Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 867: The aerial impact

Wu Yan delved into the sea of knowledge known as the 103,000 forbidden grimoires.

Like an accelerated search engine, thousands of spells went through his mind all at once as he stopped on the spell that was very familiar to him. The other spells stopped zipping about as he focused on this one particular spell.

With optimal speed, he started chanting magical words of power that saw his voice go low and high-pitch. Soon, his verses conjured a magic circle that was as tall as him, the formation expanded and contracted menacingly.

"Saint George's Sanctuary!"


It sounded like something broke as the verses weaved together and the formation lit up brightly. A black spot appeared at the center of the magic formation, then, it spread across the formation rapidly.

The formation started cracking as fissures appeared, like a web of darkness, it covered the magic formation. The aura of a vicious beast creeped into existence from beyond the dark fissures. It's like there's a chained beast sealed behind the magic formation.

Under Wu Yan's command, the beast within the formation opened its savage maw.

Through the broken magic formation, a sound came from beyond this realm, the beast's huge fangs could be seen through the magic formation.

Marcus who is still struggling to free himself experienced a sense of dread unlike any other, it was like his body and mind told him to run away now. Marcus' expression turned grave as...

"Dragon Breath..."

The phantasmal casting voice entered Marcus's ears just as his internal alarm went off. He looked up and saw what Wu Yan was doing.

A beam of light so tiny it's laughable came down. Although it looked insignificant, anyone who can sense the power contained within would avoid it at all cost. Wherever the beam went, it destroyed the object in its way, even the air around it wasn't spared.

His seven eyes focused on this attack, the light beam was too quick for him to dodge. Then, the beam hit his scaly body.


The beam pierced Marcus and it hit the dark barrier of isolation behind him. The barrier did well to contain the vicious attacks they threw at each other before, however, when the Dragon's Breath touched the barrier, it didn't take a second to destroy the barrier.

With the barrier gone in a rain of dark dou qi fragments, the remnants got turned into Feathers of Light that slowly fell upon the ground, even outside the barrier, raining down on the base.

Without any signs of stopping, the beam continued onwards, to the base outside the barrier.  If this kept up, the soldiers inside the base would probably die before they knew what hit them.

This Dragon's Breath was used in the original work to take down a satellite in earth's orbit. Anything destroyed by the beam would be turned into feathers of light that would continue compounding the damage wreaked. Each feather is said to contain the strongest blow of the Dragon in Saint George's fable.

If these feathers rained down, the base would be gone in an instant.

Wu Yan yelled in midair, he grabbed his Walking Church and he tore at it with all his strength. He started tearing his robe like he's trying to strip himself down.


The robe containing the ultimate defense got torn under Wu Yan's brute strength, revealing the casual black shirt he originally had.


The shred of clothes in his hands exploded outwards, forming a barrier over the base, protecting the base from the aftermath of his Dragon's Breath.

Then, the beam of light landed on the rippling surface of the Walking Church, the barrier resisted the intense impact while making creaking noises. Storms visited the base as a result of this intense aerial impact.

Ikaros and Astrea had trouble holding on as the wind blew them backwards, they flapped their wings to counter the incoming winds.

The beam crashed against the barrier for a good 30 seconds and more. Then, the beam died down after its energy supply got cut off. The ripples on the barrier only stopped when the beam was completely gone.

This wasn't the end, however, as the feathers of light continued landing down on the barrier.

Bam bam bam

The feathers exploded against the barrier, the loud booms echoed in the air above the space.

The rain of feathers soon stopped as the Walking Church's energy fluctuation piped down as well.

The impact between the Dragon's Breath and the Walking Church abruptly woke everyone inside the base. As they moaned and grumbled in annoyance, the soldiers woke up after not getting a good night's sleep again. They started making their way over. It wouldn't take long for them to surround this place.

Wu Yan who cut off Saint George's Sanctuary, the Walking Church had a fighting chance against the Dragon's Breath. If he kept the output up, the Walking Church would have crumbled under two successive waves of the Dragon's Breath.

Heaving, he placed his hands on his knees. A bit pale from using up about 50% of his magic power, he bitterly laughed.

He forcefully evoked the Walking Church, modified its form, and expanded its range to such a wide area, the mana expenditure is simply unthinkable.

The spells come with set rules and effects like the terms and conditions of a contract. To modify the spells and produce extra effects would be tantamount to violating the basic structure of a spell. It would be more efficient to create a new spell instead of modifying an existing spell, not to mention, it's incredibly risky and dangerous to do so.

This goes doubly so for high-level spells like the Walking Church.

Luckily, he limited the Walking Church's duration to a short one and he bolstered his spells with complete mastery over 103,000 grimoires. Any other person attempting to do what he did would have imploded on their own magic power in an instant.

Although he succeeded, he paid a great price, he used more than half of a True Ancestor's seemingly endless magic power. He's also hurting all over from the recoil of his magic spells.

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