Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 883: Strike The Blood, a silent descent...

The sun tried very hard to roast the earth, mirages could be seen almost everywhere. Without clouds in the sky, it felt suffocating just to be walking outside. Judging from the heavy sweating and huffs of the pedestrians here, it's probably very grueling just being out here...

The buildings that stretched for the sky overhead were lined tidily along the streets, most of the human traffic here were on foot with few vehicles in sight. The pedestrians were grumbling about the heat. They wanted nothing less than a cool place to chill off and shake off the heat haze plaguing their minds.

Two individuals stood out amongst the human traffic. They weren't particularly anxious about getting out of the heat. Instead, they let the sun do its job while standing at the center of the street without anything blocking the sunlight for them.

They stood there for 30 minutes now!

If Itogami weren't filled to the brim with magical creatures, they would have been easily identified as weirdoes.

The two stationary individuals is a male and female pair. The male was in black casuals, black pants, and a black hooded-jacket, his eyes were red whereas his hair is jet-black like his outfit. Dressing like this on a hot and sunny day is basically the same as asking to get heat stroke. He's dressed completely in black and he's wearing a hooded jacket.

As for the female, she caught more attention than the male.

She was wearing a pink shirt with a black pleated skirt. Her skirt stopped way short of her knees leaving much of her upper legs to be seen although the rest of her legs were cleverly hidden behind her knee-socks, creating a perfect absolute territory.

Her white muslin blouse dove-tailed well with her clothes, making it look like she's sporting translucent wings. Her red hair were tied into twintails by black ribbons. She looked like a lovely princess who just had her first taste of love. The pedestrians couldn't help but gawk when they passed by her.

However, her cute appearance got destroyed by the princess' next action.


She roared at the guy next to her with a very displeased look.

"Are you done yet?! We've been standing here for 30 minutes now!"

The guy standing next to her tilted his head with one eye shut as if he's trying to filter out her voice. He gave her an awkward smile and he waved his hands.

"Maa, just give me a few more minutes..."

He looked at the map in his hands, the very same map he looked at for more than 30 minutes.

"I am almost done, probably..."


The girl gasped in disbelief although she still looked quite cute while doing so. She facepalmed.

"Accompanying you to this world is apparently the worst mistake in my life so far..."

Indeed, the couple was Wu Yan and Kotori who came into this world from Silvaria.

It's been about an hour since they got here.

Itogami Island was designed as a sanctuary for demons and other magical beings. It also housed researchers who studied the creatures here for a living. Their family members are also here on the island. Strictly speaking, this place was a giant lab. Researching the magical beings is the main objective while living is a secondary objective.

The entry requirements are stringent. To enter this city, one would need to jump through a lot of administrative hoops and fill up stacks of paperwork. They also needed a very strong basis for staying in the city or must have a solid background. Otherwise, this special city is off-limits to anyone who wanted to enter.

Fortunately for Wu Yan and Kotori. They descended in the city instead of outside the Island. This saved them from the hassle of paperwork and possibly fighting the city's defenders to get into the city. The couple would like to avoid any flashy fights for now.

If they can't get into Itogami Island, Wu Yan will never be able to finish his first mission...

World: Strike The Blood

Quests: Redemption

Mission 1: Become an attack mage on Itogami Island.
Rewards: x5000 Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Summoning Points

Mission 2: Not yet unlocked.

Mission 3: Not yet unlocked.

The user may leave the transcript world when all the missions are finished. Mission 2 & 3 will be unlocked after the previous one is completed.

Please note that there is a time difference between the transcript worlds and the real world, 100 seconds in the transcript world is only 1 second in the real world. Take your time finishing up the quests and have fun training."

Attack magicians are humans who have the power and abilities to fight against magical beings.

They are superhumans with magic or techniques that can bring magical beings down. Humans who are naturally endowed with magic power, Hyper Adapters, are also known as attack magicians.

Technically, Wu Yan can't be called an attack magician.

He's a True Ancestor on par with the primogenitors of this world. He should have been classified as one of the magical races instead of a human. He isn't a human although he did have the power to deal with demons and magical beings.

This was where he differed from the primogenitors and vampires of this world, he had access to a wide array of magic spells, he can use alchemy, Kotodama, Yin-Yang spells, traditionally human magic.

Those who can use spells like that are attack magicians in this world.

Indeed, Wu Yan is in the gray area when it comes to whether or not he should be called an attack magician according to this world's job description.

It can be easy and hard to become an attack magician.

If you have powers that can defeat magical beings, congratulations, you are in.

That's where the easy part ends. If the mission only asked for him to become an attack magician, it won't be long before he finished it. But, the mission wanted him to become one, ON Itogami Island.

That means he has to get the higher-ups in the city to recognize him as am attack. The job also came with the annoying task to respond to supernatural events by orders of the city's administration.

It's almost like joining Itogami Island's faction.

Wu Yan is troubled with that aspect. He's a vampire, a magical being who is unregistered. If he ran over to the authorities to register himself as an attack magician, he's going to be apprehended faster than he can say "I am a dumbo."

Then, the quest...

With no other options available to him, he decided that it's best to just proceed one step at a time. After grasping the status and conditions of the city, he started touring the city with Kotori tagging along.

That led to these  two tourists standing in the middle of the city with a map, wasting half an hour's worth of daylight.

They looked cute and silly at the same time...

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