Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 872: An outline, a haunting?

The boundless blue sky, only the dull sunlight mingled with the endless blue aerial ocean. It looks like a great day to go out and have a walk, the temperature’s just right so it'd be a great day for any jogger or pedestrians.

The serene sky, the rowdy city, meanwhile, a seemingly average male walked through the busy streets without attracting anyone’s attention. The pedestrians are unaware that a major character is currently walking among them.

He doesn’t look too handsome or ugly, the youth revealed his average mug to the cool air of the morning. As he continued moving along the busy streets, he swept his gaze everywhere. It looked like he’s a tourist taking in the scenery. However, he wasn’t focused on the environment, he’s waiting for his body to come up with a response.

He frowned while looking at the buildings around him. Wu Yan silently cursed in frustration.

“Where is that damned thing? Is it really in this city? Stop making this hard and just pop out already…”

“The discomfort when my blood reacted and this uneasy calmness, why do I keep getting bombarded with annoying events…”

Wu Yan’s shoulder sagged as he scanned his surrounding once more. This time too, his blood didn’t react. He started grumbling again.

“Ugh, when is this going to end…”

Wu Yan psyched himself up as he exhaled slowly. Moving onwards, he decided that giving up now would be worse than just following through with his pursuit to the end. He also wasn’t cool with letting the black light go, that vibe it gave him, he needed to extinguish that black light.

Be it his luck or misfortune, his average looks allowed him to blend in well with the crowd. Although he couldn’t completely blend in, it was way better than if his girls were with him.

This average aura gave him the cover he needed to investigate the black light’s trail. Any unwanted attention would hamper his investigation efforts.

After stumbling around in the city for half an hour, Wu Yan turned up nothing. When he was about to moan and go grab something to eat, he noticed a commotion in front of him.

Looking in that direction, he saw pedestrians running for their lives as if they just saw something terrifying.

Wu Yan felt curious when he saw this, he exerted some strength in his legs and he zipped into the dispersing crowd without anyone being the wiser.

He used the guise of a puzzled pedestrian to keep unwanted attention away.

Soon, the crowd was parted to the sides, squeezing each other for space while a squad of knights in luxurious armor marched by. They were well-trained and organized as can be seen from their footsteps.

The crowd looked on with admiration and awe when the knight squad marched by. Looks like the pedestrians are impressed by the knight’s capability to handle everyone’s glare and attention.

Wu Yan who hid among the pedestrians mused to himself.

“Hmm, such a grand display, looks like these knights are from a respectable background…”


The closest citizen heard Wu Yan and he showed Wu Yan a weird look. He raised an eyebrow at the strange words this stranger uttered.

“You don’t know who they are?”

Wu Yan blinked in surprise. He looked at this template citizen guy and he wasn’t sure if he should continue talking to the guy or not. Wu Yan’s awkward response was taken to be an act where he wanted to avoid being seen as an ignorant buffoon.

The stranger gave him an understanding look that said: “I got you, my dude.”

The stranger slapped his shoulder and he chortled.

“It’s okay, you’re young, I get it…”

Wu Yan laughed dryly and he chose to let the guy’s assumption run its course.

“Alright, brother, may I know where this knight squad came from? They look pretty cool…”

“Haha, you came to the right person.”

The stranger coughed as he confidently continued to explain. Wu Yan resisted the urge to punch the guy.

“That’s the Cyto Family’s knight squad…”


Wu Yan gasped.

“The Cyto family?”

“No way…”

The stranger flinched.

“You don’t even know this is the town where the Cyto Family operates in?”

“You’re telling me this is their hometown?”

Wu Yan was speechless.

After killing Marcus, the second in charge of the Cyto Family, he chased the black light all the way to Cyto family’s hometown.

Talk about fate and coincidences…

“I see, so that’s why they are walking around with heads held high…”

Wu Yan laughed.

“With the second most influential noble family behind them, I can understand why they are so cocky…”

“Please, they don’t deserve the attention they are getting…”

The guy pursed his lips in disdain.

“So what if they are the second most influential noble power in all of Ailu empire, they still ate dust and came back dishonored.”


Wu Yan asked with intrigue.

“What happened?”

“My bro, it seems you have much to learn…”

The stranger wasn’t aware that a tier 9 superhuman called him bro just a few minutes ago. If he did, he would probably be over cloud nine in happiness.

“You think they are here to show off? No, they came back as reinforcements!”

Wu Yan flinched.

“Reinforcements? Did something happen in the Cyto family?”

“Yeah, and it’s huge…”

The stranger looked around warily as if he didn’t want anyone to listen in on them. He furtively told Wu Yan.

“Apparently, there’s a ghost haunting the Cyto family!”

“Ghost haunting?”

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He donned his game face.

This was the smoking gun he needed, he knew for sure, the black light’s here.

“Please, give me the details.”

“Well, I heard it from someone else…”

The guy scratched the back of his head.

“Word on the street is that someone heard ghostly wails and shrieks in the deep of night yesterday.”

“That’s what you meant by a haunting?”

Wu Yan looked at the knight squad in puzzlement.

“If that’s the case, why do they need to recall their forces from elsewhere?”

The stranger recalled the version of the story he heard and he started explaining while rubbing his palms in apprehension.

“You see, whenever the scary voices came, the patrols would find one or two corpses that looked like a demonic beast ate them entirely, leaving only bones here!”

Wu Yan knitted his brows.

“You said the bodies were licked clean?…”

Wu Yan looked in the direction where the knight squad left and his eyes flashed with various theories.

“That does sound like something’s awry…”

“Yeah yeah! I know right!”

The stranger stuck his chest out with pride.

“I know a friend who works as a sentry for the Cyto family, he told me the guards found bodies without fail every time they heard the inhuman shrieks. Victims range from guards, patrols, and servants. The modus operandi looks to be the same, each lost significant body mass as if some beast mauled them. It’s the stuff of nightmares, I am telling you!”

“In just one short night…”

The guy stuck out two fingers.

“Over twenty victims were found dead. That scared the crap out of the corrupt nobles who called the knights back to bolster defenses and investigate the root cause…”

“I am not too shocked though…”

The guy sneered in disgust.

“Some days ago, word got around that Marcus, the second-in-charge of the Cyto Family had transformed into a monster. Then, he got slain by some dude over there. Given that case, I am not surprised another monster popped up here…”

“So, that’s why they are on high alert…”

Wu Yan didn’t listen to the stranger’s elaborate explanation any longer. Without minding the stranger’s hollar, he walked away…

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