked over.

"Abnormal magic power alerts normally don't require the mobilization of attack mages."

Natsuki passed Wu Yan and Kotori as she looked down at the schoolgirl who is still shivering in fear.

"When my students are trembling in fear, as a teacher, I cannot pretend to see nothing..."

"A teacher?"

Kotori crunched her candy, she threw Natsuki a doubtful glance.

"You're a teacher?..."

"Your reactions are predictable but that does not make me happy at all..."

Natsuki clicked her tongue and she talked to the girl who is still rooted in fear.

"You, you're Kojou Akatsuki's sister, Kojou Nagisa, I presume?"

Nagisa's serious face didn't falter, however, a hint of sadness and pity could be seen in her eyes.

"Come, now..."


Nagisa finally noticed Natsuki calling out to her. Slowly, she looked up at her teacher, her weirdly petite teacher.


"It's okay, don't cry..."

She patted Nagisa on the shoulders. Then, she turned towards Wu Yan and Kotori with a hostile look.

"You two, you made my student cry..."

"Hey hey hey, wait, you've got the wrong person!"

Wu Yan shook his head as he tried to assert his innocence.

"That's right!"

Kotori pointed at Wu Yan.

"He made her cry, not me!"

"Kotori, you little..."

Wu Yan choked on his words. She's harsh but fair, Nagisa cried because he approached her even if her demon trauma played a bigger role. Technically, Kotori's right.

"No no! It wasn't me!"

Wu Yan denied vehemently. He tried to justify his actions.

"Making girls cry isn't something a dandy would do, and I am a dandy."


Kotori gave him an angry look.

"You, seriously, you're planning on bagging them too?"

"How did you arrive at that conclusion?!"

Natsuki felt awkward when the two siblings fought in front of her, she slowly lowered her guard.

Nagisa also watched with a dumbfounded look. She's still afraid but she's not as terrified as when Wu Yan first talked to her.

"That's enough."

Natsuki stopped them by raising her hand.

"If you want to have a lover's quarrel there are other places where you two can do that. Just not here, please."

"And how did you come up with that idea?!"

"I-I am not having a lover's spat with him!"


Natsuki placed the parasol over her shoulder.

"Come with me, I want to hear all the details. Of course, if you want the enforcers to interrogate you, I am fine with that as well."

Natsuki walked away while Nagisa hurriedly tagged along. She dashed away like she couldn't stand being near Wu Yan another second.

Wu Yan watched as Natsuki casually left the two to their own device.

"Isn't she afraid we might not comply?"

"Of course not!"

Kotori sighed.

"She's tier 9, she saw our faces, and she can appear near us without being detected. It would be easy for her to track us down in her hometown!"


Wu Yan asked Kotori.

"Do we follow her then?"

"Yeah! Let's go, why not?"

Kotori had a devilish grin, it appears she's interested.

"Maybe we can get some information from her. I mean, you don't know much about this world so..."

"Yeah, when you're right you're right..."

Wu Yan nodded.

"Let's go!"

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