Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 886: Beings composed of magic power, the destructiveness of vassal beasts

Beep beep beep

"Abnormal levels of magic power detected, citizens are advised to evacuate to the closest shelter. Abnormal levels of magic power detected, citizens are advised to evacuate to the closest shelter."

The bracelets flashed red when the delinquents used their powers.

Louder than the bracelets, the alarms near them flared up. Shutters closed the entrance of the nearby buildings and shops. The pedestrians also freaked out when they saw this.

"Demons! Demons!"

"Run, run for your life!"

The weather might be hot but the current situation justified the speed at which the pedestrians escaped. They were afraid if they didn't get out of here soon, they might get dragged into a nasty battle where they might die.

It didn't take long for the nearby citizens to disappear. Wu Yan and Kotori exchanged a look.

"An alarm system..."

Kotori isn't pleased with this outcome.

"Did Itogami Island have a rule about no fighting?"

"I think it shouldn't be so draconian as to report street brawls..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Looks like we just got pulled into an annoying matter..."

He more or less guessed the island had a system in place to report offenders, he didn't think a fight inside the city would start a raid siren...

Thinking about it made sense, there are humans living here. If demons started fighting, the resulting damage can easily cause massive casualties. If they just punched or kicked each other, the damage would be minimal, but, if they used magic power, it would be equivalent to a storm ravaging an area.

Itogami Island had laws and regulations in place to prevent fights facilitated by magic and skills. The two newcomers just didn't know about it...

Since the demons used magic, the siren was sounded. Soon, enforcers will be here to quell the commotion.

That's very troubling.

Wu Yan and Kotori aren't afraid of the enforcers. They are more concerned with getting caught while unregistered, they are technically here without permission.

Getting busted would be annoying but if they got a case file under their names, what would become of Mission 1?

Wu Yan got himself into hot soup because he didn't understand the original work.

"Looks like things are getting out of hand."

Her red eyes showed a rare serious glim for once. Kotori told Wu Yan.

"Let's solve this and get out of here as soon as possible!"

Wu Yan also nodded.

The two demon punks aren't happy being treated like air, they roared at the two newcomers.

"Damn! I am going to show you what's what!"

The two delinquents bellowed and they started transforming.

Their eyes turned bloody-red. Two sharp fangs popped out and their ears elongated into a sharp pair of ears.

The two delinquents were vampires!


Wu Yan gasped.


The two vampires exuded bloody air that looked like evaporated blood, these jets of vaporized blood shot out as their magic power surged.

The magic power they channeled created a strong gust that swept up the area. Their bloody aura turned into horned beasts that can float in the air. The familiars howled.


The howls were like terrible waves that shook the air, the structures, and the buildings nearby. A large shutter near them started bending as if somebody smashed it with a battering ram.


Wu Yan observed the horned familiars with an intrigued expression.

"These are vassal beasts, huh?"

The trees started falling while the ground cracked. The metal lamp posts also made crekaing sounds. All of these were only by-products of the vassal beasts' presence.

"What a powerful magic power, what destructive capabilities..."

Wu Yan already knew the vampire punks were only newly-minted tier 7 individuals, he used the System's scan function on them when they approached earlier.

But, the vassal beasts they summoned, the familiars were at peak tier 7 power. The familiars were infinitely close to tier 8 power.

What did this mean?

If someone stronger than these punks weren't careful, a hit from their familiars and the stronger fighter would still die.

With these familiars, the vampires possessed an absolute advantage against other similarly-empowered demons. Heck, if they properly trained and used their powers, they might even be capable of challenging someone stronger than them.

Wu Yan finally noticed how much he underestimated the vassal beasts.

A familiar might not make him the strongest individual in town, but, these vassal beasts will definitely boost his destructive capabilities.

A power so great it can defeat foes stronger than himself.

If two normal vampires can summon such dreadful familiars, what about the vassal beasts he can summon as a True Ancestor?

Wu Yan got excited.

"Looks like I have to speed up the vassal beast acquisition process..."

"Ukou! Attack!"

"Bite him to death, Kidou!"


The two familiars howled again, then, they came for Wu Yan in a flurry of sonic booms and magic aura scattering.

Wu Yan wasn't freaking out, instead, he responded with an elated grin.


Wu Yan infused magic power exceeding the familiars into his fist. Mana surged into his fist in a terrifying storm.

Because of his emotions, his red eyes turned golden.

The familiars summoned by vampires are highly condensed sentient beings made from magic power. In other words, they are a gigantic pool of mana given thought and form.

Only a force greater than the familiars can cancel it.

Wu Yan discarded his other theories and he decided to test this out.

"Let me see it!"

His overpowered magic power reached for the sky.

"Show me the power of vassal beasts!"

The familiars finally arrived in front of Wu Yan.

He smashed at the beast with his magic power enhanced fists.

The next instant...


It looked like the stars above were falling to the ground, the rumbling energy beneath the earth looked like they were erupting all over. It sounded like thunder exploded all around them, it was a scene as awe-inspiring as a supernova.

An intense light filled the area, lighting up every nook and cranny in this area.  A gigantic sonic boom swept up the surrounding area, it echoed throughout the streets. The air here got blown away as the ground cracked, it looked like even the streets might collapse into the sea below it.

Fortunately, the vampires were only tier 7. The point at which his fist met the familiars only had a crater about 10 meters deep.

Wu Yan stood in the center of the crater with a smoking fist, he looked unscathed.

"Wh-what the..."

The two vampires couldn't believe their eyes.

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