Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 885: Strike, striking hard...

They were demons!

Wu Yan frowned slightly, he sighed silently.

Even demons have regressed into punks?

As expected of the Demon Sanctuary? Or, maybe, it's too far from his expectations?

Just as well, the demons are treated as citizens on Itogami Island, he has to change his attitude towards the demons.

While thinking about other matters, it looked like Wu Yan zoned out during a confrontation with the delinquents. They thought Wu Yan must have been scared silly. They snickered like a bunch of jerks.

"Now, do you get it?"

The blonde punk wrapped his arm around Wu Yan's shoulder and he jiggled his demon registration bracelet.

"This is my bracelet, we are all demons here, do you know what that means?"

"It means!"

The brown haired douche finished his sentence for him.

"You're just a normal human we can dispatch in no time at all!"

"Got that through your thick head yet?"

The green-haired delinquent waved his hand as if he's shooing away Wu Yan the fly.

"It'd be best if you hit the road!"

Wu Yan listened to the punks as they sang their duet. He didn't interrupt them, however, his face isn't as intrigued as when they first started out.


Wu Yan continued with calm eyes.

"You guys done?"

When they heard Wu Yan's cold tone, the demon punks were stunned.

They abused their identities as demons to bully others into submission, it's almost an everyday occurence for them.

Although if they really assaulted Wu Yan, the Itogami police will be alerted when they use their magic powers. However, they can skirt the rule by using only brute strength, bullying humans with their superhuman strength.

That's why every time they flashed their IDs, the humans would do as they say. Their got bolder each time they got away with their crimes.

But, this won't end like anything they have done in the past.

Not only is the guy unafraid, his stance changed when they revealed their real identities.

Wu Yan behaved like a lion that watched with amusement as rams danced around in front of it.

After they revealed their Demon IDs, the lion finally recognized the threat posed by the rams' horns.

This didn't bode well for them.

An ant can be squashed at any time, the lion couldn't be bothered with killing an insignificant lifeform like that. However, even if the rams can't hurt the lion, the succulent rams were at risk because the lion might pounce any time.

Suddenly, the punks felt like they were easy prey in front of a lion.

Why? How?

He's not a registered demon according to his wrists...

Could he be an attack mage?

The three delinquents tensed up. They still talked big nonetheless.

"Hey, human, you think you can take all three of us on?"

They implied they had the numerical advantage and weren't afraid of ganging up on Wu Yan.

The demons weren't calling him brat or kid anymore, they called him a human.

Wu Yan noticed the change in attitude. He sighed and he asked Kotori for idea.

"Kotori, what do you think? How should we fix them?"


Kotori assumed Wu Yan must be joking, she waved her hand as if she couldn't care less.

"Just make it snappy, I don't want to stand here like a dunce anymore."


Wu Yan wasn't sure how to retort, instead, he curled his lips.


Just like that...


The demons couldn't react in time, they only heard someone stomping his feet.

Wu Yan turned into a blurry figure as he rapidly charged towards the three delinquents.


Wu Yan grinned.


Wu Yan whipped his leg out and he kicked the green-haired demon in his chest. The guy got smashed into the building behind him and he was rendered unconscious, it felt like a lorry just rammed into him.


The two other delinquents yelped as they quickly backed away.

"You, you really are an attack magician?"

Wu Yan dusted his leg when he landed.

"What? Scared just because you're up against an attack mage?"

Wu Yan sneered. He leaned forward.

"I recall someone saying something about how easy it was to finish a human off?"

"Or, maybe, you guys are too chicken-shit to take on someone who's bigger than you?"

Wu Yan started taunting the demons, using piercing words like lethal verbal jabs.

"I expected as much from a bunch of punks, you guys are wussies, demonic wussies..."

"Y-you bastard..."

The two demons were angered, they started channeling magic.

There are different types of attack mage.

Magicians use spells while Hyper Adapeters use supernatural powers. In any case, anyone strong enough to beat a demon by themselves are called attack magicians.

Although their skillsets differed, attack mages are a threat to demons, they are called attack mages because they can beat demons on their own.

There are also mages who killed demons for a living.

The two demon punks weren't sure if Wu Yan's a demon hunter, however, judging by how easily he took care of their friend, they weren't ready to risk it.

Beep beep beep

The bracelets on the delinquents' wrist blared. The street also started issuing a warning.

"Magic detected, citizens, please evacuate to a nearby shelter. Abnormal magic levels detected, citizens are advised to evacuate to a nearby shelter."

The street turned chaotic when the alarm rang.

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