Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 868: Busted, a frenzy, and a struggle against death


Ikaros and Astrea flew over to Wu Yan, they were worried for their master who is kneeling in the air with heavy breathes.


Ikaros mumbled with an anxious tone, Astrea helped Wu Yan to his feet.

“Master, are you okay?”

Wu Yan accepted their care as he inhaled deeply. He let his immense recovery do the rest for him while enduring the fatigue that still plagued him. He shook his head.

“It’s fine, I am okay. I just used a ton of magic power, that’s all…”

Assured, they let out sighs of relief. Then, the three of them cast their gazes down at the ground.

The ground riddled with holes was still fuming with smoke and dust. When a gust blew away the dust, they could see a long gully etched into the land. The drain was easily more than a hundred meters in length when it tapered off. That’s the result of the Dragon’s Breath coming too close to the ground.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes when another wave of smoke and dust clouded his view, he waved his hand and a gale from an unknown origin blew the dust away. He can finally see the scene of his carnage.

A scaly figure stood wobbly there, the victim of his attack looked like it would tip over if something touched it. Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea watched with different reactions.

Wu Yan looked at the figure with scaly skin armor and he shook his head with slight remorse.

“You evaded death at the last second, huh?”

The receiver of this attack looked completely battered, as it was bleeding all over.

Its dark scales were dyed red by its own blood. The monster also lost a significant portion of its left torso, accordingly, it also lost an arm. The bloody stump pulsed and oozed in a disgusting manner.

Cough cough

Marcus spat out blood as his bear-trap-looking fangs were dyed red with blood too. He applied pressure to his nasty wound before raising his arm to look at the damage.

With a surging pain that threatened to push the oxygen out of his lungs, Marcus painstakingly looked at his left torso, drawn by a sense of something missing. When he saw the full extent of damage dealt to him, his body shivered.

“Damn! Damn… Damn… DamnDamnDamnDamnDamn!!!”

It was a mix of sad sob and angered yell, he raised his voice as his killing intent exploded upwards with his dark dou qi, his dirty blood also splattered around him. Like a beast on its last legs, Marcus looked like a pitiful creature.

Marcus looked at Wu Yan who was still floating above him. His bloodshot eyes zoomed in on Wu Yan as dark dou qi swirled around him, the dark dou qi couldn’t reverse the damage done to him.

“Kill! I will absolutely kill you! Kill you, ya hear me?!”

Spitting out blood, Marcus shrieked while Wu Yan watched with furrowed brows. He nonchalantly watched Marcus growl at him like a dying beast.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kotori, Shokuhou Misaki, and the others arrived on the scene.

Behind them, troops were storming over with Lei Wang and Pelosi leading them. They surrounded the mock arena.

The soldiers were completely mobilized!

Hinagiku & co stopped when they saw the brutal scene, everything was laid to waste. With slack jaws, they were astounded and shocked by the monster spewing out dark dou qi and blood.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls backed away in disgust, their faces went pale.

“What the heck is that?!’


Lei Wang and Pelosi were taken aback too. Marcus’ transformed appearance is just too ghastly to behold.

“Monster! There’s a monster here!”

The soldiers shrieked in horror, they used their well-trained grips to hold onto their weapons lest their trembling hands fail them.

The sounds of people groaning in disgust, gasps of shocks, and words of judgment entered Marcus’s ears. Their words were like swords that pierced his soul. His already crazy mind got distorted further with resentment and hate. His dark qi exploded outwards, sweeping up everything around him.


The soldiers were blown away, only Hinagiku & co managed to defend against this emotional outburst.

“Yan… Yan…”

Hinagiku called out Wu Yan’s name like she’s having a bad nightmare. The other girls were faring any better, Kurumi, Flan, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou who were used to seeing blood also went pale when they saw Marcus’ beaten and corrupted form. That’s what we call nightmare fuel right there.


Kotori suppressed the terror within herself and she asked.

“Who is that? Why did he attack Ikaros and Astrea?”

“He’s actually after all of us!”

Wu Yan didn’t shift his gaze away from Marcus. He told everyone the monster’s identity.

“He’s Marcus!”


The others cried out, Pelosi couldn’t believe his ears.

“That’s Marcus?...”

Wu Yan nodded and everyone fell silent. They just couldn't believe the monster they are looking it was once known as Marcus. They could barely see anything linking Marcus and the monster standing there. They were baffled by his transformation.

When he sensed the disbelief around him, Marcus couldn't suppress his anger and malice. Killing intent rose up within him, he wanted nothing more than to kill all the witnesses here. Even he couldn't being seen in such a wretched form.

"Wu Yan... Wu Yan... you're the one who did this, it's all Wu Yan's fault..."

"Wu Yan!!!"

Marcus' shrill shriek pierced everyone's eardrum.

"I will definitely kill you, I will never forgive you!"

He roamed his eyes over Hinagiku & co, Lei Wang, Pelosi, and the other soldiers. He bellowed like a crazy demon from fiery depths of hell.

"And you all! All of you! One day, I will slaughter you all! I will murder each and every single one of you!"

The soldiers were scared of his cold declaration. Even Wu Yan's girls couldn't help but be intimidated by his murderous conviction.

Wu Yan felt angry when he threatened his women, he snorted in calm fury.

"You think I am going to let you walk away just like that?"

"No! I will not die here today!"

Marcus growled like he's not happy with this choice either.

Turning into a dark blur of light, he flew towards the outside of the base, drawing a trail of dark dou qi and blood.

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