Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 881: Betrayed, what happened to "can't live without" me?

"Oh my gosh, this is so tasty..."

"Nn! I am so happy right now..."

"Hey! That's mine!"

"No stealing!"

"Ah! Flan's cake..."

What used to be a bountiful feast drastically decreased in size and volume. The girls channeled the spirit of the food god as they exhibited inhuman appetite. They also threw etiquettes to the wind. Kurumi still ate with elegance, however, the speed at which she moved her hands were five times her normal speed.


Wu Yan bore witness as his harem cleaned the table in under a minute. Ikaros and Wu Yan arrived with two plates of food, they were faced with a scene of culinary carnage. The girls fought each other over food. The both of them had trouble processing the scene.


Wu Yan didn't understand, why are the girls acting weird when he was just gone for a few daydreaming

Indeed, they were behaving oddly.

Wu Yan placed the two dishes on the table. Sure enough, it didn't take more than a few seconds for the ravenous piranhas to pick the plates clean in a cacophonous clinging of utensils.

Wu Yan's expression turned into 囧. He was at a loss of words.

"Haven't you girls been eating?"


Kotori gulped down the food in her mouth, then, she waved her chopsticks at Wu Yan.

"You will never understand. You don't know what it's like to be stuck in hell and then given heaven."

Wu Yan didn't even want to retort.

"Can you explain it properly?"

Alas, Kotori rejoined the fray, she forgot about Wu Yan.

Wu Yan sighed again. He looked like he aged a little after being promptly ignored. He turned towards Shokuhou Misaki who ate despite looking a bit guilty.

"Hey, Misaki, are you okay?"

Wu Yan massaged his temples.

"I don't know what happened but if you're feeling unwell I don't think you should be eating so much..."

Wu Yan's volume died down as he gawked in shock.

Misaki started crying for some reason, she sobbed while trembling like a chick in the rain.

"Don't look at me! Just let me eat!"

Wu Yan wiped away the sweat on his forehead and he gingerly laughed.

"At least slow your pace down..."

"Don't look at me! Just let me eat!"

"You take on weight easily, so..."

"Don't look at me! Just let me eat!"


"Don't look at me! Just let me eat!"


Wu Yan fell silent. He looked around, the girls were rubbing their stomachs with satisfied looks. He took the wok, and he went into the kitchen with Ikaros in tow. His duty isn't over yet...


The girls lied down on the table, they were still rubbing their stomachs albeit they felt a bit bloated. They looked like dying soldiers who were proud with their last stands, their faces basically said "Worthed it."

Wu Yan's shoulders drooped down when he saw "bodies" strewn all over the place. Maybe it's the lethargy of cooking for hours, or, maybe it's because he was tired of the girls' antics, it's probably a mix of both reasons.

"Y'all filled up yet? Miladies..."

Wu Yan said with a snort.

"Yeah, we are so full~~"

They moaned in unison. Wu Yan couldn't be bothered to make a comment on that. He cleaned up the table and he sat down with the girls.

"Alright, I have something to tell you girls. I am still curious why you girls changed so much though..."

Excluding Astrea, Tohka, Flan, and Yoshino, the other girls howled in grief, they weren't amused by Wu Yan's opinion.

Wu Yan's lip twtiched and he had to inhale deeply to calm himself down.

"I am planning on heading into another world."

The girls gasped.

"You're entering another world?"

Hinagiku asked.

"Why so suddenly?"


Mikoto chimed in.

"I never heard you talking about this, is it another mandatory quest?"

"I didn't mention it because I wasn't planning doing so, initially anyway..."

Wu Yan shrugged after scratching his cheek.

"When I reached tier 9 power, I awakened a bloodline technique that requires me to go into another world. That set in motion my current plans..."

Wu Yan asked the girls around him.

"Alright, who wants to go with me this time?"

"Travelling to another world together..."

The girls were tempted.

Silvaria is a foreign world to the girls in Wu Yan's harem. Without Wu Yan around, they would rather go to another place.

Following Wu Yan sounded way better.

However, Mikoto is the first one to shake her head apologetically.

"Sorry, Yan, I can't leave the sisters hanging like this. I can't go with you..."

The girls recalled that there were 20,000 sisters to look after in the forward operating base...


Wu Yan knitted his brows but he relaxed soon enough.

"Yeah, I am not comfortable leaving the sisters in this base by themselves..."

Wu Yan turned towards Hinagiku.

"What about you?"


Hinagiku thought about it and she shook her head too.

"I am staying behind with Mikoto..."

"We are staying behind too!"

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou chose to stay with the sisters too, while they didn't get to spend much time together, they still felt closer to the sisters than they did before...

"Hinagiku-nee and Mikoto-nee are staying?"

Astrea blinked, she hesitated but she ultimately relented.

"I will stay behind with Hinagiku-nee and Mikoto-nee!"


Tohka anxiously looked between Astrea and Wu Yan. Her butterfly hair accessory fluttered until she made up her mind. She coughed and she waved her hand.

"Uuu, I want to accompany Astrea..."

Wu Yan helplessly shook his head. He looked at Yoshino and Flan. However, the two girls were so busy playing they didn't notice the conversation over here, they probably didn't pay any attention in the first place...

Wu Yan chortled and he turned towards Shokuhou Misaki. Noticing Wu Yan's gaze, Shokuhou Misaki looped her hair around her index finger.

"I am staying, I want to focus on solving the Sisters' issue. If we let this continue, I won't be able to join you on your adventures in other worlds..."

"Oh, please let Ikaros stay too!"

Shokuhou Misaki touched her chin.

"Her computation abilities will be very helpful in my endeavour."

"I mean..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips, he showed Kotori and Kurumi his puppy eyes.

"As much as I would like to go with Hubby-sama..."

Kurumi shook her head, she glanced at Shokuhou Misaki.

"I kinda want to see how Shokuhou-san solves the Sisters' problem..."

Shokuhou Misaki gave Kurumi a challenging grin.

"Oh, I am sure you won't be disappointed."

Wu Yan felt like crying.

The girls said they couldn't live without him but they all turned him down one after the other. They wrung him dry of benefits and now they discarded him?

Wu Yan focused his big googly eyes on Kotori.

"Do-don't look at me like that..."

Kotori shifted her gaze away while blushing.

"Okay, jeez, I will go with you, ya happy?"

Wu Yan beamed bright as the sun after the rain...

While Wu Yan was making plans to go to another world, in the Grand Beast Forest, on a tall cliff, the platform shimmering with a magical light started leaking dark qi, it rippled with an insidious vibe...

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