Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 878: The last trick? Case closed


His voice command echoed with a magical force. When his voice reached the entity charging towards Wu Yan, the monster got stopped in his tracks.

His claws were just inches away from Wu Yan's chest. No matter how hard Bing Mian exerted himself, his claws wouldn't pierced into Wu Yan's chest or move forward!

"What's going on?!"

Bing Mian shrieked in anger at Wu Yan.

"What did you do?!"

Wu Yan chortled and he gave Bing Mian a curt glance. Then, he turned his head the other way.

"It's just a simple Kotodama spell."


Bing Mian flinched.

"Word magic?"

Bing Ling and the other experts frowned.

Wu Yan scratched his cheeks when he saw the confusion on their faces. He wasn't exactly sure how to explain the magic's concept so he continued.

"In simple terms, it's a magic that forces another to abide by the caster's command through magically-infused words. Well, it's magic as far as you guys are concerned."

"Word magic that cna force others to do the caster's bidding?..."

Bing Ling & co exchanged looks of shock.

They've never heard of magic that can use words to force others into action.

Was there a magic like this in Silvaria?

Won't that make the one who masters it effectively invincible?

Bing Ling & co couldn't help but be tempted by the magic's effect.

If the Cyto clan's magicians learned this spell, in a fight supported by Ice dou qi fighters, then..."

Wu Yan saw their elated looks and he threw cold water on them.

"This magic has its downsides too. For one, they can only affect people weaker than the caster. It can only slightly affect an enemy far stronger than the caster."

Bing Ling & co gasped so Wu Yan took it as a sign that they heard him.

Even so, this magic can still be put to great use.

Wu Yan implied that this magic can still have an effect on a stronger enemy, even while its effects are severely limited in such a case.

To put this in context, an evenly-matched fight would hinge on who makes a mistake first, a tiny mistake can decide the winner and the loser. A magic that can affect an opponent through words, it can be used to lure the enemy into making a blunder.

So what if the enemy is far stronger, they would lost whether they used the Kotodama spell or not.

Bing Ling & co are still tempted to get their hands on the spell. Of course, they are going to have to gauge their own abilities if they want to snatch it from Wu Yan.

"Arghhh! Release me!!!"

Bing Mian roared. Even while shooting off jets of dark qi, Bing Mian couldn't break of his invisible bonds.

That's the gap of power between tier 8 and tier 9.

Wu Yan's kotodama spell completely subjugated Bing Mian, it's not something he can break through with brute force.

"Release me! Release meeee!!!"

Bing Mian yelled like a beast captured in an invisible cage. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't break free of his jail.

"Save your strength, you can never escape my Word Magic."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"Plus, you're not using your own power. It would do you well if you obediently gave up the black wisp of light within you."

"Black light?"

Bing Ling & co gasped.


Bing Mian struggled even harder.

"As expected, you're after the source of my power because you're jealous of me. Let me tell it straight to your face, you're never getting it!"

Wu Yan was glad he turned him down.

Bing Mian's transformation was caused by the black light.

"If that's the case..."

Wu Yan slowly replied.

"You can die now."

Wu Yan's hand crackled with lightning, emitting bluish white sparks as he slowly inched his palm towards Bing Mian's chest.

Bing Ling & co weren't gonna sit still as Wu Yan looked like he's going to execute Bing Mian.


Wu Yan paused with a scowl.

"What? You want to keep a monster around?"

Bing Ling smiled while he shook his head. He tried to see past the monster's terrible appearance and recall his younger brother's look.

"Wu Yan, can you let us handle him?"

Wu Yan frowned.

It was only natural the brother tried to defend his younger brother. Wu Yan also couldn't be bothered with taking out the trash.

However, he's more concerned with the black light and its ability to massively power-up a human while turning the human host into a monster.

He doesn't think Bing Ling can handle something as aberrant as that.

It's something on par with his True Ancestor bloodline.

His blood also continuously nudged him to not that black light go. Wu Yan trusted his own guts.

When Wu Yan was about to reject Bing Ling, Bing Mian suddenly wailed in anguish.

"Gargh! Nooo! Noooo!!!"

Bing Mian felt something stirring within him. Then, his scales started disappearing as his dou qi raged out of control.


Bing Mian rapidly returned to his original look, his scales, multiple eyes, and tail were gone, leaving Bing Mian in his original sickly state.

When Bing Mian was about to make full recovery, a jet of black light shot out from Bing Mian. Instead of running away, the black light shot into Wu Yan's body.

Wu Yan concentrated as he turned his giant magic pool on the foreign power. He wanted to drive out the invading power before he turned into a monster like Bing Mian.

Then, his bloodline reacted violently like a lion who was challenged for its territory.

His blood crashed against the black light within Wu Yan.


The black light wanted to take over Wu Yan's body, instead, it got pounded by Wu Yan's bloodline. Hissing like an alien bug, the black light quickly departed Wu Yan's body, revealing itself in the real world.

Wu Yan grabbed the black light before it can run away again.


The black light struggled within Wu Yan's firm grasp.

"Oh, you, that was a close one..."

Wu Yan grinned at the black light within his palm.

"I don't know what you are or where you came from, however..."

Wu Yan squeezed hard.


He crushed the black light into bits.


Wu Yan sighed in relief and he chuckled...

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