Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 876: You're satisfied with only this much power?

When the monster clad in dark qi roared, the others finally jolted back into reality.

The surrounding guards nervously stepped back when the monster shrieked with anger and hatred.

Even Bing Ling and the other tier 8 practitioners subconsciously backpedaled. Wu Yan was the only who still stood his ground against the terrifying monster.

His True Ancestor blood reacted violently to the monster, it's telling Wu Yan that he found his target.

Looking at the exact same monster Marcus transformed into, Wu Yan sighed. The appearance of the monster itself was the only clue he needed to locate where the dark wisp of light went.

Wu Yan frowned when he heard the monster howling. He felt a bit helpless.

It's almost like a replay of the last time he faced Marcus.

Is every dark light augmented lifeform going to have a beef with him? It also looks like the dark wisp of light is hell-bent on becoming enemies with him?

Wu Yan was annoyed. He's not going out of his way to make enemies. He also didn't go around whacking innocent individuals. Those who died by his hands had it coming even if they were morally ambiguous, more importantly, they were the ones who struck first.

He's not even mad, he's just annoyed that this thing has an ax to grind with him.

He opened his scanning function on the monster.

Bing Mian Cyto: Level 79

Wu Yan couldn't help but laughed out loud when he identified the monster.

"So, it's you..."

Wu Yan's low volume entered everyone's ears. The monster also slowly reined in its dark qi.

He knows who I am?

Bing Mian said nothing although his scaly face twitched in nervousness.

"Y-you know who that thing is?"

Bing Mian felt a strange sense of unease when Wu Yan said that.

Bing Ling's curiosity got the better of him.

"Wu Yan, who is that?"


Wu Yan turned around with a surprised look. He dropped the bomb on Bing Ling and everyone else.

"You can't recognize your own younger brother after he turned into a monster?"

"My brother?"

Bing Ling balled his palms into fists, his unease intensified.

"You're saying... that thing's Bing Mian?"


Wu Yan shrugged.

"Go ask that thing."

Bing Mian didn't take kindly to Wu Yan's dismissive attitude. His dark qi exploded once more.


Bing Mian lashed out with his claws.


The space shook as Bing Mian unleashed claw beams filled to the brim with corruption and corrosive powers. The claw beams expanded rapidly like an expanding field of dark lightning.

As the claw beams gouged the ground, everyone watched as the claw beams got close to Wu Yan.

Those claw beams were highly-packed dense energy attacks. Bing Ling and the tier 8 experts around him can feel a power that could split the sea and cut mountains in twain. Meanwhile, Wu Yan pursed his lips in disdain. He didn't bother to use magic nor battle techniques on the energy attacks. Instead, he slapped the incoming beams.


It's like somebody smashed a church bell hard, the resulting sonic waves and shockwave shattered the durable ground, the walls crumbled as a strong wind erupted with Wu Yan as the center.

"Young Master! Watch out!"

The experts around Bing Ling immediately covered Bing Ling with mana, dou qi and protective techniques, the rubble and sharp shrapnel propelled by the impact isn't a laughing matter.

The other guards weren't as luck when they got knocked out by the shockwave.

Other than Bing Ling and the other tier 8 experts, everyone got knocked out cold.

"No-no way..."

Bing Ling and his escorts sucked in a cold breath of air.

"With just the shockwave..."

The other tier 8 experts gulped. They lost their initial composure.

"That's the young master? He can produce such powerful shockwaves at will?"

Bing Ling watched as claw beams continued raining down on Wu Yan's position. He couldn't avert his gaze from the storm of dark energy and dust.


Bing Mian laughed out loud. He looked around and he saw his handiwork, the guards were knocked out cold and those who can put up a defense barely held on to their current positions.

"Look! Behold my great power! This is all my power! Hahaha!"

Bing Mian licked his sharp teeth with his impossible long tongue. Screw becoming a monster, if it means he can obtain greater power, turning into a bug would also be a desirable choice.

He was just a petty tier 7 at first. Because of his injuries, he was on a steady path to a crippled life. Now, he became the strongest fighter excluding his father and grandfather.

Augmented by this dark qi, he's arguably stronger than even his father.


Bing Mian laughed maniacally only to freeze up when he violently coughed up blood.

Cough cough

He spat out more blood. Tormented by his own anguish, he grumbled.

"Damn, even after eating so many people I haven't recovered yet?"

Bing Ling & co finally knew why this monster attacked the humans.

Bing Mian was eating humans to recover from his internal injuries.

Bing Ling's expression sank as he revealed a look of utter sadness.

His younger brother was suffering so much from his injuries?

"Bing Mian is a monster? He turned into the monster Uncle Marcus became..."

Bing Ling smiled bitterly. His face went pale.

Bing Mian, utter unrepentant, wiped the blood away from his mouth as he snickered.

"Well, it's okay. I should be fine after eating a few more humans. With this kind of power, I can do whatever I want..."

Then, somebody replied.


A nonchalant voice came from within the storm of dark claw beams and dust.

"This level of power, and you're already satisfied?"

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