Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 877: Now, things are very different

"You're satisfied with just these much power?"

The others looked at the spot where it was raining claw beams just a moment ago. Strangely enough, the claw beams stopped as if they were met with an indomitable wall. Slowly but surely, the beams were pushed back as Wu Yan revealed himself. His deep red eyes were still as a lake's surface. He looked at the petrified Bing Mian and he sneered.

"If this is the power you are gloating over, boy, have I got news for you..."

He clenched down on the claw beam he's holding off.


The claw beams around him burst under his sheer strength. He extinguished the beams and dispersed them in bits of dark light.

Aside from his slightly disheveled robe, he came out without a scratch.

"I hope you're ready get whooped..."


Bing Mian watched as his proud attacks failed to do anything. His opponent thwarted him easily. He was at a complete loss.

"Yo-you've got to be kidding me, that was my full-power attack..."


Bing Ling clenched his fists tighter.

"Is this his current power?..."

The other tier 8 experts around him dared to say nothing. They exchanged a look with each other and they looked down with bitter smiles. They knew they could defend against Bing Mian's all-out attack, however, they were also humble enough to know they wouldn't have been able to come out on top looking so suave even if they worked together.

If they were by themselves...

The eight experts shook their heads with even bitter smiles. The youngest among them is 40 years old. Meanwhile, that guy looked like he's still in his 20s.

He's so young, yet, he's this strong?

Could it be? Is Wu Yan a tier 9 cultivator?

Nobody wanted to imagine that scenario. However, their instincts told them that's the only explanation.

But, a 20-something tier 9?

Bing Ling and his escorts were befuddled. Even Bing Mian was suspicious. He's a peak tier 8 monster empowered by dark qi. Theoretically, he should have been an insurmountable foe for anyone tier 8 and under.

However, Wu Yan easily smashed his attacks apart in under a second.

Logically speaking, who else but those tier 9 and above can do that?

"He's in the ninth realm..."

Bing Mian's bloody throat felt dry as he voiced that out in a hoarse tone.

"How is that possible?..."

Bing Mian's ugly mug couldn't hide his own disbelief. Wu Yan just shrugged.

"That's why, who gave you the confidence in the first place?"

Bing Mian roared angrily.

"I am an apex tier 8 fighter! You shouldn't have been able to hold a candle against me!"

"Apex tier 8?"

Wu Yan couldn't help but laugh out loud. He walked towards Bing Mian slowly.

"I say, you must be under some kind of misunderstanding..."

While he paced towards Bing Mian, Wu Yan chuckled like he's talking to a kid.

"Don't you know?"

"Andrew from Ladin Family, he's also peak tier 8, I killed him nonetheless!"

"Oh, by the way, your uncle who turned himself into a cosmetic nightmare to pursue tier 9 power? I also killed him."

"Compared to them, your unrefined and untrained peak eighth realm power? You might as well called the trash monster..."

He stopped and he slowly spelled out his next sentence.


His words pierced his heart like long spears. The monster's happiness from gaining a power-up fell apart like scattered clouds. His body trembled.

Bing Mian started inching backwards. He can still feel his amplified power, the power that surpassed his past self by hundreds of times over. However, he's not proud, not anymore.


Bing Mian's sanity started unravelling.

"That can't be! This power is mine! It's all mine! I am the strongest there is! I am stronger than you! Yeah! Stronger than youuuu!!!"

"You! You!!! Wu Yan!"

His dark qi swirled violently as he lashed out at his surroundings. Soon, he was covered in his own dark qi.

"You're jealous of me! You must have did something underhanded, didn't you?! Didn't you?!!!"

Bing Mian deluded himself and he laughed in a hoarse voice.

"Yeah! That has to be it! You're not stronger than me! You're weaker than me!"

Bing Ling and his guards couldn't bear to look at his pathetic display.

They also didn't want to admit Wu Yan's superiority. He's still a youngster in his 20s...

Bing Ling also had a hard time accepting reality.

Back in Silvaria World Institute, he fought Wu Yan multiple times. Although he lost each time, at least he still put up a good fight each time.

After the Grand Tournament ended, things changed.

He got tier 8 power first. He also outperformed his peers in the Giant Beast Forest Incident, he fought valiantly against tier 8 demonic beasts and came out on top. Even against an impossible foe like the demigod Beast King he still resisted courageously. Then, he became the strongest student in the entire academy. After that, he single-handedly beat Kaya and Jaafar in a 2 v 1 duel.

He went on to kill a peak tier 8 from the Ladin family. Even the Cyto clan's third strongest individual, Uncle Marcus died in a fight against Wu Yan.

In just 2 to 3 months, Wu Yan re-appeared, each time stronger than the last time he saw him. Now, he came back with power that can only belong to someone from the ninth realm.

Bing Ling doesn't even have the right to hold Wu Yan's shoe.

How will Bing Ling ever accept something like this? How can he even believe something as outrageous as his growth?

When a gale brushed by Bing Ling, his strained hands throbbed with pain. That pain told him this is all real.

"Bing Mian..."

Bing Ling mumbled in pain.

"Maybe, I finally understand why you willingly turned into something like that..."

The experts near Bing Ling heard him and they looked at Bing Mian with sad gazes. Meanwhile, Wu Yan looked at Bing Mian like he's a pathetic excuse for existence.

"Because you couldn't deal with reality, you chose to delude yourself in your own world?"

Wu Yan sighed.

"I guess that's why you had to borrow external power. Without it, you can never advance or reach your current powers!"

"You shut your mouth!"

Bing Mian bellowed as he channeled dark qi into his body. With a mighty stomp, the ground crumbled.

Bing Mian shot forward like a cannonball with his claws aimed at Wu Yan's chest.

"I will kill you!!!"

With Bing Mian charging at Wu Yan while emitting fumes of dark qi, Bing Ling & co saw Wu Yan's nonchalant look and they knew...

This fight was already over...

Wu Yan watched as Bing Mian rushed towards him with dark qi and a menacing look. His heart was as cool as a cucumber.

Magic power flowed around his body, mana concentrated around his mouth along with magic-infused blood.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply and he roared.


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