Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 887: The girl who couldn't escape in time

When everything returned to normal, the air got filled with a deathly silence.

The two vampires were shocked beyond words. They stood still like dummies.

The vampires are called the strongest among the magical races precisely because of their unique ability to summon vassal beasts, their racial characteristic allowed them to mostly mitigate the usage of familiars who lived off lifeforce.

The familiars they are so proud of got straight-up punched back into their magical realms by an assailant who came out of this unharmed.

Even if they were up against someone who looked like an attack mage, this was something they couldn't accept.

Wu Yan is similarly awed.

These two vampires, rather, their familiars took him 10% of his magic power to one-punch into the void.

Wu Yan isn't your average vampire, he's a True Ancestor who stood at the top of the vampire hierarchy. His 10% mana is enough to run Itogami Island's consumption for an entire month!

It took an entire city's 1 month's worth of magic power to take care of familiars summoned by two average vampires.

So this is why familiars were the trump cards of the vampires.

So that's why familiars are known as walking disasters and beings of destruction in this world.

They sure lived up to their title as magic power given mind and form...

He flailed his smoking fist. The two vampires are still standing but Wu Yan is glad with his gains this time.

He got a good taste of the familiars' powers.

As he had hypothesized, at this rate, the beast he summoned would no doubt be on another level compared to the two familiars he just faced. The vassal beasts would be one of his strongest techniques.

Familiar Summoning is within his grasp.

He inhaled deeply. Looking at the two dumbstruck vampires, he told them off in a friendly manner, he didn't use a frigid tone with them.

"You two did me a solid, I will let you guys off the hook..."

Wu Yan waved his hands, he's in a good mood right now.

Wu Yan patted Kotori on her shoulder, she was watching the whole thing from the sidelines.

"Right, let's get out of here, if the enforcers come then we will be in deep trpouble..."

Kotori ignored Wu Yan for a few seconds. She continued looking at a certain direction while mumbling to hereslf.

"Something's not right with that one over there..."


Wu Yan tilted his head in confusion. He looked at the direction Kotori's looking at when he saw someone that made him pause.

There's a girl who looked about the same age as Kotori, 14, maybe 15, sitting on the ground. Her raven-black hair was tied up in a ponytail with a blue ribbon. She's wearing a school uniform, although she wasn't as sweet-looking as Kotori, she's very cute, her moist round eyes were similarly red like Wu Yan's.

The girl looked at Wu Yan, Kotori, the vampire punks with eyes of absolute terror and fear.

She's deeply disturbed and distressed over the fight between Wu Yan and the vampire delinquents.

Wu Yan knitted his eyebrows when he saw the girl.

"That girl..."

He scratched his cheeks and he lowered his head to recall something.

"The familiarity is uncanny..."

Kotori heard Wu Yan and she started judging Wu Yan with her eyes.

"Are you so chronically ill you would call any cute girl you met a familiar girl?"

Wu Yan almost tripped on nothing when he heard Kotori. His lips twitched.

"I am not that depraved, am I?'

"Who knows?..."

Kotori hesitated before asking Wu Yan.

"Is she going to be okay? She doesn't look fine to me?"

"Why didn't she run for shelter?"

Wu Yan was puzzled.

"The alarm is very loud, I doubt anyone would miss it. She looks like a normal human so I don't know what she's doing here..."

"Who knows..."

She said and she fell deep into her own thoughts. Only Wu Yan recognized her silence as a sign that she's using her smart brain to figure this one out.

The two vampires already scampered off, carrying the knocked out vampire Wu Yan kicked into a building. Wu Yan, Kotori, and the stunned girl are the only ones here.

His eyes flashed and he made up his mind. Wu Yan approached the girl.

He trusted his instincts, his impeccable memory also solidified his thoughts on the matter.

He knows he hasn't seen this girl before today, if he did, he would have remembered.

Using his impeccable memory, he couldn't fetch anything significant from his treasure trove of memories, yet, she gave him a familiar impression.

This must mean this girl is a character in the original work.

Since he wasn't familiar with the original work, impeccable memory didn't work on the knowledge and memories that were incomplete or fuzzy in the first place.

Let's try...

The girl watched as Wu Yan drew closer. She looked up at Wu Yan with a pair of dumbfounded eyes, she's cuter up close.


Wu Yan greeted her.



The girl regained her senses when Wu Yan called out to her. Stricken with fear and dread, she shrieked in horror, cutting Wu Yan short.

"No!! Nooo!!!"

She's reacting like she saw a ghost. The girl quickly dragged her butt backwards in fear.

"No no no! Uguuu..."

The girl looked traumatized as she grabbed her head while shaking uncontrollably. Wu Yan stopped and he tried to calm her down.

"Look, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

"Don't come near me! Don't come near me!"

The girl blocked out all external stimuli. She continued backing away in fear. It won't be strange if she collapsed out of extreme stress and fear.

"No... No... demons... demons..."


Wu Yan backed away, creating distance between them. Kotori voiced her thoughts on the matter, she was observing her reaction in response to what transpired before this point.

"That girl, she appears to have some sort of trauma in regards to demons..."

"A deep-rooted fear of demons?"

Wu Yan pointed at his own nose.

"You mean she's looking at me like I am a demon?"

"Kotori rolled her eyes at him.

"You are a demon, remember? You're a vampire..."


Wu Yan was perplexed.

"I didn't summon a familiar nor did I show my fangs..."

Kotori sighed, she pointed her candy at Wu Yan's eyes.

"Buster, you forgot that your eyes change color when you're serious?"

Wu Yan was too excited by the familiars' power that he totally forgot to mind his eye colors.

"I am guessing this girl passed by when you started brawling with the vampires. Because of her fear of demons, she couldn't run away in time. Then, she was fortunate enough to see you use your powers..."

Kotori shook her head and she gave him a glance.

"I think it would be good if you stay away from her for now..."


Wu Yan felt helpless but that's how it is.


He pursed his lips and he gave the terrified and trembling girl one last look. Just when he was about to leave with Kotori, a clear voice entered his ears from behind.

"Seriously, what a messy scene you have created..."

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