Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 870: Reaping what he sowed, the dark light's candidate

Dawn is fast approaching, as the night slowly retreated. A hue of golden blue color streaked across the sky. The cool air is slowly being replaced by the refreshing air of a great day that is about to arrive...

The scenery belonged to a moderately large town. In terms of area, it lost by just a bit to the capital where the imperial palace was situated. In terms of resources and economy, this town fared pretty well, it's easily one of most economically well-developed region if one were to compare all the townships in the Ailu empire.

The arrival of a new dawn woke up the citizens of this town. They started doing their daily routines. One by one, the doors and windows of all the houses here opened as the shops started opening up for business again. The merchants prayed that this is the day they can reap huge profits.

Unknown to the citizens, a wisp of dark light arrived at the airspace near the border of the town. The light stopped for a second before it shot into the city, disappearing between the buildings.

In a mansion so big it's basically a castle, there's a room filled with the scent of blood and medicine. The otherwise opulent room looked like a sappy patient's room due to this stench. The vitality of this place got dragged down by this sad room.

On the bed was a youngster who looks like he is in his early 20s. Meanwhile, there's an older young man near him who looked about 70% to 80% similar in appearance. Also here is a middle-aged man who accompanied the sickly young man.

The room was deathly silent. The two youngsters were waiting with furrowed eyebrows, they were anxious to hear what the middle-aged man had to say as he examined the sick man. Soon, he sighed.

That made the two youngsters turn grim, especially the sick patient on the bed. He certainly looked like someone who's heavily afflicted by an adverse medical condition. He turned malicious and cold as he asked the one who examined him.

"Tell me your findings..."

The man commanded with a frosty tone.

The middle-aged man glanced at him and he released another sigh.

"Second Young Master, your body is heavily damaged, I saw signs of organ damage as well. At this rate, I am afraid your internal injuries will only worsen..."

"I know my injuries are bad!"

The sickly pale man roared in anger.

"I invited you here so you can fix me! So, fix me!"


The middle-aged man bitterly laughed, he chose his words carefully.

"It won't be hard to treat you. The real problem is your damaged Qi Ocean, if we cured you like this, there's a good chance you will never be able to use dou qi anymore..."

"Wh-what did you say?..."

The two young men asked with worried looks.

The sickly youngster's lip couldn't stop twitching, with utter disbelief he asked.

"You're telling me I am going to become crippled?"

The middle-aged man only lowered his head, that was his answer.

"No! That can't be!"

The man jumped up from his bed and he stomped in anger.

"You're supposed to be the greatest healer in the Ailu empire, aren't you?! Why can't you just treat me?!"

The middle-aged man only lowered his statue apologetically. This servile action only infuriated the sick youngster further.

"You're trash! Trash!"

With bloodshot eyes, the pale man chased the healer out.



The middle-aged healer quickly exited the room. With unpacified flames still within his heart, the sick youngster gnashed his teeth and he clenched his fists. The thought of becoming a useless trash shook him to his core, his pale face grew whiter.


The older male sighed, he looked at the sick male with a frustrated but helpless look.

"You really screwed yourself over. If you kept going at your own pace, you would have secured yourself the position as the second-in-command when I get the patriarch title. When I retire, there's a good chance you will even get the patriarch title. Now..."

The sick patient heard the older male chastising him and he felt incredibly sad...

His bright future became a bleak one...

He's the one who felt the greatest anguish...


With tears coming down his cheeks, he moaned.

"I don't want it to end like this! I don't want this!"

"What good will crying do you?!"

The older male yelled at his younger brother. Since childhood, the younger brother always listened to his older brother so he endured the urge to sob. But, the stinging pain of frustration and shame still lingered.

"Your tears will not reverse your situation? Who's fault do you think this is?"

The older male continued talking to him with an incredibly annoyed and frustrated tone.

"You just had to use our Ice dou qi to try and poison Wu Yan. Then, when he reflected the poisonous qi back into your body, you got severely harmed instead, who do you think got you in this predicament?"

Yes, the two of them are Bing Ling and Bing Mian.

When Wu Yan & co first got here, Bing Mian tried to poison Wu Yan through dishonorable means. He used his own deviant mind to craft derivate skill from his clan's unique Ice dou qi. This dou qi is meant to lay dormant in Wu Yan's body while growing and feeding on Wu Yan's life force, when the dou qi matures, it will burst and cause the victim's death.

With Wu Yan's death in mind, Bing Mian didn't notice Wu Yan returning his dark gift silently. He got implanted with his own poisonous dou qi.

Then, things snowballed until they were here.

Fortunately for Bing Mian, his clan was well-versed in Ice dou qi, they somehow managed to keep Bing Mian from dying to his own technique. Otherwise, Bing Mian would have died a long time ago.

Bing Mian was filled with remorse when he recalled that event. Rather, his heart felt more hatred than regret.

"I-I just wanted to teach him a lesson!"

"You have the guts to talk back?!"

Bing Ling turned stern.

"Do you honestly think your petty tricks went unnoticed? Are you still holding the misconception that nobody was onto you? Do you realize how many students you killed with that technique? If it wasn't because your victims had no factions to back them up, if it wasn't because you're the second young master of the Cyto Clan, do you still think you would have enjoyed your life free of your own sins?"

Bing Mian knew better to talk back at this point.

Bing Ling sighed again when he saw Bing Mian's frustrated and vapid expression.

"You just had to pick a fight with someone like Wu Yan. At least, do your homework before you pick a fight. That guy straight-up killed Andrew, the second-in-charge of the Ladin family. Uncle Marcus also fell by his hands..."

"He's... he's someone beyond our reach..."

Bing Ling pursed his lips as he admitted the harsh truth. He advised Bing Mian.

"Rest well, I will look for more ways to help you..."

Bing Ling shook his head one last time and he left the room. Bing Mian wallowed in his own insidious vibe.

Sitting on the bed, he felt paina ssaulting him all over. With a drop of tear rolling down his cheek, he imagined his own miserable and painful end, it was nothing short of a nightmare.

"It's over! I am so screwed!"

Bing Mian bawled out loud. After a short while, he looked up with a frenzied look.

"It's all because of Wu Yan! I will kill him! I will kill him as for his women..."

Bing Mian also lumped Hinagiku & co in the same list as Wu Yan.

He wants revenge. However, he's painfully incapable of doing so!


He howled in anguish and anger.

Then, a jet of dark light shot into his room and into his body!

Bing Mian was stunned for a few seconds. Then, joy spread across his face as he grinned with a malevolent look of resentment.

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